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Contributing to NetBSD: Hardware

If you have hardware you could donate or loan to a NetBSD developer, or are interested in writing a driver and just need the hardware, this is the place to check. Each entry has a contact email address. Please cc , so we can update this page.

If you have anything you would like to add to this list, please contact us.

If your company would like to assist the NetBSD project, please see the appropriate page.

There is also a list of other donations

BSD daemon

Developers looking for machines

Developers looking for other hardware

Hardware available to anyone who would like to write support

Other Hardware available

Developers looking for machines

AmigaCD32 with 68030 CPU card (top)

Radoslaw Kujawa would like to extend NetBSD/amiga to support AmigaCD32-specific hardware (CD-ROM drive, Akiko, EEPROM, etc.). AmigaCD32 with 68030-based expansion is needed for this cause, due to MMU requirement. DCE SX-32 Pro is probably the only existing 68030 card for AmigaCD32, machines without MMU are not interesting.

CHRP (OpenfirmWare) based IBM RS/6000 Machines (top)

Tim Rightnour would like to port NetBSD/ofppc to any and all IBM CHRP-based RS/6000 machines. These machines are generally the black models. Machine model codes that would be particularly appreciated are: 7025-F50, 7026-*, 7028-*, 7044-*, 7043-260. In all cases, prefer an SMP machine when available. POWER3, POWER4 or POWER5 would be a bonus. Rackmount machines are acceptable, but need to be operable with 120VAC.

PowerPC Mac hardware (top)

Michael Lorenz is interested in an Old World Macintosh SMP machine, such as a PowerMac 9500/180MP to test macppc SMP support on. He is also interested in any G5 mac hardware, SMP preferred if available.

Cobalt RAQ2 and QUBE (top)

Simon Burge would like to improve support for the mips r5k based Cobalt RAQ2 and QUBE. In particular he is interested in investigating the cache and pci stability issues and the firmware restriction on max image size.

He is based in Australia and would be willing to help cover shipping.

m88110-based Data General AViiON (top)

Allen Briggs is interested in porting NetBSD to Motorola m88110-based hardware such as the Data General AViiON. Note that there are both 88100-based and 88110-based systems "out there" and Allen already has some 88100-based hardware.

ARC compliant MIPS machine (top)

Noriyuki Soda is working on NetBSD/arc, but is handicapped by his host being a very flaky preproduction unit. Having a (dependable) ARC box would help expediate both of NetBSD/arc and NetBSD/mips64 projects.

Developers looking for other hardware

IBM PCI Video cards wanted (top)

Tim Rightnour would like to improve support in the prep and ofppc ports for IBM graphics cards. He would like any and all PCI-based GXT-1XX or GXT-X000 based cards. Very interested in the GXT-1XX cards that are Matrox based.

Sun PCI Video cards wanted (top)

Michael Lorenz is interested in any PCI Sun graphics card that NetBSD currently does not support. Specifically he is interested in the following models: Sun XVR-100, Sun PGX64, and any other third party card that we might be able to find documentation on.

Sun SuperSPARC and HyperSPARC MBUS modules (top)

Michael Lorenz is interested in SuperSPARC and HyperSPARC MBUS modules that have caches. Not interested in SM50 modules.

SCSI bus analyzer (top)

Several ports could make use of a SCSI bus analyzer for debugging SCSI drivers, developing new SCSI drivers, figuring out poorly or undocumented hardware, and for improving existing performance of existing drivers. An analyzer that can work with old narrow SCSI/SCSI-2 busses is sufficient. The intent is to share this among developers on an as-needed basis. Contact Allen Briggs .

MCA cards and documentation wanted (top)

If you have some MCA (Micro-Channel Architecture, also referred to as only MC) cards in your junk pile you'd be willing to give away, please contact Jaromír Doleček . He is collecting them, so that drivers for the cards could be written, tested and added to the NetBSD tree. More information (as well as list of most wanted hardware) is at the NetBSD on IBM PS/2 page.

Hardware available to anyone who would like to write support

IBM POWERstation 320, model 7012 RS/6000 (top)

Dave Camp would be willing to give an IBM POWERstation 320, model 7012 RS/6000, to anyone who would like to port NetBSD to it. It was reported to be fully functional up until the hard drive crashed. This system is located near the San Francisco Bay area. [20000218]

DIAB DS90/20 workstation (top)

Iggy Drougge has a DIAB DS90/20 (68020/68581/68881/ 8450/misc. Zilog) which is available to anyone interested in porting NetBSD to the DIAB DS90 machines. [20011024]

Acorn arm26 machines (top)

Kjetil B. Thomassen has a couple of Acorn A310 and an R140 ARM2/3 based machines he would be willing to lend for an indefinite time to anyone interested in working on a port.

  • ARM2 / ARM3 26bit CPUs.
  • 4MB RAM.
  • Acorn VIDC and IOC chipset.
  • Serial, parallel, ST506, keyboard, and mouse interfaces.
  • SVGA-like monitor interface (chipset is definitely not SVGA).
  • Acorn 'podule' bus interface - can take IDE and SCSI cards.

The R140 can run RISCiX, Acorn's own BSD gcc using BSD 4.3-port, which it might be possible to leverage. [20000107]

Performa-5320 - Non open firmware Power Mac (top)

Bob Nestor would be willing to loan his Performa-5320 All-in-One for anyone interested in working on porting NetBSD/macppc to non open firmware Power Macintosh hardware.

  • Performa-5320 All-in-One
  • non-PCI (nubus)
  • 117Mhz 603 CPU
  • 32MB RAM
  • 1.6GB IDE harddrive (Could be swapped for 8.4GB unit)
  • 15" built in display
  • 10BaseT Ethernet, 28.8K internal modem, SCSI controller.


Sun386i (Roadrunner) in The Netherlands (top)

Edwin Mons can supply a working Sun386i to anyone who wants to port NetBSD to it. The location of the machine is Geldrop in The Netherlands.

Parts included:

  • Sun386i/150
  • 20 MHz CPU + FPU
  • 8 MB RAM
  • cg3 and bw2 graphics boards (cg5 also available)
  • Sun type 4 kbd/mouse
  • 340 MB SCSI harddisk with SunOS 4.0.2
  • 3.5" 1.44 MB floppy drive
  • Both a monochrome and a colour display

Olivetti ESC-I and ESC-II EISA SCSI adapters (top)

Francesco Messineo has Olivetti ESC-I and ESC-II EISA SCSI adapters, available to anyone who would like to write a driver for them.

DNSES EISA Synchronous Communications Controller (top) (Jan-Hinrich Fessel) has a DNSES EISA Synchronous Communications Controller with minimal docs (i.e. pinout and install guide) for anyone who is willing to do a port for it. It supports V.35@64kb V.24/V.28@19.2kb V.11/V.36@E1/T1 and V.10@64kb.

Compaq NetFlex-2 ENET-TR card (top)

Lloyd Parkes has a Compaq NetFlex-2 ENET-TR card, which is an EISA card that combines ethernet and token ring interfaces. He is happy to send it to anybody who is keen on writing EISA drivers. [20060122]

Sun Creator UPA frame buffer 'ffb' (top)

Grant Beattie has a Sun ffb available for loan (preferably within Melbourne, Australia) to assist in development of the X server on NetBSD/sparc64. It is the model suitable for use in PCI/UPA-based ultra boxes.

Intergraph Powerstorm 4D50T graphics card (top)

Felix Triebel has a Intergraph Powerstorm 4D50T graphics card available for any developer wishing to add support for it. The card comes from a Digital Personal Workstation (Miata). [20020618]

ISA ethernet cards (top)

Armijn Hemel has a group of ethernet cards available, he prefers to give them to someone in the Netherlands. Cards located near Utrecht (NL).

  • Tulip NCC-16 PnP (PC-Net chip), UTP
  • Tulip NCC-16 no PnP (SONIC 16 chip), UTP, AUI, BNC
  • Hewlett Packard card (100VG chip), 2*UTP (10 Mbit, 100 Mbit)
  • Gateway G/Ethernet AT, AUI, BNC

HP J25XX 100VG network cards and switch (top)

Daniel van Eeden has some network cards for anyone to write a driver. These cards are made for 100VG networks and Daniel also has a 14-port 100VG 100 Mbit manageable switch with builtin 10 Mbit bridge and SNMP module to accompany them. He is located in the Netherlands.

  • HP J2585B (PCI)
  • HP J2573 (ISA)
  • 14-port 100VG 100 Mbit manageable switch

SunPCi coprocessor card (top)

Daniel van Eeden also has a SunPCi card from Sun Microsystems which is available to anyone who wants to write NetBSD guest and/or host support. It's the first PCI version (P/N X1131A-64.2) with AMD K6-2 CPU. [20060118]

Other Hardware available

Alpha memory, CPUs and PCI riser cards (top)

Wilko Bulte has various alpha parts available for interested developers:

  • a set (of 3) 4MB cache SIMMs for the AlphaStation 600.
  • For NoName (AXPpci33) owners I have a bunch of 21066-AA 166MHz LCA CPUs.
  • 21064[A] chips of various speeds 133 -> 200 MHz. Pulls from working systems like Sandpiper and Mikasa.
  • A couple of Multia PCI riser cards. New/unused.

DEC Multia with 128 megabytes RAM (top)

Bob Lee has a working DEC Multia (small scsi hard drive(~1Gb) and cdrom in second case) with 128 Mb RAM available. It's got NetBSD 1.5ZA (Jan 02) and recently retired from web service. Floppy generates some soft errors, but always seems to work out OK when installing. Bob has offered to pay the shipping as a way of saying thanks for NetBSD.

NCD19B XTerminal in The Netherlands (top)

Leo Weppelman has an NCD19B XTerminal available for free. It is fairly heavy, so it needs to be picked up in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Mac Quadra 840av (top)

Craig Daniels has a Mac Quadra 840av with 48MB of RAM, 500MB hard drive and a 2x CD-ROM drive that he would like to donate for development on NetBSD/mac68k. He also has the original Mac 16" monitor as well. The items are located in Georgia, US.

Sparc 5's, 10's, 20's (top)

Scott Walters has a about 40 Sparc 5's, 10's and 20's available. These systems have no keyboards and he has only one GX framebuffer. CPUs are single, dual and quad (two processors on a CPU card, two CPU cards) SuperSparc-IIs. These machines are supported already but someone working on the kernel or pkgsrc might want an actual Sparc to test on. They're $30 to ship UPS ground (the 10's weigh less) or they can be picked up in the Phoenix, Arizona, USA area. The hardware is free to anyone who has done development on BSD in the past or can be recognized to be associated with the project.

GIGABYTE GeForce 7300GS (GV-NX73G256D-RH) (top)

Raymond would like to donate a graphics card. specs for the card Raymond is offering to pay shipping within the EU.