The NetBSD Foundation Press Release: Announcing NetBSD and the Google "Summer of Code" Projects 2009

April 20, 2009  For the fifth consecutive year, the NetBSD Project is proud to participate in Google's Summer of Code program as a mentoring organization and is pleased to announce the list of projects that have been accepted for this summer.

The total number of applications received by the NetBSD Project was slightly lower than in the last year. Out of the 34 submitted applications the following eleven were chosen, listed in alphabetical order by the student's last name:

  1. Project: Improve and Extend resize_ffs

    Student: Christopher Berardi

    Mentor: David Maxwell

  2. Project: Improving RAIDframe parity handling

    Student: Jed Davis

    Mentor: Greg Oster

  3. Project: A tool to dump / restore pf state table

    Student: Arnaud Degroote

    Mentor: Christos Zoulas

  4. Project: The NetBSD ZFS port

    Student: Adam Hamšik

    Mentor: Andrew Doran

  5. Project: XML command-line utilities for NetBSD

    Student: Nhat Minh Lê

    Mentor: David Young

  6. Project: Minimalistic X Server - NetBSD port

    Student: Jeremy Morse

    Mentor: Jared D. McNeill

  7. Project: Implementing efficient wide character regular expressions

    Student: Matthias-Christian Ott

    Mentor: Alistair Crooks

  8. Project: Miniaturise NetBSD

    Student: Lloyd Parkes

    Mentor: David Young

  9. Project: GPT aware boot loader support

    Student: Mike Volokhov

    Mentor: Allen Briggs

  10. Project: PXE Bulk Install

    Student: Maxwell Winderbaum

    Mentor: Phil Nelson

  11. Project: Generic file system mounting

    Student: Arnaud Ysmal

    Mentor: Antti Kantee

The NetBSD Project is proud and thankful to be awarded these slots and all mentors will be working hard to ensure the success of their projects. As in the last year, the distribution of projects may provide our users with some interesting insights into the long-lasting benefits of the Summer of Code program:

  • Six of the accepted students already are NetBSD developers.

  • Four of the accepted students participated in a previous Summer of Code, building a strong reputation of successful projects; all of these students have since then become NetBSD developers.

  • Seven of the primary mentors were mentors in previous years, able to apply their experience to new students and projects.

In the next couple of days, the students will prepare their project webpages, blogs and other outlets of information, introduce themselves and their project to the NetBSD community during the community bonding period before they start their exciting new work.

As in previous years, a number of very promising applications did not make the cut, and the NetBSD Project would be very happy to accept donations to make it possible to fund some of these projects outside the Google Summer of Code program. To learn more about the various ways to make a donation, visit At the same time, students are of course encouraged to join the NetBSD community and work with us regardless of immediate monetary benefits.

-Jan Schaumann

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