About NetBSD/dreamcast

NetBSD/dreamcast is the port of NetBSD for the Japanese game console SEGA Dreamcast.

NetBSD/dreamcast News

2010-11-19: DCburn and DCserv helper images for NetBSD/dreamcast 5.1
Two pre-built NetBSD/i386 disk images DCburn and DCserv, which will provide easy setup for NetBSD/dreamcast, are available. See announcement on port-dreamcast mailing list for more details.
2009-09-02: Binary packages for pkgsrc-2009Q1 available
Binary packages for NetBSD/sh3el 5.0 built on landisk from the pkgsrc-2009Q1 branch are now available in See the pkgsrc guide for more details.
2003-08-24: Support for AICA sound system
Ryo Shimizu has contributed a device driver for the AICA sound system that is capable of playing 2 channel sound.
2002-12-27: Support for the SEGA LAN Adapter
Support for the SEGA LAN Adapter is added, based on patch in port-dreamcast/17493 from Christian Groessler.
2002-11-15: New Maple bus drivers
ITOH Yasufumi has rewritten Maple bus driver and has added support for memory card and monochrome LCD on the Maple bus.
2001-02-02: Support for the SEGA Broadband Adapter
Marcus Comstedt and Jason Thorpe have added support for the SEGA Broadband Adapter to the NetBSD/dreamcast port. This allows NetBSD/dreamcast to run from an NFS root file system. In addition to the Broadband Adapter, the keyboard and display console support has been improved. A session transcript from a telnet login to a Dreamcast running NetBSD on an NFS root is available. The kernel was loaded over the Broadband Adapter using Marcus' IP-slave boot loader.
2001-01-22: GD-ROM device driver working
Marcus Comstedt has committed a working GD-ROM device driver. If you've burned a CD with NetBSD binaries, you can now type "gdrom0" when you get to the "root device" prompt (leave the dump device field empty, and type "cd9660" as file system).

Archive of NetBSD/dreamcast news items

Supported Peripherals

  • Builtin serial port (scif)
  • PowerVR video controller (text and Xserver) (pvr)
  • SEGA Broadband Adapter (HIT-0400) (rtk)
  • SEGA LAN Adapter (HIT-0300) (mbe)
  • Maple bus keyboard (mkbd)
  • Maple bus mouse (mms)
  • Maple bus memory card (mmem)
  • Maple bus LCD (mlcd)
  • GD-ROM drive (gdrom)
  • AICA sound system (aica)