Welcome!   I am Leonardo Taccari (<leot>), a NetBSD developer and a student at Università Politecnica delle Marche.   I am mainly a pkgsrc MAINTAINER and part of board@ and pkgsrc-security@, pkg-bug-handler@ and www@ teams.   If you have any question about these areas (or also anything else!) feel free to ask!   I usually hang out on Freenode and OFTC IRC servers as leot, feel free to contact me there!

Sometimes I write on my gopherhole at tccr.it!

You can also find: some patches for htdocs/,   some patches for pkgsrc/,   some patches for src/,   some patches for wikisrc/,   some notes about Google Summer of Code 2016,   some notes about Google Summer of Code 2017,   temporary random stuff and... anything else!

Maybe not-strictly NetBSD and pkgsrc related, but you can also find some code on: Bitbucket and GitHub.

Have fun!