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If you've found the license acceptable, you can download the program and/or it's source code here:

The win32 setup program.
This is the easiest and shrink-wrapped solution. Run the installer, and it will create all needed start menu entries, register with the system for deinstallation etc.
The win32 binary (.exe) and documentation.
Unzip anywhere you like and just run the exe file. Since there is absolutely no magic involved in the setup, this is just as simple if you do not need start menu entries and full grown uninstall support.
The raw binary (.exe) file (zipped).
Just unpack and run. The only difference between the full packages (above) and this minimal version is the lack of offline-help, the exe will point you at the online help on the rawrite32 web site instead. There is no functional drawback in using this variant.
The source code.
It has only been compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 (using the "v141xp" platform toolset). This is interesting only if you want to contribute, look at how it is done, or create variants of the tool.

The source code repository can be found on Github: https://github.com/MartinHusemann/Rawrite32.