About NetBSD/evbmips

NetBSD/evbmips is intended to be a port of NetBSD to various MIPS-based evaluation boards.

NetBSD/evbmips News

2007-03-20: Infineon ADM5120 support
Support for Infineon ADM5120-based devices (specifically the RouterBOARD 153) committed.
2006-09-25: AR2315 support
Support for Atheros AR2315 and AR2316 based devices (specifically the Meraki Mini) committed.
2006-06-08: WLAN support
The AR5312 port (AP30) now fully supports both WLAN devices.
2006-03-27: New ports
Support for a variety of new platforms has been added recently, including expanded support for Alchemy Au1550, Meshcube, OpenMicroServer, and Atheros AR5312 platforms. Not all devices are supported on these platforms, but a lot of forward progress is occurring.

Supported System Models

Currently the following models are supported in NetBSD/evbmips:

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