About NetBSD/bebox

NetBSD/bebox is the port of NetBSD to Be Inc's BeBox.

Current status is Experimental port.

NetBSD/bebox News

2001-04-11: 1.5.1_BETA snapshot available
A NetBSD/bebox 1.5.1_BETA snapshot, based off of 1.5.1 sources as of 2001-04-06, is now available in the NetBSD/bebox snapshot area of the ftp server (snapshot deprecated. NetBSD 1.5.1 was released on July 11th, 2001).
2001-03-12: Linux compatibility enabled for PowerPC ports
Emmanuel Dreyfus has integrated Linux binary compatibility for PowerPC ports. This means that NetBSD/bebox should now be able to run LinuxPPC binaries such as Netscape Communicator.
2001-02-12: Some recent changes to NetBSD/bebox
Allen Briggs has added the ex(4) driver (3Com 3c90x[BC]) to NetBSD/bebox, and used it for a NFS-based boot. This requires configuring the PCI bus at boot time, which requires the PCI_NETBSD_CONFIGURE option to exist in your kernel configuration file.

Also, in addition to the tested 3Com card, all PCI devices supported under NetBSD/macppc should now work. Please tell the folks at the port-bebox if you have any problems.

SCSI support is under development.

Archive of NetBSD/bebox news items

Supported System Models

All BeBox models/revisions are supported in NetBSD/bebox.

  • BeBox Dual603-66
  • BeBox Dual603-133

Supported Peripherals

  • Single CPU support (CPU1 illuminates LED)
  • IDE hard disk controllers and drives
  • Floppy controllers (not integrated yet)
  • VGA Display Adapters
    • Tested only S3 Trio64 (PCI)
  • Ethernet adapters
    • Novell NE2000 compatible (ISA)
  • Serial ports
    • On-board SERIAL1, SERIAL2
    • support for serial console
  • Parallel ports (not tested)
  • AT keyboard
  • Speaker


  • Support SCSI 53C810 (under development)
  • Support Sound CS4231A
  • Support for SERIAL3, SERIAL4
  • X Window System

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