NetBSD People: Other Groups within the NetBSD Project

Other Groups within the NetBSD Project

The page lists the other groups within NetBSD, their areas of responsibility, and contact information. Most NetBSD Developers aren't involved in any of these groups, but still benefit and contribute substantially to the Project. Without all of these people, NetBSD wouldn't exist. The general groups within the developer community are:

Other groups within the NetBSD Project are:


Accounts -

Responsible for creation of project host developer accounts for those individuals invited to join The NetBSD Project.

Members: NetBSD System Administration Group.

Admins -

Responsible for changes to NetBSD Project hosts. If it needs root, ask here. This is also an appropriate contact for reporting account related problems.

Members: Phil Nelson, Jeff Rizzo, Thor Lancelot Simon, Noriyuki Soda, T K Spindler, Matthew Sporleder, Kimmo Suominen, S.P.Zeidler, and Christos Zoulas.

Announce -

Moderates posting to . Herb Peyerl currently is responsible for this task.

Entomologist -

Keeper of the GNATS database, master of bug classification and statistics.

Members: David A. Holland.

Mirrors -

This is the group that handles requests and communication with those wishing to run a mirror.

Members: WWW.

Packages -

The people who handle pkgsrc.

Members: Jason Bacon, Christoph Badura, Michael Bäuerle, Stephen Borrill, Manuel Bouyer, David Brownlee, Aleksey Cheusov, Adam Ciarcinski, Dan Cîrnaț, Alistair G. Crooks, Masatake Daimon, Mark Davies, Jaromír Doleček, Jun Ebihara, Stoned Elipot, Gavan Fantom, Hubert Feyrer, Nick Hudson, Soren Jacobsen, Takahiro Kambe, Min Sik Kim, Thomas Klausner, Juraj Lutter, Dan McMahill, Thomas Merkel, John Nemeth, Richard Palo, Jonathan Perkin, Nils Ratusznik, Jeremy C. Reed, Jens Rehsack, Antoine Reilles, Jeff Rizzo, Niclas Rosenvik, Matthias Scheler, Amitai Schleier, Jonathan Schleifer, Olaf Seibert, John R. Shannon, Benny Siegert, Jörg Sonnenberger, Matthew Sporleder, Adrian Steinmann, Kimmo Suominen, Leonardo Taccari, Shin'ichiro Taya, Krister Walfridsson, Patrick Welche, Lex Wennmacher, Sebastian Wiedenroth, and S.P.Zeidler.

pkgsrc Releng -

The pkgsrc Release Engineering Group. They manage stable branches, process pullups and schedule freeze periods.

Members: Benny Siegert, and S.P.Zeidler.

pkgsrc Security Team -

Responsible for handling pkgsrc security issues.

Members: Alistair G. Crooks, Daniel Horecki, Thomas Klausner, Tobias Nygren, Ryo ONODERA, Jörg Sonnenberger, and Leonardo Taccari.

Releng -

The Release Engineering group. They organize release schedules, policies, and pullups.

Members: Stephen Borrill, Manuel Bouyer, David Brownlee, Julian Coleman, Alistair G. Crooks, Havard Eidnes, Martin Husemann, Soren Jacobsen, Phil Nelson, Jeff Rizzo, and SAITOH Masanobu.

Security Alert -

An emergency contact address for notifying the NetBSD project of security issues. Less of a formal 'group' than security-officer, below.

Members: David Maxwell, S.P.Zeidler, NetBSD Core, and NetBSD Security-Officer.

Security Officer -

Responsible for handling security issue resolution and announcements.

Members: Alistair G. Crooks, and Christos Zoulas.

Security Team -

Responsible for assisting to resolve security issues and preparing announcements.

Members: Erik Berls, William J. Coldwell, Mateusz Kocielski, Cherry G. Mathew, Maya Rashish, Jonathan Schleifer, Jörg Sonnenberger, S.P.Zeidler, NetBSD Core and NetBSD Security-Officer.


A group responsible for maintenance and additions to the NetBSD web site content (though all developers are encouraged to checkout htdocs and add anything they see fit). This group also replies to feedback from the web page forms and handles submissions to the NetBSD gallery.

Members: David Brownlee, D'Arcy J.M. Cain, Jun Ebihara, Erik Fair, Hubert Feyrer, Thomas Klausner, David Maxwell, Phil Nelson, Herb Peyerl, Jeremy C. Reed, Reed Shadgett, Noriyuki Soda, and Leonardo Taccari.