About NetBSD/cesfic

NetBSD/cesfic is a port to the m68040 based FIC8234 VME processor board, made by the swiss company CES (Geneve). These boards were popular in high energy physics data acquisition (think of CERN!).

Matthias Drochner is the port maintainer of NetBSD/cesfic.

NetBSD/cesfic News

2006-05-09: binary packages for m68k available

About 1000 packages built from the latest branch pkgsrc-2006Q1 by Greg Oster are now available at The packages can be used on all ports based on m68k.

For some more details, see Greg Oster's announcement

2001-05-14: NetBSD/cesfic port imported
Known working kernel bits for the NetBSD/cesfic port have been imported into the NetBSD source tree. The port is working well with a.out userland, there are some problems with ELF still, like applications running out of memory where it is not expected. See the README file for more details.

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