About NetBSD/cats

NetBSD/cats is an port of NetBSD to the Simtec Electronics CATS motherboard and Intel EBSA board.

Up until the release of NetBSD 1.6, this port was a part of the NetBSD/arm32 port. With the release of 1.6, cats is now maintained as a separate port, using the core arm functionality.

NetBSD/cats News

2003-10-15: arm port Xscale optimizations
Steve Woodford announced that he has committed various Xscale micro-optimizations to the NetBSD/arm ports. Please see his message to the port-arm Mailing List for details.
2003-10-09: Experimental ABLE firmware support on cats
Chris Gilbert has added experimental ABLE firmware support on cats, please see his mail to port-cats for more information.
2002-09-13: New firmware for cats
Simtec have released new firmware for cats, I recommend that people install it. It's been noted that it has fixed an issue relating to X on for at least one person. The new firmware can be found on Simtec's website, specifically their cats support page. I would strongly recommend that cats users upgrade to 1.3, as the firmware allows for larger kernels, which means I'll be reenabling some devices in the -current INSTALL kernel.
2002-08-19: X support for cats
NetBSD/cats now has in-tree support for xfree86 4.2.0. Sets are available for 1.6 RC1 from in pub/NetBSD/arch/cats/xsets. Anyone wishing to try to build X needs to update to the latest xsrc. Note that you need 1.6BETA or 1.6 -current as the server uses the /dev/pci0 interface. Non-current users will need to add USE_XF86_4=YES to their /etc/mk.conf. Note, I'll be requesting pullups to the netbsd-1-6 branch, but they may not make it into 1.6.
2001-07-29: Cats now has a mailing list
NetBSD/cats now has its own mailing list, port-cats. The list is for discussion of both cats and EBSA boards and issues relating to them. Generic arm issues should still to to the port-arm list. To subscribe use the links on the side.
2001-06-10: Cats moves to its own arch dir
NetBSD/cats is now in its own arch dir, sys/arch/cats. Kernels should be built from there. Note that GENERIC has grown as it now contains all the currently supported USB devices. Any cats specific bugs should be reported using the newly created port-cats category in send-pr.

Archive of NetBSD/cats news items

Supported Computer Systems

These are the machines/boards this port is targeting:

Additionally, GXemul is a machine emulator which also can run the NetBSD/cats port.

Ongoing Work

We invite you to examine the summary of current NetBSD/cats problem reports.