Chapter 3. Known Bugs and Patches

Table of Contents

3.1. ADB
3.2. Ethernet
3.3. Serial
3.4. PRAM
3.5. Kernel
3.6. Mac Utilities
3.6.1. Booter
3.6.2. Installer
3.6.3. Mkfs -> Newfs

3.1. ADB

  • Many 3-button mice are still unsupported in the kernel

3.2. Ethernet

  • Not all 8390 and SONIC-based cards are supported yet

3.3. Serial

  • Occasional fifo/ring buffer overruns still possible

3.4. PRAM

  • Won't write correct time, but given how NetBSD/mac68k loses time, we probably don't want it to.

3.5. Kernel

  • Should emulate FPU - FPE is almost done, most machines without an FPU will now boot (all -current kernels include FPE and the FPU-less math library will avoid the few non-emulated functions on '030-based machines)

  • FPE problems with 'LC040-based machines, causes numerous seg-faults

  • Loses time while actually doing anything. (this has been improved)

  • vmstat statistics/kernel memory use seems high. (?)

3.6. Mac Utilities

3.6.1. Booter

  • Massive cleanup

  • Native booting (i.e. no Mac OS) ?

  • Booter versions later than 1.9.4 and earlier than 1.10.3 seem to not work on the IIvx, should be fixed in 1.10.3 and later

3.6.2. Installer

  • Update to new filesystems

  • fstat: file not found error (ignore it if you see it; it's harmless)

  • 1.1 versions of the Installer may crash on FPU-less Macs, use 1.1d or later

  • Installs use local timezone instead of GMT for updates. Fixed in 1.1e or later.

  • Build Devices only creates 4 ptys by default. Fixed in 1.1e or later.

  • Paging in the MiniShell is disabled. Fixed in 1.1f or later.

  • Extra ptys created incorrectly, fixed in 1.1f or later

3.6.3. Mkfs -> Newfs

  • Ignore SCSIError#5 messages

  • Rename to Newfs (need to add in level 2 ffs support first)

  • Merge in with Installer