1. Introduction

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This FAQ is the Frequently Asked Questions document for the NetBSD/mac68k project, aka NetBSD/Mac, aka port-mac68k, aka MacBSD, and formerly known as the Alice project. Most of the questions and answers herein should apply equally well to the mac68k ports of other *BSD projects.

If I refer to "we", I mean the team of contributers to NetBSD/mac68k as a whole.

1.1 Purpose of this FAQ

We hope that this document will answer many of the frequently asked questions of anyone from beginners to experienced developers regarding all aspects of the NetBSD/mac68k operating system. However, particular attention is paid to those features unique to the Macintosh port.

1.2 Scope

With a focus on the Macintosh port of NetBSD, this version of the FAQ currently attempts to cover NetBSD/mac68k distributions with a focus on the NetBSD 1.3 release. New questions or problems arising from the 1.3-current distribution will be handled as soon as I can get to them.

Since many issues arising from running NetBSD are not specific to the mac68k port, the reader is advised to check the *BSD FAQ for answers to general NetBSD questions not answered within this document:


1.3 Availability

The most recent copy of this FAQ in html format can be found on: http://www.NetBSD.org/ports/mac68k/faq/ or on any of the NetBSD WWW mirrors.

Text format and the sgml source files can be found at: ftp://ftp.macbsd.com/pub/NetBSD/docs/

1.4 Copyright and Disclaimers

This FAQ is based on the FAQ originally written by David Holcomb (holcomb@acm.vt.edu) It contains much of the material from that original document, but its format has been modified to help it operate better with Matt Welsh's linuxdoc-sgml tool for producing documentation.

Like David, I am also relying on linuxdoc-sgml for converting the FAQ from SGML format to several other formats. The FAQ will use the constructs of the linuxdoc SGML document type definition as far as I am capable of making them.

Although I try to verify that the information contained within this FAQ is correct, I accept no responsibility for loss or damage caused by the use of the information contained within this FAQ.

This FAQ is (c) 1998, 1997, 1996, 1995 by Colin Wood with portions (c) 1994, 1993 by the Alice Group.

Quoted excerpts are copyright their respective authors.

1.5 Additions and Corrections

Please send all additions and corrections to ender@macbsd.com. If making a correction, please do not send a copy of the entire FAQ. Just send the relevant text from the FAQ plus the corrected text.

1.6 FAQ Contributors

The following individuals contributed to this FAQ, directly or indirectly:

I am trying to recognize everyone who has contributed to this FAQ. If I have missed your name, please e-mail me (ender@macbsd.com) and I will make sure to include your name.

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