pkg-bug-handler group

The pkg-bug-handler group

The pkgsrc developers face a fair number of problem reports each day. To handle the incoming reports in an organized fashion the pkg-bug-handler group has been formed.

The responsibility of the group is to assign each incoming problem report in the "pkg" category to someone who is willing and able to fix the problem. To cut down new bugs by trying to handle them more or less when they are filed.


  1. Rotation

    The pkg-bug-handler group currently consists of four individuals. Each of whom has shift for one week. Every Tuesdays 00:00 UTC an automatic mail is sent to the pkg-bug-handler list which says whose shift will be next. This person's shift start's after he replied to that mail and says that he started his shift.

  2. On-call person

    The main job of the on-call person should be not to close PRs, but to assign them to whoever is responsible for them. If the package has a maintainer, then the PR should be assigned to the maintainer and that's it. If it doesn't, the on-call person should determine what the problem is, possibly initiate a dialog with the PR submitter and then try to find a person willing to take responsibility or if it could be assigned to one of the role accounts (*-pkg-people) for platform specific bugs.

    Obvious simple bugs could also be fixed by the on-call person.

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