10th Birthday Celebrations 2003

NetBSD 10th birthday celebrations

Many developers and users held regional parties to celebrate the 10th birthday of The NetBSD Project, March 21, 2003.

Paris, France

Manuel Bouyer, Stoned Elipot and Emmanuel Dreyfus held a party in Paris, France. Please see this post [french] for more information.

Tokyo, Japan

Masao Uebayashi held a small party at Tankiyo, Akihabara, Tokyo on April 5 to celebrate the occasion.

Toronto, Canada

D'Arcy organized a party in Toronto, see his announcement.

San Francisco, USA

Chris Demetriou, Chris Hopps, Jason Thorpe, Erik Berls and others were celebrating in San Francisco at the 21st Amendment Brewery Cafe

Texas, USA

Richard Rauch was having a relatively quiet toast to NetBSD at the Black Labrador, Houston.

Nuremberg, Germany

Hubert Feyrer was celebrating the event at a party featuring lots of nice electronic sounds from the IDM/Industrial corner, and there were also two live acts, 5F_55 and Needle Sharing. The party took place at Operation Mindfuck

Melbourne, Australia

Luke Mewburn and other members of the "melbsd" group of NetBSD developers and friends were holding an open party to celebrate the 10th birthday of NetBSD at the London Tavern.


Simas Mockevicius and his friends Saulius Rupainis, Nerijus Ulanavicius and Marijus Vaicius had a NetBSD birthday party in Lithuania and took some pictures:

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