About NetBSD/epoc32

NetBSD/epoc32 is the port of NetBSD to 32bit PSION EPOC PDA, primarily the Series 5(CL PS-711x), Series 5mx(Windermere) and Series 7(StrongARM).

Its current status is that of an experimental port.

NetBSD/epoc32 News

2012-08-06: first issue
KIYOHARA Takashi issue epoc32 kernel and boot loader(e32boot), This is support Psion Series 5.
2013-04-23: re-licence ekern.h
peter van Sebille re-licence ekern.h to us from his ArLo.
2013-04-28: epoc32 first commit
KIYOHARA Takashi commit epoc32 support, This is support Psion Series 5 and Series 5mx. Series 7 not support yet.

Supported System Models

  • Psion Series 5
  • Geofox One (untested)
  • Oregon Scientific Osaris (untested)
  • Psion Series 5mx and 5mx Pro
  • Psion Revo and Revo+ (untested)
  • Motorola MC218

Supported Peripherals

  • Serial and infrared ports (clpscom,wmcom)
  • LCD display panel (clpslcd,wmlcd)
  • Native keyboard (epockbd)
  • CF/PCMCIA controller (etna)

Not Yet Supported

Models / Devices / Functions:

  • Series 7 and netBook
  • Siemens SX1 ?
  • Touch screen
  • Power management and suspend
  • Sound

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Future Releases

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