Screenshots and photographs of NetBSD

Various screenshots and photos of NetBSD from users and developers:

Default X11

[Default ctwm desktop]

NetBSD's default ctwm(1) graphical environment, with Firefox running, from nia. Note: for uses including illustrating NetBSD, this file is available under CC0

Drawing tablet

[Drawing on NetBSD with a stylus]

Drawing on a NetBSD laptop's touchscreen using a stylus, from oshimaya.

Small ARM server

[Small NetBSD ARM server]

A small NetBSD/evbarm server based on a NVIDIA Jetson TK1 with a Raspberry Pi providing a serial console for remote monitoring, from John Klos.

Pinebook with MATE

[NetBSD on a Pinebook]

NetBSD running on a Pinebook, a small nifty AArch64 laptop, with a MATE desktop, from Jared McNeill.

Package building rack

[John Klos's rack]

Various rackmounted servers running NetBSD (and a heavily modified Amiga and VAXstation masquerading as servers), from John Klos. These have been used to provide NetBSD package builds for more niche architectures, such as sparc64, m68k, and alpha.

CTWM on a Raspberry Pi

[NetBSD ctwm desktop on a RPI3]

A minimal ctwm(1) graphical environment on a Raspberry Pi 3, from JuvenalUrbino.

Sharp Zaurus handhelds

[NetBSD ctwm desktop on a RPI3]

Various Sharp Zaurus handheld computers running NetBSD with JWM, from tsutsuii.



A ROCKPro64 NetBSD/aarch64 server with 6 1TB HDDs attached, from 20-100.