NetBSD Package system growth

NetBSD Package system growth

The NetBSD Packages Collection celebrated its fifth birthday in October 2002, and it now contains over 3000 packages! We are all grateful to everyone who has helped make this possible.

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Growth of the NetBSD Packages collection

NetBSD pkgsrc growth

NetBSD growth compared to FreeBSD and OpenBSD

NetBSD pkgsrc growth vs Free and Open

Note: In the first version of this graphs, the OpenBSD graph was only estimated, as the RCS files of the OpenBSD repository were not publicly available and inquiries to the OpenBSD project were not answered at the time the graphs were generated. In this version, the data for OpenBSD as well as NetBSD and FreeBSD were pulled out of the RCS files, as their repositories are fully available now (many thanks to those providing that service).

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