The NetBSD Foundation Press Release: Announcing NetBSD and the Google "Summer of Code" Projects 2006

May 25, 2006  The Google ``Summer of Code'' is designed to introduce students to the world of open source software development, to create new Open Source programs and to help currently established projects. NetBSD is one of the projects participating as mentoring organisation in the Summer of Code for the second time this year, and after evaluating over seventy distinct applications, the NetBSD Foundation is now pleased to announce the list of projects that have been chosen:

  1. Project: Support for journaling for FFS (jffs)

    Student: Kirill Kuvaldin

    Mentors: Manuel BOUYER, Thor Lancelot Simon

  2. Project: Support for MIPS64 ISA (mips64)

    Student: LIU Qi

    Mentors: Garrett D'Amore, Simon Burge

  3. Project: PowerPC G5 support in NetBSD (ppcg5)

    Student: Yevgeny Binder

    Mentors: Allen Briggs, Garrett D'Amore

  4. Project: Improved Writing to FileSystem Using Congestion Control (congest)

    Student: Sumantra R. Kundu

    Mentors: Bill Studenmund, Thor Lancelot Simon

  5. Project: TCP ECN support (ecn)

    Student: Rui Paulo

    Mentors: Kentaro A. Kurahone, Allen Briggs, Matt Thomas

  6. Project: Fast_ipsec and ipv6 (ipsec6)

    Student: Degroote Arnaud

    Mentors: Sam Leffler, Christos Zoulas, Thor Lancelot Simon

  7. Project: pkg_install rewrite for pkgsrc (pkg_install)

    Student: Joerg Sonnenberger

    Mentors: Dieter Baron, Johnny C. Lam, Alistair Crooks, Thomas Klausner

  8. Project: Improving the mbuf API and implementation (mbuf)

    Student: Pavel Cahyna

    Mentors: Martin Husemann, Matt Thomas

In each accepted project, the student will work closely together with the entire NetBSD community under the supervision of at least one senior NetBSD developer, who will guide the student and introduce them into the world of Open Source Software Development.

Hubert Feyrer, vice chair of NetBSD's Communication Executive Committee, who worked on administration of the Summer of Code within NetBSD already last year, states that in order to centralize the different projects and to reduce the administration overhead, we will re-use the ``NetBSD-SoC'' project site created at Source Forge last year. It will function as a common meeting point for mentors and students as well as a repository in which all code and documentation generated by the students will be made publicly available.

Martin Husemann, member of the board of directors of the NetBSD Foundation regrets that ``due to the limited number of sponsored projects available to us, we had to decide against a number of very good proposals, unfortunately. However, we strongly encourage students who have submitted a proposal to work with the NetBSD community to finish the project, even if not as part of the Summer of Code. Rewards will be a great learning opportunity, the satisfaction resulting from contributing to a significant Open Source project and seeing your code used by thousands of people.'' Jan Schauman, lead member of the Communication Executive Committee adds: ``As a volunteer organisation, we are very grateful for Google to support students to work on our project, as we cannot pay them. As always, we will be happy to accept donations to sponsor students whose projects didn't make it into the set of projects selected this year.''

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To learn more about Google, the ``Summer of Code'' and other Open Source projects within Google, visit, and

The NetBSD Foundations Summer of Code project page is available at

-Hubert Feyrer

The NetBSD Foundation

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