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kern/49650ping6 -mns8000 ::1 kills kernel
kern/49649iwn(4) switching between ifconfig for open networks and wpa_supplicant for protected networks doesn't work
bin/49648Missing args in the format string ctf.c
kern/49647tmpfs got worse
misc/49646src/share/misc/acronyms.comp: add LLDP
kern/49645radeon pmf hooks
port-amd64/49643system panics in xrstor() on fxsavel on resume from S3
misc/49642Change processor to machine in getdomainname.3
misc/49641Change processor to machine in gethostname.3
lib/49640Improve example of strto[iu](3)
kern/49639wsfb/{cgthree,bwtwo}: X fails to start with wsfb using these sunfb drivers due to missing ioctl data
kern/49636Return 0L in sosend_loan
kern/49633COMPAT_70 is missing in init_sysent.c
lib/49632t_strtol improper check of endptr
port-arm/49622Minor enhancements to if_cpsw
port-arm/49621Add detach function to if_cpsw
kern/49617posix_fallocate() should be returning an error on failure, without setting errno.
bin/49616iscsictl(8) example is outdated
kern/49615ipf: policy based routing does not work with vlan interfaces
port-sh3/49613errno does not set by some systemcall at error case
kern/49610reboot -d doesn't create a crash dump
kern/49603Single-stepping into syscall reboots -current/amd64 under qemu
kern/49602kernel panic with fpa on NetBSD-7.0_BETA i386
bin/49601amd(8) no longer works, at least in LDAP mode
port-sh3/49597swapcontext(3) stack pointer problem on NetBSD/sh3
install/49596mkimage: incorrect permissions on evbarm images
bin/49595unset built-in exits with failure if parameter not set
kern/49592EDID doesn't working in Xorg on HD2500 in 7.0_BETA and -current (amd64)
bin/49588mtree does not return failure if extra files or directories are found and -e is not specified...
misc/49587Update calendar.usholiday for 2015
install/49579postinstall doesn't detect/fix ksyms major device number change
port-sparc/49578The bozotic HTTP server yields only "500 Internal Error, ...".
lib/49577fts(3) is not robust in the face of errors
lib/49575the system does not parse /etc/login.conf setenv=EXINIT=set\\ ai\\ showmode\\ number
bin/49568Change DT_FEATURE_1 to DT_FEATURE
port-amd64/49564netbsd7 ACPI broken
port-i386/49562i915drmkms panic during boot
kern/49560panic at netbsd:linux_worker_intr+0xb8
bin/49559makefs erroneously parses the FFS maxbpg option as maxbpf
kern/49554options WAPBL_DEBUG gives #error
xsrc/49553Xorg hits 100% CPU on shutdown
port-xen/495496.1.5 dom0 reports "debug event", followed by lvm volumes becoming non-responsive
xsrc/49547screen corruption in various X programs
bin/49539netpgpkeys segfaults on bad ocmmandline
toolchain/49535Examples in BUILDING don't work as-is
lib/49534nsdispatch(3) manpage should document that gethostbyname and gethostbyaddr are now called with struct getnamaddr *
kern/49530kernel crash with corrupt stack/invalid backtrace
lib/49529pthread_mutexattr_setpshared and pthread_condattr_setpshared missing
port-amd64/49528Certain manuals present in 6.1.2 are missing in 6.1.5.
port-i386/49521python33 self-tests crash i386/netbsd-6 systems
kern/49519bge{0,1} interfaces "confused"; no connectivity
kern/49518I wrote Permedia3 3Dlabs Permedia 3 framebuffer console driver.(genfb driver doesn't work correct on Proformance 3)
port-vax/49517si driver has DMA problems
misc/49516More changes for the man pages.
bin/49510gpt(8) fails w/o drvctl and breaks sysinst
kern/49509spl not lowered panic
kern/49507bridge(4) doesn't extend the expire time of a MAC address entry that has traffic
toolchain/49505Relocate Lua documentation?
kern/49495serial console prevents use of X with drmkms
kern/49493clang warning about uninitialized in ipfilter without INET6
kern/49491umidi record locking problem
toolchain/49483gdb internal assertion failure
kern/49472iee(4) multicast filter issue
kern/49471Panic in athn with evbarm 7.0_BETA
install/49470NetBSD 7 BETA reboots after bootloader (HP 2133)
lib/49469libbz2 compress.c doesn't build, breaking netbsd build.
port-evbarm/49468Cortex GIC assertion triggered on Allwinner A80 SoC
bin/49467Should disklabel.? refer to mbrlabel.? for how to update the disklable from the mbr?
bin/49464mandoc can abort on certain (third-party old-style) man page inputs
kern/49462if_slowtimo callout mangled?
misc/49461splusb is not included in spl(9) man page
bin/49460kdump hangs on big ktr_len values
kern/49459netbsd-7 crashes in network code
kern/49457'atactl sleep' loses drive
kern/49454cprng_fast is not available during first pass of device autoconf
kern/49452X with DRMKMS hangs trying to get more pages
bin/49450make doesn't know about processor cache affinity
toolchain/49449cc: Internal Compiler Error
port-evbarm/49448sata disk no longer work on cubietruck under src/sys/dev/ic/ahcisata_core.c,v 1.52
kern/49446phkmalloc / jemalloc update ?
lib/49444c++ exception unwinding broken on BE8 arm
bin/49443Problem in make variable modifiers
install/49440Sysinst is wrong when install via FTP.
bin/49438gdb complains it has no handler for OS ABI "NetBSD ELF"
kern/49437mdnsd from 7.0_BETA does not work with 7.99.2 kernel
toolchain/49434gcc can not compile libasan with -O2 on vax
kern/49433NetBSD/amd64 7.99.2 does not boot on Panasonic CF-Y8 -- DRMKMS
kern/49432NetBSD/i386 7.99.2 does not boot on Panasonic CF-R3 -- DRMKMS
kern/49431External HDMI does not detect plugging -- DRMKMS
bin/49430The cgdconfig -C option fails with "Inappropriate ioctl for device"
kern/49427netinet/in4_cksum.c message flood
toolchain/49425internal compiler error compiling riscv userland
kern/49424DRMKMS failure on Lenovo T410s with amd64/7.0_BETA
kern/49419panic: ifree: freeing free inode
kern/49409keyboard locks up after warm boot from windows 7
toolchain/49408XftGlyphSpecRender crash with gcc 4.8.4 on earmv7hf
kern/49404pms0: bad elantech magic (3C 3 0)
port-amd64/49401Crash dumps stall on amd64 machine
toolchain/49400tools/gcc fails to build on Linux
misc/49399Add man pages for erfl and erfcl
kern/49398i386-current GENERIC (i915drmkms) boot hangs if monitor powered off
kern/49396reproducable panic on puffs
port-evbarm/49395cubietruck freezes under i/o load on netbsd-7 and HEAD
bin/49393screenblank doesn't wake on keyboard/mouse activity if root file-system is mounted with nodevmtime
bin/49392telnet: bad terminal setup in character + local echo mode
kern/49390Unsigned wraparound in tcp sequence number calculations on 64-bit machines
kern/49388ipfilter does not evaluate the address family
lib/49387erfl and erfcl missing
kern/49386Possible panics on bpf attach/detach
port-shark/49381Shark 6.1 kernel hangs occasionally in vm_map
bin/49380ntpd_chrootdir does not work on NetBSD 7.0_BETA
kern/49371ipv6 routes missing netmasks
kern/49370Pop from speaker when booting
kern/493688(?) pixel artifacts in X, eventual kernel crash -- DRMKMS
kern/49366drm2 GENERIC X11_TYPE=modular no screens found Gigabyte Radeon HD 4350 -- DRMKMS
port-evbarm/49365net/rtorrent fails to compile on evbarm earm 7.0_BETA
kern/49363drm2 GENERIC blank screen after startx Intel G45 graphics X11_TYPE=native -- DRMKMS
kern/49362drm2 GENERIC refresh leaves black areas Radeon HD 4550, ASRock Z77M, Intel i3-3225 -- DRMKMS
kern/49358Add usb-quirk to support ugen driver detection of APC Microlink UPSs
lib/49349OpenSSL unaligned access during DATA decryption in Postfix smtpd
misc/49344[test] usr.sbin/tcpdump/ is racy and assumes traffic is always generated; can fail on heavily loaded or quiet systems
lib/49341assertion "pthread__tsd_descructors[key] != NULL" failed
kern/49335uvn_findpages(9) is out of sync with the code
port-i386/49331Current distribution build with dtrace enabled fails
kern/49330Attempting to compile a Xen DOM0 and DRMKMS kernel doesn't compile
kern/49329no agp broken
kern/49328ixg interface fails with enabled LOCKDEBUG
kern/49323tlp(4) on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2's Hyper-V VM stops
bin/49322need "NETBSDSRCDIR" or "BSDSRCDIR" environment for build kernel.
kern/49319ptm{x} driver can't opens master side with O_NONBLOCK flag.
bin/49307df -t does not work properly with multiple "no" file system exclusions
kern/49305deadlocks on sparc64 SMP
misc/49302Add COM mode for Huawei E353 HiLink
port-amd64/49295Crashes in NetBSD running on KVM
port-amd64/49293Installing without setting partition sizes results in an install with no swap space
port-amd64/49292Unexpected failure installing src sets from media
bin/49291Problem with half-line feeds in input stream.
kern/49290DRMKMS fails to work with R300
kern/49285drmkms on pineview (intel)
bin/49283lib/libc/gen/t_getgrent:getgrent_loop isn't deterministic if hooked into an auth backend in flux, can timeout, etc
lib/49278conformance issues for fnmatch
toolchain/49276amd64 MKDEBUG builds randomly fail installing compat libraries
toolchain/49275compiler_rt version of __clzsi2() seems to result in universally inferior code
misc/49272Patching with Coccinelle?: Deletion of unnecessary checks before specific function calls
kern/49270Samsung NC10 Marvell Yukon ethernet not supported
standards/49269missing Posix pthread_mutexattr_{get,set}robust
kern/49267uvm should be able to advise apps on memory usage
bin/49266sysctl(8) can't print uvmexp
kern/49265struct uvmexp{,_sysctl} contents lightly documented
kern/49264vlan(4): concurrent executions of ifconfig cause a fatal page fault
kern/49261cpu_info::ci_want_resched locking protocol
bin/49260makefs -t v7fs crash with empty tree
kern/49259Support for Realtek 8111G chipset into re(4)
kern/49258problems with compat32 on arm32
kern/49252drm2 panic "cpu_switchto: switching above IPL_SCHED" -- DRMKMS
misc/49249Inconsistent line endings in some of the files under src/tests; makes svn whine
port-i386/49246x86/x86/procfs_machdep.c is very old.
kern/49243IPv4 multicast socket options do not work on AF_INET6 sockets
lib/49240Some corner cases for pow() fail to work correctly
install/49239pchb probe crashes installer on Dell FX160 (Atom/SiS)
toolchain/49236lib/csu/t_crt0/initfini3 test case failing on amd64
kern/49235can't send fax anymore with a 6.1.4 kernel
install/49230If user chooses to install man pages, the installer should install /usr/bin/mandoc
security/49225Security Advisories terminology could be enhanced
bin/49224[PATCH] Checking for uname in usr.bin/grep/tests/t_grep:binary is still not 100% reliable if branded OS name doesn't match ELF binary branding
misc/49221Information lost in man page zic.8
kern/49219if_arp holds just one pending packet and drops all older packets
kern/49217"installboot" fails under NetBSD/amd64
bin/49214make(1) parsing bug with dynamic sources
kern/49213panic in i915drm_suspend() when entering S3 sleep state
kern/49212panic in i915_dma_cleanup() when starting X -- DRM
toolchain/49210Version of mandoc is 1.30.0 should be 1.12.3 ?????
bin/49205vi ignores ~/.[n]exrc if [N]EXINIT set
toolchain/49203Compiling is broken on sh
port-sparc/492026.1.4 GENERIC kernel does not boot on SPARCstation IPX
bin/49198make not seeing all .SUFFIXES suffixes
toolchain/49187ATF detect_unused_tests tests failing
kern/49186Network hangs when using write cache in amr(4) RAID controller
lib/49185strvisx: Handle zero-length input strings gracefully.
kern/49184udf_symlink_long test case panics rump kernel
kern/49175removing large sparse file freeze the system
port-amd64/49174acpi resume doesn't restore xcr0
bin/49172/etc/rc.d/postfix script takes 20s at startup on raspberrypi
port-i386/49168auich crash the system
kern/49167dhcpd drop lease and connection repeatedly used with a fxp interface
port-arm/49164hpcarm boot fail in wsconscfg with Fatal kernel mode data abort: 'Alignment Fault 3'
xsrc/49155openchrome hardware cursor always invisible
kern/49154Can't find boot device if net-booted from sk(4) gigabit ethernet, prompts for root device
bin/49153Recent regression of nfs_autoload, modautoload test cases
kern/49148usmsc0: warning: Failed to write register 0x14 on Raspberry Pi
bin/49141lib/librumpclient/t_exec/threxec test randomly fails
kern/49140Can't write to SD card
bin/49138"nsupdate" can no longer use "hmac-sha512" keys
kern/49136wedge support breaks ccd using traditional device-path component names
kern/49135wedge support thwarts read/write update of root filesystem with traditional device path in fstab
bin/49125/bin/sh does not support redirecting to or from FDs > 9
kern/49121Starting X on a Lenovo T400 under NetBSD-7 beta panics system -- DRM
kern/49119NPF not loaded and active after boot
kern/49115serial interface (/dev/tty*) not working
port-amd64/49110Atheros 9281 (AR9281) not identified by the athn driver
bin/49109sed relative addressing bug (1,+N)
kern/49106panic: ehci_open: bad device speed 4
bin/49097make silently accepts tokens after .else
toolchain/49092make(1): output is not properly flushed after a failure is ignored
kern/49089Incorrect locking in i915_capture_error_state
toolchain/49087$(.IMPSRC) is incorrectly used in some explicit rules
toolchain/49086suffix rules broken in many ways, also other problems.
toolchain/49085some expansions and line continuations are parsed incorrectly
toolchain/49078gdb does not work on gmpc
kern/49076USB 3.0 devices are not attached to xhci hubs
port-xen/49075OpenJDK7 hangs in lwp_park50 in Xen PVs
toolchain/49074lang/ruby21-base fails to link due to undefined reference to `__atomic_compare_exchange_4'
kern/49073uvm_mapent_alloc() can return NULL, yet isn't always checked
kern/49072in-kernel iscsi initiator not working
kern/49065ifconfig tun0 ... sequence locks up system / lockup: softnet_lock held across usb xfr
port-arm/49057Raspberry Pi Audio volume control does not work
kern/49046udf_renamerace test randomly fails
toolchain/ iso-image cannot overwrite CDBUILDEXTRA files
kern/49043brconfig bridge0 ipf should not return "Invalid argument" when !BRIDGE_IPF
misc/49042Minor man page amendents for ipfstat(8)
lib/49040openssl incompatible with github
kern/49036"sysctl_createv: sysctl_locate(multicast) returned 2" on boot
xsrc/49035Some XOrg man pages miss keywords substitution
kern/49033fs/vfs/t_vnops/udf_lookup_complex test case randomly fails
bin/49031/etc/security tries to track /var/log/authlog
bin/49028newsyslog(8) mishandles rarely-changing binary logs
toolchain/49027xorg parallel build race
kern/49022Locking issues in interaction of TTY and USB subsystems (exposed with uhso(4))
kern/49017vfork does not suspend all threads
bin/49013[patch] t_exhaust: put an explicit cap on memory for program to avoid test timeouts on systems with more RAM
bin/49012[patch] t_dup: missing stdbool.h #include for false/true per POSIX and has a redundant static declaration for check_mode
bin/49011[patch] t_link: uses LINE_MAX; missing #include for limits.h
kern/49008rump (or atf) doesn't properly report KASSERT()
lib/49006thread specific storage not always initialized to NULL
bin/49005[patch] t_truncate: use /etc/motd instead of /usr/bin/fpr
bin/49004[patch] t_sigqueue: mark unused variables in functions __unused and explicitly test with getpid()
bin/49003[patch] t_once/t_sem: missing explicit #include
bin/49002[patch] t_nice: mark signo in handler __unused
bin/49001[patch] use _exit instead of exit to be async safe in threaded code
kern/48998uhso(4) support for Globetrotter HSUPA Modem
toolchain/48993Unable to build tools for evbarm on OS X Mavericks
bin/48988Strange init-inherited? descriptors on netbsd-6
kern/48987Kernel crashes on using ATmega32u4 Arduino on USB
kern/48971ICMP redirects should not be issued for active bridge
misc/48968Man page documentation for COMPAT_NETBSD32 is out of date
kern/48962NetBSD doesn't conform to POSIX with mlock(2) and per-process limits; returns EAGAIN instead of ENOMEM
kern/48959Misrepresentation of files of 4 GiB or larger in cd9660
kern/48958kevent(2): EVFILT_VNODE filter miscounting hardlinks
lib/48957Broken rl_callback_read_char() in libedit's readline emulation
kern/48956ipv6-icmp ipfilter keep state issue
lib/48955NetBSD is missing frexpl(3) in libm
kern/48954USB diagconstic message: actlen (-15996) > len (4)
bin/48952Race in t_stat:stat_socket: test expects EINPROGRESS; got ECONNREFUSED once
kern/48950Some ethernet interfaces can't change flow control setting.
misc/48949boot device
kern/48945CARP preempt is not working
misc/48937Please update root.cache
kern/48935ppp: ipcp gets stuck in stopped state
port-arm/48933Raspberry Pi i2c ioctl() does not allow just READ operation on the i2c bus
port-arm/48932Raspberry Pi i2c ioctl returns success even though i2c slave device NACKed
xsrc/48928Issue building static X11 clients
kern/48927config(8) root on dkN doesn't work
lib/48926Hostnames only appearing in /etc/hosts are not reachable using gethostbyname(3) or gethostbyname2(3)
bin/48925netbsd-6 fstat(1) pmisc descriptor number mismatch
kern/48920ipfilter: source routing does not work with NAT
bin/48918Undocumented feature causes problems with '%' in *PATH variables
bin/48915Kernels saved by savecore are not usable with gdb
toolchain/48914Builds randomly fail with "bconfig.h: no such file or directory"
kern/48910msync(2) should return ENOMEM on unmapped pages per POSIX; test criteria in t_msync incorrect
bin/48907make issues fatal errors as warnings
bin/48892some tests will not clean up rump server processes
kern/48891iwn Intel Centrino Wireless-N 1030 not working
kern/48887backtrace/libexecinfo causes high system cpu and never returns when building ruby 2.1
lib/48881/etc/hosts file parsing broken (since Aug 2013)
toolchain/48878i386 gcc48 cc1plus stuck building boost-libs
bin/48875possible ash backgrounding bug
port-xen/48873xbdback kernel thread created with wrong priority
kern/48864Incorrect symbolic link size on some filesystems
bin/48861make flock default like linux (-x)
install/48860Installation i386 on Sony VGN-P11Z: no root device / boot device: unknown
kern/48858siside0:0:1:0: lost interrupt
bin/48856make dumps core on invalid assignment
port-arm/48855i2cscan on RPi NetBSD build finds device for all addresses
toolchain/ should prevent multiple build/distribution/release operations
kern/48853panic on amd64/current
toolchain/48847Fix bug in xmmintrin.h from clang
bin/48843dot commands mess up scope nesting tracking
kern/48831Synaptics Touch pad (ClickPad) and Klick-by-tap-gestures do not work
lib/48827libcurses issue with embedded newlines
lib/48821libedit EL_SETTY doesn't work
install/48818put vi on install CDs
misc/48812npftest cannot be built without optimisation
kern/48808Enhance mount_cd9660 by option -s like in other BSDs
kern/48804kernel becomes unresponsive probing i915
port-sparc/48795msiiep_timer.c calibration broken?
kern/48792hdaudio(4) doesn't support mmap
kern/48790pf sometimes blocks incoming udp
kern/48789Sudden reboot; apparent crash in pf
kern/4878732 bit rollover makes ISO multi-session medium unusable via mount
bin/48780bthcid gets killed by Broken pipe
kern/48773Kernel lockup with ath wirless cards
port-amd64/48768boot man pages in section 8 from i386 missing in amd64
lib/48767nearbyint() and friends missing on macppc (others?)
kern/48757sys/arch/i386/pci/pci_intr_fixup.c var set but not used (+FIX?)
kern/48754ahcisata hardware alignement requirements not guaranteed by driver
lib/48751lrintl() and llrintl() missing from libm
kern/48746mbuf corruption possibility in nfs_boot_sendrecv
toolchain/48743gdb: quitting after attaching to process doesn't work
kern/48739Reproducible panic in ld_virtio.c on NetBSD/amd64 guest running under qemu on CentOS 6.5
port-i386/48736System freezes when a devices connects to ath0 in hostap mode
kern/48733deadlock in if_output() with interrupt on KERNEL_LOCK
toolchain/48731internal compiler error (wip/gambatte; g++/bits/basic_string.tcc)
bin/48721pflogd ignores snaplen setting on netbsd6 pr
kern/48715Please support more USB modems
toolchain/48712BUGURL for gcc is incorrect
security/48702early entropy does not get loaded
toolchain/48696gcc crashes on loongson when optimizing
bin/48689Import fuser command
bin/48688When using grep with -i and -o options together, -i is ignored
bin/48684spell(1) is lacking
kern/48674ipfilter send TCP-reset packets for non-TCP packets with return-rst
misc/48671Add description how to convert from tsleep(9)/wakeup(9) to condvar(9)
kern/48666acroread9 core dumps
misc/48665Dell R710 sensor_temperature: (ipmi0) critical limit exceeded [Temp6]
port-amd64/48651Lock up or panic under what appears to be heavy kevent load
bin/48648cron fails to run job scheduled during change to summer time
toolchain/48638gcc 4.8 does not support MKREPRO
toolchain/48637clang does not support MKREPRO
lib/48633List of architectures supporting fenv.h is multiplied
bin/48631sh synerrs case where list to execute is entirely redirections (+FIX?)
kern/48618Internal screen-saver is unable to restore the screen properly
kern/48617After about 1 hour of inactivity WiFi network connection is lost (rum0 interface still active)
bin/48616ld.elf_so errno causes confusing gdb output
kern/48607Boot with flag AB_SILENT and genfb set is not silent
port-macppc/48600Add support for powermac 7200/PPC 601
kern/48593USB host controllers almost never detach on shutdown
kern/48588one time crash in usb_allocmem_flags
kern/48586The kernel complais that proc table is full even when it is not
kern/48584Linux emulation doesn't seem to support epoll
bin/48583no way to display thread names
kern/48579#34490 (kernel compile fails in `le_isa_intredge', no 'le' in kernel config)
port-i386/48573Edimax EW-7711UAn wi-fi config
port-arm/48572kirkwood DMA problem
bin/48571config(1) ioconf is insufficient for pseudo-devices
port-i386/48570Xircom RBE-100 cause system freeze (NetBSD 6.1.3 NetBSD/i386)
xsrc/48569radeon video playback may crash the X server
kern/48568return value handling of xxx_encap() and IFF_OACTIVE.
port-evbmips/48564'tar' on evbmips-mips64el (LOONGSON) corrupts files extracted to NFS
kern/48560kevent.udata and invalid conversion
kern/48558suse131_32_base ldconfig dumps core
install/485576.1.3 installed just perfect. When I rebooted, the kbd didn't work, could not log in.
bin/48554tcpdump -w does not work
port-arm/48541ntpd dies on earm
kern/48536Modules need a ref-count mechanism external to the module
toolchain/48534bogus file names in source tree
kern/48531rnd_getmore bit/byte confusion
kern/48528wsfb/genfb - display dramatically off center if GENFB_SHADOWFB is enabled
bin/48526dumpdates name field too short
bin/48514nmtree segfaults on "malformed mtree files"
port-sparc64/48501GCC 4.5.3 gets stuck compiling "libvpx" package
bin/48499sh(1) doesn't allow the POSIX command(1) -pv
bin/48498sh(1) parser oddity
lib/48497realpath() does not conform to POSIX 2008
kern/48494After ACPICA 20131218 update, uhub topology is misunderstood
kern/48490Opera-12.16 segfaults on NetBSD-6.99.28/i386
bin/48489sh(1) allows trailing && and ||
port-xen/48477systat vm on DOMU reports missing kernel symbols
kern/48476wm(4) transmit hang
kern/48473IPSEC tunnel doesn't send ICMP fragmentation needed for packets that are too large
kern/48472NetBSD may send ICMP_UNREACH_NEEDFRAG with "next MTU" larger than packet that caused it to be sent
misc/48471Minor enhancements to the hier.7 man page
kern/48464ping localhost causes a kernel panic
kern/48463umass alloctes memory from interrupt
kern/48459Using btsco(4) causes kernel panic
xsrc/48455/usr/X11R7/lib/X11/locale/ja_JP.UTF-8/Compose etc. have unreplaced string, X11_LOCALEDATADIR
port-evbarm/48453OPENRD Client - kernel panic
kern/48452tcp_input() doesn't always verify tcp checksum
port-amd64/48451NMI ... going to debugger at install -> bge BCM5717
kern/48450ath (and athn) seem to loop back some packets
kern/48449y2038 shortcomings of ffsv1
kern/48446'boot -d' doesn't enter ddb
bin/48445mail(1)/mailx(1): put ambigious $USER/-u user/xy handling, um, straight
bin/48444mail(1)/mailx(1): relaxation of memory pressure
kern/48441ums(4) flapping with recent logitech mice
bin/48440apropos(1) doesn't work on NetBSD 6.99.28
kern/48434CLE266 Graphics switch to Console System crash
port-sun3/48432System hangs under light load
port-alpha/48430Kernel Panic on NetBSD/alpha current version
lib/48429[libedit] doesn't handle terminal resize events properly
lib/48427libedit shouldn't require ISO 10646
kern/48422Possible recvmmsg/sendmmsg implementation problem
lib/48407NetBSD miss pthread_mutex_timedlock
lib/48397Use rfc2152 for citrus_utf7.c
bin/48391fsck -T option handling
kern/48390wifi signal strength always reported as zero
port-evbmips/48389Impossibility to boot MERAKI kernel
port-amd64/48387Boot process assigns IDE wd0 rather than installed wd0 on SATA
kern/48386Kernel panic on shutdown
bin/48379resolv.conf symlink changes not picked up by resolver
kern/48377pf "synproxy state" hangs connections to local services
kern/48374Namespace is not removed from attrname in Linux style xattr API
kern/48372sunblade 2500 hangs under memory pressure -- loop between uvm/pool/vmem
install/48365sysinst installs /usr/pkgsrc with invalid ownership and group
kern/48360wskbd - support for cn_magic
misc/48355changed usr/share/info/dir in MKREPRO build
install/48348Post-install config menu item "Enable installation of binary packages" works incorrectly
xsrc/48347Cannot input Japanese special keys of JP106 keyboard with NetBSD/evbarm(RPI) or some arch.
kern/48343patch for re(4) to change link address of 8111E_VL
kern/48340_POSIX_C_SOURCE or -posix and don't mix
kern/48339_POSIX_C_SOURCE and don't mix
port-evbarm/48337non-EABI5 armeb userland fails in -current
toolchain/48329objdump broken on arm
install/48326NetBSD install process is confusing for a new user.
xsrc/48317openchrome driver crashes with undefined PLT symbol
xsrc/48315undefined PLT symbol crashes X server on i810e
lib/48314libevent test failures are real
kern/48310kue(4) cannot receive multicast packets
kern/48309msk(4) cannot change link address
kern/48308non-privileged user can crash machine using a USB webcam
toolchain/48303Linux cross build fails on ppc
kern/48292paccept creates sockets that cannot be made blocking
lib/48291locale::facet::_S_create_c_locale name not valid
port-macppc/48290macppc port doesn't boot on G5
port-alpha/48286disklabel -r option cause unaligned access(Booting NetBSD-current ISO only?)
kern/48280IP_PKTINFO without sendmsg() support probably harmful.
kern/48270umass / ehci effectively hangs system during stresstest
kern/48256ddb manual missing description for DDB_FROMCONSOLE
port-macppc/48255Unreadable console output when netbooting macppc
bin/48250gdb confused by -pie executables
kern/48243inconsistant usage of 'up->parent' in usb_subr.c
bin/48241ntpd is confused by detached v6 address
kern/48237NetBSD 6.1 failed to detect USB 1.x full-speed device (umodem)
kern/48236iavc driver crashes during initialisation
bin/48234tftpd no longer allows unrestricted creation of new files.
bin/48232pkg_delete signal 11 when deleting large packages on small-RAM boxes
misc/48231no "esp.h" headerfile in /usr/include anymore in 6.1
port-xen/48220xentools-4.1: xl has problems with file/vnd based disks
port-arm/48215pkg_add fails on recent NetBSD/evbearmv6hf-el current
kern/48214"clearing WDCTL_RST failed" during boot
port-i386/48210NetBSD 6.1 i386 text.tgz contains wrong mtree file
kern/48209Combination of Adobe flash player and audiorecord leads to panic
kern/48208fatal double fault in supervisor mode
bin/48201+noclobber option not POSIX compliant
kern/48200New driver fjttchps2 for fujitsu touchscreen & touchpad ps2 controller
port-i386/48196PAE non xen crashes immeadiately on boot up
bin/48195wrong position of __MKTEMP_OK__ in src/usr.bin/xinstall.c
misc/48191rcsfile(5)'s diagram is not shown by NetBSD current's man(1)
kern/48190kernel panic
port-mac68k/48188On-Board Video Not Working on IIci
lib/48187multiple definitions of same macros in headers
lib/48185compile error: may be used uninitialized in this function
port-mac68k/48184UFS magic numbers don't match error on IIci
bin/48183Example in man write(2) causes endless loop
bin/48182rmdir -p doesn't handle top-level directories well
kern/48178Extremely slow disk read/write
bin/48176ping(8) shows bogus time with small packetsize
bin/48174bozohttpd certificate chain support
kern/48166struct in_pktinfo incompatible with all other systems
port-amd64/48165ethernet interface interrupt misconfigured(?) with ACPI
kern/48161kern-config with NFS-server and without NFS-client fails to work correctly
port-evbarm/48160New port to KOBO touch (Freescale i.MX50x) support
kern/48149Under load processes get stuck - incarnation of 45718 for ARM?
lib/48145newlocale problems
port-amd64/48142i8254 timer stop working during boot - system lockup during boot
bin/48138sh(1) wait(1) builtin fails after bg job was SIG(STOP|TSTP|CONT) controlled
kern/48135Bad locking for umount
port-xen/48125dom0 panic during domU creation attempt
kern/48119/dev/random kernel crash
port-evbarm/48117disklabel(8) and mount_msdos(8) on evbarm don't work with USB pen drives that work on other architectures
kern/48112patch to support Sitecom N300 usb wifi adapter (urtwn)
kern/48109ipf: mixed directions in same group rules may cause panic
kern/48104Incorrect forwarding of broadcast packets by bridge(4)
install/48097etcupdate and postinstall handling of /etc/motd produces errors
bin/48092ansi2text a utility for formatting text with ANSI sequences for display with less.
bin/48090bthset to use pad devices and support 8 bit sco audio
kern/48078xen LOCKDEBUG immediate panic when vcpus=2
bin/48066etcupdate(8) does not update NIS domain Makefile(s)
kern/48065swapctl -d path seems to cause data inconsistencies
bin/48063incorrect definition of socklen_t
port-vax/48051rxvt crashes when setting environment variables
lib/48039 brings in
toolchain/48026devel/bison crashes on earm because of compiler bug
lib/48025Uninitializied variable in citrus_utf1632.c
lib/48014libarchive zip reading fails on all xps files created by windows 7
bin/48005tcpdump: option -C broken
bin/47990gpt biosboot should have "-l
kern/47984there is no GPT type for RAW partitions
lib/47983libedit segfault at character decoding error (sh autocomplete)
kern/47982system time deviation after disabling CPU core(s) when using TSC timecounter
kern/47974udf tests fail due to interaction with rump
kern/47972iwn panic
bin/47971httpd bogusly %-encodes redirects
port-amd64/47967tsc_freq is 0 when running under QEMU so DTrace crashes at load
install/47966sysinst should be able to install debug set if it exists
misc/47963Main NetBSD Internet page - Sub-Menu Suggestion
install/47962NetBSD VAX 6.1 does not set up the RA* disks for install
port-i386/47961not boot on K8N4-E
misc/47958makewhatis.c not generating entries in whatisdb for some pages
kern/47957ath0n crash
bin/47954readelf sees corrupt notes in evbarm libraries
xsrc/47953XOrg fails to build (freetype) on -current, amd64
install/47947Permissions of /root/.cshrc and /root/.profile make /etc/security complain
port-amd64/47945wsconsctl: WSDISPLAYIO_GMSGATTRS: Operation not supported by device
bin/47939catman does not honor makemandb and will error-out when called with '-w', /etc/weekly.conf is wrong too
kern/47937mounting ffs with both discard and log triggers lock assertion
toolchain/47930Crossbuilding from ppc64 hosts is broken
bin/47925bozzohttpd does not authenticate redirects and creates broken redirects
misc/47923ATF ffs tests leave processes running on sparc
bin/47921syslogd losses config information while stripping domainname
bin/47920ftp(1): FTPS support
kern/47912nd6_storelladdr: sdl_alen == 0
bin/47911suspect APPLEUFS-related code in newfs
kern/47909ufs symbol pollution
lib/47908OpenSSL SSL connection fails with unaligned access error with SHA256
port-evbmips/47904Segfault in pthread_getspecific()
port-xen/47899xen block script does not create vnd devices when needed.
bin/47896pppd debug option is broken
bin/47894racoon w/NAT-T - pfkey update: wrong ports
kern/47893opencrypto user level requests uses different mutex for same flag variable
kern/47892bad mutex handling in /src/sys/opencrypto/crypto.c
bin/47888make(1) mishandles empty() inside loops
kern/47879vnd cannot handle disk image larger than 2TiB
kern/47871yds, uhci shared interrupt hangs system on audio access
kern/47864pci bus problems
kern/47859ipfs support in 6.1 is broken -- causes kernel panics
lib/47858libedit widechar version mishandles EOF
kern/47857cgd needs to support underlying disk geometry
lib/47856netbsd-6 clang build fails in lib/libc/thread-stub/thread-stub.c due to function not being declared 'noreturn'
install/47855heap full on second boot, rndseed related
kern/47851kernel panic: callout_softclock(v=0x0) -> nfs_timer(arg=0x0)
bin/47850ipfstat does not list all the rules anymore
kern/47846panic/lockups in raidframe during detach at shutdown
install/47842NetBSD will not install on 'whole disk' if there is something in the MBR it doesn't like
bin/47841pkg_add(1) fails with weird error
bin/47840awk string comparison of integer constant
kern/47830Panic: pmap_pte_spill: victim p-pte (0x1ffcb68)
port-macppc/47819The X -configure command doesn't generate file
kern/47817procfs related panic
bin/47816ifmcstat grovels in kernel memory for ethercoms
kern/47814Boot error - rnd: source "amdpm0" failed continuous-output test
install/47812sysinst source sets fetch should be moved to post-inst config menu
port-arm/47798[arm-netbsdelf] gcc -fipa-sra generates broken binaries
bin/47795ksh(1): unset(1)ting a readonly variable stops evaluation of startup script
kern/47794circular header dependencies force header inclusion order with
kern/47793satapmp crashes MARVELL_NAS
kern/47786usb 3.0 doesn't work
kern/47782intermittent issue with bge(4): ifconfig cannot assign link-local address
port-i386/47781Realtek 802.11n WLAN Adapter, RTL8188CUS stop working with high rf input
install/47774sysinst(8) should handle ptyfs itself
port-sparc/47771possible fatal typo in sparc sbus_bus_addr() function
toolchain/ no longer bombs if run as non-root without -U/-E
kern/47760udav(4) as driver for Kontron (Industrial Computer Source / ICS Advent) DM9601 Fast Ethernet Adapter does not work
bin/47757mktemp(3) mangles the pathname if not given an absolute path
install/47756Not enough inodes to extract the pkgsrc tree with sysinst
install/47755Disklabel failing to create partition in sysinst at second try
kern/47750if_dge does not recognize Intel PRO/10GbE SR adapter
kern/47749NetBSD 6.0 Only Replies to First ICMP Echo (ping)
kern/47748Invalid file on ffs
port-mac68k/47745ap-php install crash
bin/47744netstat -s stops output prematurely when ipsec is not compiled in
misc/47740libexec/httpd rfc3986 encoding of location header
bin/47733su messes with foreground process group
bin/47726The patch(1) man page could use improvements, especially regarding its backup methods [patch included]
port-xen/47720Kernel Panic on dom0 shutdown or reboot when using RAIDframe
install/47719NetBSD install image: post-install: cannot reboot into existing GRUB / missing PPPoE
kern/47717interrupt problem when starting an Acer Labs M5237 USB ohci controller
misc/47694USB WLAN TP-Link TL-WN821N
port-arm/47686Building mysql51-server causes hang/wedge
bin/47685atf test fails to timeout
kern/47682panic in ohci_free_std
bin/47681Suspect code in fsck_ext2fs
port-amd64/47677x86_errata() should be avoided if NetBSD runs as a KVM guest.
kern/47676Off-by-one error in reported CD capacity means last sector cannot be read
bin/47675top(1) man page missing information
kern/47672tmpfs fails to mount
install/47671How do I manually add an extra MBR style disk?
bin/47670mbrlabel's math is off
port-xen/47669X fails to find the video RAM when running on an amd64 DOM0
kern/47665IPF only works by chance on some archs
port-i386/47663Digital PC 3000 running i386 6.0.1 reboots when `shutdown -h now' is executed
kern/47661t_swsensor tests are flaky
kern/47656Broken ZFS tests
kern/47647Marvell Yukon 88E8057 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller not supported by NetBSD-5/NetBSD-6
misc/47645/etc/daily and /etc/security may use wrong pkg_admin
bin/47643nawk close() function does not report errors when closing pipes
port-sgimips/47640System will lock up to keyboard/console and network sessions. Machine is on, console is on. Does not ping.
port-sgimips/47639O2 keyboard: After a period of light activity, keyboard scrambles
port-evbarm/47637Please add Qnap TS-110 support
kern/47634Broadcom BCM57762 Gigabit Ethernet (bge0) does not work anymore
security/47630ssh_host_ecdsa_key is not in /etc/mtree/special
xsrc/47622nv driver hangs with XAA
standards/47616Manuals backdate multibyte functions to ANSI C, though A stands for American (the "big ten inch")
bin/47615security problem with ypserv
lib/47613different structure definition for struct ypmaplist in header files
port-amd64/47609ixpide0:0:0: recal drive fault
bin/47608``var=value func-call'' does not export var in the function (+FIX)
port-i386/47606sleep in interrupt mode after error with USB disk (ahci)
install/47599Cannot boot NetBSD after reinstall
bin/47597local and $() don't play well with each other
lib/47596parsedate() misparses 'last sunday -1 day'
install/47592installation failure - partial boot - piixide0: 0: 0; lost interrupt
install/47583NetBSD sparc64 sysinstall partition "none" translation german
bin/47577Mail(1)/mail(1)/mailx(1) gets stuck when current folder becomes accessible
port-i386/47566kernel ignores root device parameter specified in boot loader
kern/47563test cases do not timeout and hang
toolchain/47562very slow installworld
misc/47559Unknown standard abbreviation `-p1003.1-2008' in fold(1)
bin/47557tmux can be used as a login shell, it should be in /etc/shells
port-macppc/47554NetBSD 6.0.1 last(1) looks busted
lib/47545librt + static libc triggers linker warning
lib/47539libedit EL_PROMPT_ESC literal text does not print in sequence with cooked text
kern/47538races in uatp(4)
kern/47537ALC888 won't play music on audio jack
bin/47529syslogd doesn't correctly follow syslog.conf rules
bin/47527time command sometimes shows garbage in "user" and "sys"
bin/47524make(1) loops in Job_CatchOutput()
install/47513HP DC5850 can't install - can't write MBR
bin/47509ld.elf_so does not expand variables (such as $PLATFORM) in LD_PRELOAD
bin/47505'ping -s' generates wrong sized packets.
toolchain/47503Request automated addition of gfortran to base compiler set
port-xen/47499recent amd64 DOM0 kernel hangs at boot
kern/47498AF_LINK SIOCGLIFADDR would be more useful if it doesn't check sdl_alen
kern/47486XEN3_DOMU diag assert fail
kern/47482kernel panic: possibly vmt0 problem
bin/47476'pgrep -x' now expects full_path to match
lib/47465lack of openssl pkg-config files
port-macppc/47464cannot run older programs (around 2005/2006 time frame) due to undefined symbols _SDA_BASE_ and _SDA2_BASE_
toolchain/47458make stale .depend message should include the path of the depend file
kern/47457link address related ioctls are undocumented
kern/47455ATA TRIM doesn't work on piixide(4)
standards/47454terminfo(5) does not have a capability for terminal/display character set
bin/47453Mail (mail, mailx) does not recognize messages which have RFC 822 format dates.
misc/47450binary files not tagged with -kb
bin/47448makemandb(8) segfaults on certain manpages
kern/47439open() does not check for invalid flags
port-amd64/47437sometimes boot fails with KASSERT(pmap_tlb_pendcount < ncpu)
kern/47435wd_trim doesn't check bounds
kern/47434loading dtrace fails with ENOMEM in a vanilla amd64 kernel
port-i386/47432ddb stack trace from interrupt context randomly fails
kern/47431nanosleep is more like millisleep
bin/47424pkgsrc "make fetch" fails to fetch fotoxx-13.01.tar.gz for graphics/fotoxx
port-vax/47417compiling /usr/pkgsrc/print/web2c (web2c-2012nb3) gives an error on NetBSD-6.0.1 vax
kern/47416Apache segmentation faults/Apache state sokva
lib/47414emacs binary from 2008 dumps core
kern/47413pxeboot_ia32.bin does not hand module load information to the kernel
lib/47402wresize(3) loses window colour attributes
lib/47399menu(3) positions the cursor strange when menu is larger than item array
lib/47398Cursor positioning in a curses form depends on the last refreshed window
lib/47397set_field_back(3) does not set background
bin/47394Mysql daemon does not in boot time
bin/47392Fix a comment in makemandb.c to reflect reality
kern/47390simplify/cleanup satalink(4) device detection
kern/47389lost interrupt messages with viaide(4) and sata atapi device
lib/47384Document return value of realloc(3) when the size parameter is zero
lib/47376libmenu doesn't show menu_mark
bin/47374Possible Integer Overflow in msort.c
bin/47367patch(1) mishandles Oops.rej
bin/47362cron is too restrictive on file permissions
toolchain/47353subtle make (or makefile?) bug in mknative
install/47344NetBSD installation CD failed to boot
kern/47340NFS resend problem with stale NFS file handles
kern/47334NetBSD 6 installation on ThinkPad X24 fails
bin/47333stat -L undocumented behavior
xsrc/47331Xserver crashes on NetBSD/amd64 6.0 with GeForce 210 nVidia
kern/47324ulpt(4) and ulpn(4) loose data
kern/47313dom0 doesn't react on domU's multicast packets
kern/47312ACPI crash on Thinkpad T61
bin/47311rtadvd(8) crashes when RA arrives on a newly created interface
kern/47309NetBSD 5.2 hangs at boot in a QEMU VM when ACPI is enabled.
kern/47307nForce430 sound: high-pitched high-volume monotone squeak
bin/47306awk: segmentation fault (cat -> execute -> array)
xsrc/47305Xorg segfaults when using X font server
bin/47304traceroute6: can't work -s (source IPv6 address to be used) option
bin/47301Miscompilation by bundled GCC
lib/47293innetgr(3) failed to match correctly
kern/47290Boot hangs up (regression in 6.0.0_PATCH since 6.0_RELEASE)
lib/47287libarchive in base is TOO OLD
port-alpha/47285fatal kernel trap when booting NetBSD CD on DEC 3000
security/47278Checksums only for i386 at
toolchain/47273toolchain doesn't respect TMPDIR and uses stupid default
misc/47264Error indexing man pages
bin/47263'lvm lvrename' destroys working logical volume
kern/47258Build kernel failed on identcpu on 5_Stable
kern/47248Using -march=native on Intel I5 causes illegal instructions
kern/47245Add AX88772B support to axe(4), e.g. for DLINK DUB-E100 C1
kern/47236hdaudio/mixer initialization badly wrong on Thinkpad X61s
kern/47231ffs (with or without WAPBL) does not preserve referential integrity of file data and corrupts files when crashing
kern/47229Using multiple bnx interfaces on quadcard makes amd64 systems unresponible
bin/47222"systat syscall" broken
port-i386/47212Enabling ACPI causes hang on boot for HP Proliant DL580 G2
bin/47205expand.1 man page enhancements
kern/47179major issues with i2c locking (iic_acquire_bus/iic_release_bus)
kern/47174Asus EeePC 901: Network reports errors on console
kern/47170wskbd(4) should document what's read(2) from the device
port-arm/47156ETTF doesn't work
bin/47154dd gives strange error on 4095m blocksize
kern/47153Plugging in USB keyboard at "root device:" prompt crashes 6.0
kern/47142usbhidctl vs. SDL et al.
kern/47136encrypting swap is too hard
port-amd64/47133intro(4) is missing
kern/47131"missed microframe, TT reset not implemented, ..." with USB 2.0 hard drive
bin/4712832-bit kdump/ktruss fail on 64-bit kernel
kern/4712732-bit fstat fails on 64-bit kernel
kern/47125i386 wpa_supplicant fails on amd64 kernel
lib/47122libm missing lrintl
bin/47121mailx(1) can be fooled to join messages
lib/47120libc alloca(3) seems to fail
kern/47117lockstat output doesn't show caller of genfs_lock or vn_lock
kern/47115rules for mutex_owned, rw_write_held, &c., are not clear
kern/47114it's too easy to misspell `mutex_owned' as `mutex_owner'
install/47111Impossible to install netbsd 6 on an Alix 2D13
bin/47110wsconsctl(8) parsing bug
toolchain/47105compiling with -pg, linking with -lpthread & without -pg -> core dump
toolchain/47104-pg -lpthread warns about xdr symbols and __findenv
kern/47100IPv6 temporary addresses are broken (RFC 4941/RFC 3041)
xsrc/47099Running NetBSD as vmware workstation guest, starting X hangs when NetBSD is allocated > 1 CPUs
kern/47097ahcisata(4) triggers panic when disk I/O error is caused
misc/47095MKREPRO=yes is unacceptable for releases
kern/47094unknown device acpiwmibus
port-amd64/47093Fragmented memory map panics NetBSD install (VM_PHYSSEG_MAX)
kern/47080E-mobile D02HW is not attached to uhmodem driver
port-arm/47078endless stack trace in gdb.
kern/47077[dM] audio(4) disagrees with the code
misc/47073web site search box doesn't work without javascript
port-macppc/47072Broken threads in macppc
kern/47069posix_spawn/t_spawnattr locks up the system
bin/47065/bin/sh returns success for Bad file descriptor
kern/47062panic: kernel diagnostic assertion "lwpcnt >= 0" failed: file "/usr/src/sys/kern/kern_uidinfo.c", line 217
toolchain/47051gcc-4.5.4 breaks opencv on amd64
bin/47046"top" parameter interpretation wrong
port-i386/47044bootloader can't find kernel
kern/47040renaming mount point panics in namei
kern/47037ciss(4) -- kernel panic
kern/47031firmware download page in bwi(4) isn't reachable
kern/47030Installation stalls during set extraction
bin/47027sasl configuration files missing
kern/47022namecache is confused, particularly for rename and rmdir
port-macppc/470216.0 RC2 sysinst not find any hard disks on Powermac G3 B&W
toolchain/47019Todo: check build knobs MKEXTSRC, MKARZERO, MKMANDOC
misc/47018various rlimits are small for modern machines
port-amd64/47016SCI interrupt storm
misc/47015GIMP README link Secunia problem
kern/47013ipv4+ipv6 carp0 interface is trying to get MASTER status although master is still advertising
kern/47001pf + IPv6 forwarding broken
xsrc/46999"Xorg -query host" segfaults
kern/46997ufs_extattr_uepm_lock() is broken
kern/46988Zombies not exiting
lib/46985sem_post does not validate arguments
kern/46982system crashes with PF
kern/46980genfs rename code failed to call vrele() on special error
kern/46979mount_ptyfs should not need "-o chroot" or "-c" flag
bin/46978internal compiler error building qt4-libs
kern/46976Fix compiler warning about pointer conversion
port-xen/46975sysutils/xentools41 xend doesn't start
port-sgimips/46958sgimips ip32: hard drive parameters incorrect (way too small - no room to install)
kern/46955process deadlock (tstile) runing amanda sendsize - rename bug in tmpfs ???
kern/46952VM page allocation is borked
port-macppc/46951bm0 not connecting. Powerbook G3 PDQ
port-i386/469496.0_RC1 Xorg failure with Radeon X3000 card
lib/46948squids pam_auth segfaults in pam_start
lib/46943editline(3): add EL_RESTART_READ.
misc/46937Lots of broken syspkgs
lib/46935editline(3) (libedit): faulty errno handling, faulty reuse of val in wrong context
kern/46931Lock-up at resume apparently due usb(4)
kern/46929SD micro in SD adapter does not work
misc/46928nand(9) man page doesn't exist
kern/46927audio(4) doesn't attache to HDMI hdaudio
kern/46918i386/6.0_BETA6 crash in pr_find_pagehead
port-i386/46916Wireless network adapter is not recognized (not configured)
kern/46913Built-in keyboard not working on Fujistu-Siemens Amilo A1650G
install/46905Download path for 6.0 RC1 likely to confuse
kern/46900can't receive packets on wm interface
lib/46899memory leak in libutil - getfsspecname()
kern/46897procfs uses too small a buffer for /proc/cpuinfo (or, I have too many cores)
kern/46896iSCSI initiator ccb_pool gets corrupted
kern/46895raidframe autoconfiguration cannot handle layered devices
port-i386/46893sysinst(8) sets up an invalid disk layout
kern/46892panic on `raidctl -u raid0' during reconstruction
port-i386/46884Compaq Armada E500 not booting 6.0 RC1
kern/46883wsdisplay(4) documentation needs improvements
bin/46881extra "UCode version: ?" output on some archs.
kern/46879panic in reboot 5_1_STABLE in dkwedge - dead-lock detected
lib/46878connection to some https site using openssl causes freeze
kern/46874missing newline in printout for MFI controler if no subtype is present
kern/46872mtrr_i686.c may access uninitialized data
kern/46870acpi support for panasonic toughbook computers.
kern/46868usb - hid_is_collection matching problems.
kern/46864compile warnings in 5_1_STABLE in sys/dev/pci_subr.c
port-xen/46836cannot change memory in domU via balloon
kern/46820Wrong include paths for modules.
lib/46818Replace malloc with calloc in fts.c
port-i386/468086.0_BETA2 install crashes on VIA VT6202 detection
lib/46793Can not compile libterminfo
bin/46790Error delivering mails to msgs(1)
bin/46786tar can not archive "old" files
bin/46784the dashes used for command options don't work
port-i386/46783Boot hang on install CD
port-alpha/46776NetBSD alpha crashes with Delock 81940 multifunction PCI card
lib/46773librpc segfaults when out of memory
bin/46770named dies with an assertion failure in rdata.c
port-i386/46769sysinst is not clear on filesystem type change
kern/46767struct kauth_cred bypasses the C type system
port-i386/46763Standby on IBM Thinkpad X41 does not work anymore
kern/46761"bad tag" message on console when running old binary
bin/46758mdnsd uses the IP address
install/46753INSTALL documents should mention how to use USB images
lib/46751arc4random_addrandom(3) always reinitializes
toolchain/46750make oddity expanding variables assigned to with +=
kern/46749Accessing to ld0 at sdmmc0 causes kernel panic on NetBSD/i386 current
port-xen/46742kernel panic on NetBSD/amd64 XEN3_DOMU on Citrix XenServer
install/46741Network Configuration for default gateway cannot be changed
kern/46736Keyboard and/or mouse do not work with UHCI and OHCI enabled, mouse still does not work with OHCI
kern/46734pool crash on module unload
lib/46731terminfo.db not present
bin/46730Improve mount_nilfs.8 (-current, netbsd-6)
bin/46729tcpdump does not read all buffered packets on Ctrl-C
kern/46728rnd device in conf/std
misc/46726soelim.html and soelim.1 get wrong size and hash in etc/mtree/set.text
lib/46723proplib: new prop_array_add_cstring{,_nocopy} util funcs
kern/46722rump_nfs dies and crashes the kernel
lib/46717libquota(3) enhancements
port-vax/46715Relocation in .text section in vax does not work
port-powerpc/46711Generating a gpg2 key causes a "user PGM trap" kernel loop
kern/46706Move macro into _KERNEL block.
port-atari/46702port-atari sysinst networking configuration doesn't support dhcp
kern/46697netbsd-6 crash with IPF and ipv6
kern/46683netbsd-6/amd64 cd0 hanging after burning
port-i386/46680pxeboot's command_help lacks options
kern/46668wm reconfigures losing carrier when MTU is set.
lib/46661libpthread shouldn't provide __res_state()
lib/46659feenableexcept and fedisableexcept return too many bits on x86
kern/46657PPS stops working on ntpd restart
kern/46648disconnecting usb mouse crashes system
port-atari/46647Menu borders in sysinst appear as characters with diacritical marks instead of graphics characters
install/46646sysinst should configure fetch-pkg-vulnerabilities automatically if you choose to install pkgsrc
bin/46642When makemandb has an error, it doesn't say what the error is.
port-atari/46640Uninitialized variable on line 995 of /sys/netinet6/ip6_output.c breaks build
kern/46638auvia0 stalls boot on Everex laptop booting from USB
kern/46633create clone network interface without unit
bin/46631apropos always returns error
install/46628Source sets missing on CD lead to install error
kern/46626EROFS enforcement in namei breaks union mounts
kern/46624endianess issue in iscsi-target and/or LUN handling bug in iscsi module
kern/46623iscsi attaches a scsibus, but fails to enumerate LUNs with certain target
port-sparc64/46619init dies on Sun Fire V240, NetBSD 6.0_BETA2 (GENERIC)
kern/46616Copy, echo, cat to /dev/ttyU0 ends badly, with "cp: /dev/ttyU0: Invalid argument"
bin/46615vi(1) dumps core when paging around with large tabstop sizes
bin/46613syslogd is broken
kern/46602rfc6056 sysctl names are odd
kern/46600Kernel panic when interrupting process reading from pad(4)
kern/46596ehci interrupt storm
kern/46592lib/libc/sys/t_mmap cause kernel panic
kern/46584/proc/[pid]/task doesn't work
port-amd64/46581Continuous pthread_create may fail on amd64
xsrc/46578HAVE_LLVM differences when building xsrc
kern/46574wsfb/genfb: single user boot sets the wrong colour palette if SPLASHSCREEN
bin/46564yppush pushes map to himself triggering an error message each time
misc/46558Request addition of Indian locales
kern/46557sys/syslog.h can't be compiled on its own with -D_KERNEL
kern/46547umass: sd crashes when synchronizing cache while trying to suspend
kern/46545pad(4):Support for fullduplex playback/recording polling and nonblocking mode
lib/46542date does not work too welll far in the future.
misc/46540NetBSD release torrent/ISO names are too generic
kern/46539Kernel messages: sysctl to change verbosity
kern/46536some sysctl are incorrectly defined
port-sparc/46530Install failure of NetBSD/sparc 5.1.2 and 6.0_BETA2 on qemu-1.0.1 and 1.1.0
kern/46529ntfs-3g appears to be rate-limited
kern/46528kernel diagnostic assertion "rt != rt->rt_gwroute" failed: file "/usr/src/sys/net/route.c", line 860
kern/4652688SE6101 Single Port PATA133 Controller driver missing
kern/46524ubt prevents computer from shutting down.
kern/46523kqueue descriptors can not be passed via SCM_RIGHTS anx. messages
kern/46522wscons: deleting a screen causes kernel crash
bin/46513kdump segfaults
install/46512sysinst: installation of binary packages cannot be revised
lib/46501Failure in fpurge.
xsrc/46495Xorg -configure fails with radeon
kern/46494cgd doesn't work on disk with 4K (read: non-512 byte) sector size
kern/46493pullup request for files to support SuYin webcam
kern/46488Feature suggestion for "dmesg" output
port-i386/46486cannot boot install image (cannot mount root)
install/46483need targetroot/etc/resolv.conf for pkgin install
install/46482wrong directory to pkgsrc tarball in sysinst
toolchain/46476on i386, gdb silently fails to set a breakpoint on PaX-MPROTECTed binary
bin/46467df reports 8 times what it otherwise does when used with -P flag
port-amd64/46465netbsd-5 branch no longer boots as KVM guest
kern/46464lib/librumphijack/t_tcpip:ssh test case randomly fails
kern/46462Hang trying to run a disklabel on an inserted USB flash drive
port-sparc64/46461Sun E450 drops to DDB on boot of 6.0_BETA
lib/46456xmalloc.c issue (after xfree(cp), cp is used in irealloc())
bin/46455/bin/sh: set -C breaks 2>/dev/null redirection
misc/46447No documentation for kernel sockets - socreate sobind soclose etc.
toolchain/46438Can't build NetBSD netbsd-6/amd64 on Linux/x86_64
bin/46436ipfilter ipv6 route-to issue
lib/46434tests/lib/libm/t_cosh should not depends on exp()
lib/46433tests/lib/libm/t_exp should not use exp() itself
lib/46426LZF_STATE_ARG incompatibility
bin/46423dhcpcd does not send hostname to server, even if requested to do.
port-sgimips/46417NetBSD 5.1.2 netbsd-INSTALL32_IP2x panics on SGI Challenge S
kern/46415sensor_battery gets unsupported power events
bin/46414default setting for groff's devps device should be changed
bin/46411isdnd(8) crashes if dialout failed
kern/46409orphaned vmnet char-device defintion in 5.1.2
kern/46407iavc driver and i4b parts does not compile an amd64 - 64-bit-Problem
bin/46404isdnd will fail to setup muitiple controller and dumps core wiht '-P'
bin/46403isdnd.rc manual dos not describe rtprio and tinainitproc keywords
kern/46400kernel crash (ptsopen ... kauth_cred_getdata -> specificdata_getspecific -> mutex_vector_enter)
bin/46398rpc.yppasswdd creates spwd.db and pwd.db even if not required and may run into problems
port-xen/46396failure started pci passthrough
port-i386/46395Modified i386 FP context after signal delivery and context switch
kern/46394wsmouse - button remapping.
kern/46391ums.c doesn't support digitizers or touchscreens
kern/46386BCM57781 doesn't connect to the network on Asrock X79 Extreme4-M motherboard
toolchain/46385gcc internal error compiling boost-libs on sparc64
kern/46379kernel panics with wsvt25 console-only system
kern/46376genfb_pci takes over serial console when it attaches.
kern/46369Change type of variable rv.
kern/46365alc can't relink after cable disconnect
port-amd64/46353NetBSD installation CD not able to boot
port-amd64/46352Monitor and keyboard don't work under X
port-amd64/46335Laptop freezes randomly, ever since early 2011
port-macppc/46334ohci(4) can apparently be brought down by some USB devices
kern/46328Switching an interface into and out of promiscuous mode locks up amd64 netbsd-6 system.
bin/46327sh background commands have old return value
port-macppc/46319fpsetmask(3) bugs
toolchain/46315share/zoneinfo make install installs files repeatedly
toolchain/46314UUDECODE_FILES rebuilds files unconditionally
port-sgimips/46312sgimips port will only report up to 128MB of physical memory on IP20, and up to 256MB on IP22
port-sgimips/46311sys/arch/sgimips/dev/imc.c refers to uninitialized mach_boardrev variable
misc/46307/usr/ pkgsrc fails due to unknown compression
kern/46305RFC6056 implementation looks incorrect
kern/46304TCP can incorrectly update the advertised window (tp->snd_wnd)
port-alpha/46301log(3) bugs with positive infinity
install/46298SWAP space pushing past disk geometry during system installation
kern/462916.0_BETA kernel crash: intr_biglock_wrapper -> fxp_intr
install/46287Sysinst halts at root: when booting ISO from PATA DVD drive
kern/46285ixpide0:0:0: piomode error (0xff)
lib/46278gcc -pg with pthread does not work on 6.0_BETA/i386
bin/46277racoon failed to parse conf file
kern/46275Kernel panics on heavy use, kevent / pipes related?
port-sparc64/46274sparc64 running netbsd 32bit code causes a lot of cores
port-xen/46263some programs don't work in xen3pae-domU (segv et al.)
toolchain/46261NetBSD 6.0_BETA and -current build fails in tools on some Linux systems
install/46258sysinst doesn't work with wedges/gpt
install/46257sysinst complains about missing libkrb5 when setting password
bin/46255apropos(1) sometimes report unrelated results
port-amd64/46253vnconfig -u paniced machine
port-vax/46251processes hang on iowait
kern/46248kevent won't return when kqueue is being closed
port-i386/462476.0 Beta boot fails on generic i386 architecture machine
kern/46246tmpfs does not support sparse files (!?)
kern/46243i386: scrollback buffer dissappears and is not consistent
kern/46240options(4) and/or ddb(4) should mention ddb_vgapost
kern/462396.0 BETA build failure (USE_FORT=yes)
kern/46235beating on ftruncate kills the system
bin/46231installing pkgs as unpriv. user (using su) causes errors from tset
bin/46228bootloader can't load kernel on Dell 2850
port-i386/46227Opera shows garbage in Google mail
bin/46226underscore character ignored at the end of password
kern/46225printing to /dev/lpt0 hangs in lptwrite(), probably lptwrite2
kern/46224kernel crash: fatal page fault in kernfs_readdir()
install/46222NetBSD 6.0 Beta Installer - errors and request for improvements
bin/46219crontab changes do not take effect on the following minute
bin/46213cvs import does not accept -F message-file option
kern/46212netbsd-6 doesn't work on FITPC2I
toolchain/46204Cross compiling amd64 tools on arm linux fails
kern/46198ichlpcib watchdog is not reset
kern/46192NetBSD 6.0 Beta amd64 Installation failure in RAID mode with single disk
kern/46186SIGKILL to a debugged process while exiting hits KASSERT((ksi->ksi_flags & KSI_QUEUED) == 0)
misc/46185man pages fail in single user mode
kern/46184wsfb/genfb screen not centred and leaves a line of text at the top of the screen.
kern/46180stale NFS file handles during create/write operations
bin/46178makemandb(8) crashes while indexing manual pages
kern/46176netbsd-5 failed to cross-compiled on gentoo hardened with gcc-4.5.X but compiled fine with gcc-4.4.X
port-sandpoint/46162The 5.1.2 installation package is corrupted, like other files in the directory
lib/46161stacksize setup vs. rump unresolved
bin/46158find(1) lies
kern/46149Multiboot man page does not mention how to boot with Grub2 ( patch included )
kern/46148tmpfs causes cvs corruption
bin/46142The cpio(1), pax(1) and tar(1) manpages need improvement
bin/46139irregularities in backslash handling in make
kern/46132spurious EINTRs from nfs
kern/46128Use after free type problems in fork1()
kern/46118pppoe(4) via axe(4) triggers locking-related panic
bin/46115make: bug in :M (dash inside [])
kern/46114Recording problem with hdaudio on ICH8 with 6.0 BETA
port-xen/46105mmu_update panics with 3.1
kern/46099Disk I/O slowness on Dell R310 + SAS6/iR
port-vax/46098/boot compiled with gcc 4.5.3 does not work
port-amd64/46094cpu0 timer sometimes far off
kern/46083gem(4) is broken on NetBSD 6_BETA (macppc)
install/46082Partition editor should be aware of firmware limits
bin/46081new apropos claims 'n' as invalid section
kern/46076ukphy(4) in conjunction with axe(4) doesn't work properly on 5.99.65/macppc
bin/46067savecore man page fails to document kernel fakery
kern/46063Locking problem in ttwrite with tty_lock
lib/46059libedit readline doesn't reset el_infile/el_outfile
kern/46053Diagnostic assertion "oldsize != VSIZENOTSET || pgend > oldsize" failed in uvm/uvm_vnode.c
kern/46050Reader/writer lock error: rw_vector_enter: locking against myself
port-macppc/46041Kernel modules don't work (missing symbol uvmexp_pagesize)
port-ia64/46039pmap_kremove() seems to ignore size
toolchain/46033gcc miscompiles tcl config test
kern/46031kernel crash: fatal page fault in supervisor mode on AWS/xen
port-alpha/46028gdb do not identify main() frame for core analysis
kern/46026can't use multiple exports(5) lines for a filesystem
bin/46023Add -S pidfile option to newsyslog(8)
port-xen/46013kernel crash in uvm_pagermapin() on MP Xen instance
misc/46012particularly unhelpful documentation
bin/45994ld(1) warnings when building profiling binaries
lib/45989libc lint invocation does include -w only on i386
install/45976incomplete sysinst msg translations
install/45972sysinst source sets menu seems confusing
bin/45955sed(1) fails to append newline after 'c' command
kern/45948dk(4) on raid(4) will panic with lock error if mounted when halting (netbsd-5)
kern/45938USB keyboard does not work when booting with -d on amd64
kern/45935Requested change to comments in sys/param.h
bin/45933fsck_ffs can't find wapbl journal on 4k-block disks
kern/45928Random freeze and interrupt/system storms (netbsd-5/amd64 and -current/amd64)
kern/45917Unsupported VT6415 PCIE IDE single-channel controller
kern/45904piixpm(4) does not support rescan / child_detach
kern/45903ath supports Atheros 9285, but presents timeout messages
kern/45899iwn Intel Centrino Wireless-N 1030 not working
kern/45896usb keyboard broken in ddb
lib/45893rbtree api improvment proposal
kern/45876panic: kernel diagnostic assertion "sb->sb_mbtail == NULL" failed
kern/45862more hdaudio/mixer failure data in -current
port-m68k/45857undefined ref to __fixxfsi in code compiled with -m68040
kern/45854vnode clean list corruption?
kern/45851kernel crash at ibm x3850 - est driver in rdmsr
kern/45846pf(4) re-directs broken
port-atari/45844Installer should not install bootblocks when using AHDI partitions
kern/45833Occasional crash of 5.99.59: SPL NOT LOWERED ON TRAP EXIT
toolchain/45831devel/libffi-3.0.9 fails it's test on m68k (atari)
port-xen/45830reading :dev/mem panics an i386 domU
install/45804Not install mans with MKMANZ=yes & MLINKS
install/45798sysinst upgrade needs to handle X in /usr/X11R7 as well as /usr/X11R6
port-hppa/45787sti(4) has no X11 support
kern/45781syscall_establish can't add a new syscall
kern/45776audio freezes on when skipping audio on btsco with mplayer sun audio output
kern/45770there should be a ddb command to wake up a lwp
kern/45764ifconfig stf0 destroy caused a panic
bin/45749disklabel(8) uses wrong boundaries for several values, destroys disklabels
kern/45748esiop fails with DEBUG kernels
kern/45745ath0 hostap panics with ifconfig ath0 mode 11g
kern/45734performance regression for sequential/random creation of files, as well as stat(2) (ffs fs)
kern/45733some updates and recommended corrections for pcidevs
port-xen/45728NetBSD/xen loses network connectivity
port-amd64/45724panic: pci_mem_find: bad 64-bit request
kern/45711integrity properties of file systems are badly documented
port-amd64/45710domu xennet0 can not bridge correctly
kern/45709tmpfs size went nuts
kern/45708Unable to read big files from large FFSv2 (12TB), ls out of swap
kern/45707call ddb_vgapost stopped working
kern/45700/chroot/proc/mounts exposes out-of-chroot pathnames
bin/45690"atf-report -o xml" can generate malformed XML
bin/45686rump_server & rump.powerd LOCKDEBUG panic
bin/45682indent improvements from pg_bsd_indent
bin/45681[dM] ps's -k option doesn't accept "command" or "comm"
bin/45679aggravating behavior of rc scripts
bin/45678cdplay produces no sound
kern/45676ffs/wapbl problems
kern/45675'ifconfig intf netmask 0xnnnnnnnn' silently fails
kern/45652cdplay doesn't work
kern/45648Powering off unmounted SATA disk panics
kern/45647kill from ddb broken
bin/45639STARTTLS fails sometimes with builtin OpenSSL
port-shark/45637igsfb on Shark doesn't reset the cursor block when exiting X mode
kern/45634hardclock_ticks corner cases in vflushnext() et al
kern/45626System time does not advance correctly when noatime is specified for /var
toolchain/45620MAKEDEV failures remains unoticed in miniroot build
install/45611[dM] suggests nonworking postinstall usage
kern/45609Newly installed systems are failing
port-i386/45596i386 -current cd-rom image unable to boot into sysinst
xsrc/45594xinput(1) is incomprehensible
kern/45588Switching many pthreads causes segv
lib/45587rewind(3) errno lossage
port-sparc/45580paths(3) test failures on sparc
lib/45579libfetch fetch(3) manpage with wrong summaries
port-amd64/455755.1/amd64 doesn't run on certain AMD-equiped HP Server hardware (BL465c G7)
kern/45571lfs_vnops.c: redundant unlock and lock
toolchain/45560Unable to cross build HEAD kernel on MacOS X 10.7
kern/45539add support for getrusage(2) memory size statistics
xsrc/45533DGA with "Radeon 9200PRO 5960" crashes or freezes base-X11 (XOrg)
kern/45531otus(4) unstable
kern/45529ohci: scheduling overruns
kern/45528ral(4) unstable
bin/45514MAKEDEV doesn't create /dev/tty20 and over
kern/45505bge0 does not not clear its routes when downed
kern/45504A user large file write on fast sata drives can cause a kernel panic
kern/45502Panic configuring vnconfig or cgd
kern/45496vbetool fails after kernel upgrade and screen off when re-opened
port-i386/45494bge0 watchdog timeout
kern/45492buffer leak in cgd(4) (possibly not cgd's fault)
install/45488install of 5.1.0_PATCH fails
port-sparc/45480apc(4) is not documented
kern/45477cannot change audio volume on 5.99.55 (GENERIC)
toolchain/ tools fails on OpenBSD/i386 4.9
bin/45453add /etc/cron.d functionality
bin/45446cvs init command is not documented
kern/45445cxgb(4) is undocumented
port-amiga/45443No gzip binary for AmigaOS on NetBSD/Amiga ISO for unzipping miniroot.fs.gz
kern/45441aio_write and aio_read connected to one pipe don't make progress
standards/45435PTHREAD_KEYS_MAX et al. missing in
kern/45426better logging for core dumps and process termination, including full core pathname
kern/45424TIOCCONS should not allow ordinary users to redirect consoles which are not tagged CN_INTERNAL
kern/45420kernel should verify both /dev/constty and /dev/console
misc/45418There's no ntp.conf manpage in NetBSD 5.1
bin/45417lint(1) in c99 mode do not understand declarations anywhere in blocks
kern/45415ptyfs crashes -current
kern/45411Kingston DataTraveler G3 and sd0: unable to open device, error = 5
kern/45407extent_alloc_region panic during boot (ohci problem?)
kern/45393core dumps are unilaterally prevented by unmounted cwd or MNT_NOCOREDUMP even if corename will be valid
port-amd64/45391pow(3) wrong result for x = 0.0 and y < 0
bin/45390more sh/$PWD follies
port-i386/45374-current tools using machine-local CPU CFLAGS overriding mk.conf
lib/45372A bug in pow(3)
bin/45365csh's time builtin doesn't work in pipelines
lib/45362corner case floating point bugs (qemu?)
bin/45356make .SILENT doesn't work with "-j"
port-arm/45354no character is put in the read-ahead buffer in a console code of arch/arm/imx/imxuart.c
kern/45353booting with -x on netbsd-current amd64 panics.
kern/45350acpi errors on dell pe1850 with -current
kern/45342bwi driver not working on broadcom wifi card 4313
kern/45338smbfs: unmount hang at shutdown
install/45335postinstall: obsolete libs: use distribution sets
kern/45334aio(3) fails with more than request when one of them blocks, or, aio(3) is only asynchronous for one single request
port-sparc/45316Raster console locks up executing top on a SparcStation 2
port-sparc/45314Spurious mouse button events under X11 on a SparcStation 2
kern/45313panic(9) is too fatal
port-mips/45311ldd doesn't work on n32 binaries on mips64el
port-mips/45309gdb doens't understand native format (N32) on mips64
port-sparc/45306Formatting a floppy doesn't work on SparcStation 2 under NetBSD 5.1
kern/45305umount says device busy without any process having current directory in the mount or file open
kern/45297wscons ioctls are not compat_netbsd32 friendly
lib/45288tsearch()/tfind()/tdelete() shall accept key=NULL
kern/45277vfsops(9) and internals guide miss several functions; XXX cleared for internals guide
lib/45266krb5-config causes namespace pollution (NetBSD 5, NetBSD 4, and probably HEAD)
port-sparc/45255GCC 4.5.3 and sparc re-triggers the NULL savefpstate IPI issue
kern/45254gnu tar broken by half baked *at extensions
kern/45251Kernel panic on nfs server - panic: tcp_reass_lock
kern/45250Builtin modules cannot be unloaded
kern/45249compat_netbsd32 doesn't support aio(3)
bin/45237psrset(8) ignores setid arguments for -i
bin/45226add make(1) option to reverse/randomize sequences between .WAIT
kern/45215physio/directio doesn't dirty pages
port-amd64/45197primary bootstrap can't load secondary from hard drive
port-macppc/45186install quirk documentation
bin/45182"cvs init" refuses to create a cvs repository locally
kern/45179NetBSD disklabel does not support devices larger 2 TByte
kern/45173Panic at startup with 2x QLA104x SCSI
bin/45162raidctl does not complain on unsupported setup (RAID 1 with >2 components)
port-i386/451608259 PICs need to be masked when switching to IOAPIC
misc/45155there are no usb-stick installer images
kern/45151fs corruption in ufs_rmdir
port-pmax/45147loading kernel overwrites loader during load
lib/45146sigwait() cancellation point
kern/45145SMP cpu time accounting bug
kern/45139bugs in ACPI(CA) serialization
kern/45125Kernel object loader can't detect duplication of global symbol
kern/45117cpuctl nointr 0 freezes my box
bin/45112cgdconfig can return -1 from main
port-xen/45108xend process doesn't obey SIGTERM
lib/45105readdir() in FUSE implementations only called once
kern/45099rump rename does not work for syscalls with different args
toolchain/45098Cross build on Mac OS X 10.7.0 fails
bin/45096look at various compiler warning workarounds from GCC 4.5
kern/45093kernel deadlock between TCP and UVM involving callouts
kern/45090missing callout_ack in sleepq code
bin/45084csh's "shift", applied to "path", doesn't update $PATH
kern/45081"ath0: device timeout", then wifi connection is dropped momentarily
port-emips/45080emips GENERIC kernel doesn't boot
bin/45072fsck_ext2fs dosn't work well with ext2fs's without alternate superblocks
kern/45060hpet(4) is only a timecounter(9)
kern/45057kqueue_scan race
bin/45056sort -f works incorrectly with utf-8 locale
kern/45053priority queue support for workqueue(9)
bin/45049The HPN patch for OpenSSH breaks on SOCKS proxies
kern/45037Content of net.bpf.peers is available to non-root via fstat(1)
kern/45034Satalink driver downgrades from DMA to PIO 4 from soft errors (sandpoint/PowerPc)
misc/45029Mount fails inside pnullfs hierarchy
bin/45027make: yacc/mkdep build race
kern/45022wpi0 on pci0 generates error message, could not lock memory, and not works
install/44982gpt partition on raid on gpt not bootable
kern/44980ums(4): Z-axis not working for Microsoft Comfort Mouse 6000(+fix)
lib/44977strnvis(3) incompatibility
kern/44972raidctl -R doesn't seem to work
kern/44969vmem_xalloc() don't search best-fit free segment in spite of VMEM_BESTFIT
kern/44962IPSEC/FAST_IPSEC and racoon does not work reliable with Windows 7 Clients
lib/44960Some C++ (boost) program core dumps
bin/44958dig(8) busy-loops
misc/449432002::/16 (6to4) addresses are preferred over native IPv6 transport
xsrc/44942certain generated xsrc files don't rebuild
bin/44941racoon droppes pfkey messages -> timeout
port-sparc64/44933The ffb(4) driver does not implement the SPLASHSCREEN option
toolchain/44930gdb fails to build when statically linked on sparc
install/44925base install doesn't come with a few things that'd be really really useful
standards/44921 needs updating
port-i386/44920Hangs on attempting to install on VIA EPIA-M Mini-ITX
lib/44915getaddrinfo() error code usage
kern/44911machfb broken on Mach64 GX
kern/44907crash due to race in ehci.c
kern/44903Error in x86/ieeefp.h
port-mips/44899inconsistent ifdef in mips/pmap.c
kern/44897bge initialization/run failures
port-macppc/44896Kernel seems unable to initialize screen on boot
port-macppc/44895ofwboot.xcf from current cannot boot system
kern/44893igphy driver won't negotiate 1000baseTX on 85276 MAC.
lib/44888[patch] libedit read.c: fix logic
kern/44885Missinf check of scb.
lib/44880libfetch does not handle "307 Temporary Redirect" correctly
kern/44874Firewire broken: too many cycle lost, no cycle master present?
kern/44873Note that FILEASSOC is needed for veriexec in sparc - fix included
lib/44859nexttowardf() and nexttowardl() not implemented
lib/44858CLI fails for the first time if the input character length is greater than 1024. From next time onwards it passes.
bin/44856am-utils: dirmask for pcfs doesn't work
bin/44855bad dependancies in usr.sbin/crash
lib/44854bad dependancies in lib/csu
port-atari/44849ENOMEM loading winbindd, smbd on Atari
toolchain/44848ideas for enhancing the toolchain tests
kern/44845RUMP_MEMLIMIT crashes rump_ffs
kern/44843IPSEC in kernel make IPPROTO_ESP and IPPROTO_AH unusable
bin/44837Show xfail conditions in test failure messages
toolchain/44834Building on Solaris, sh problem: empty for loop
misc/44811NetBSD WWW hardware support list should split out NICs by network type
kern/44809strange vclean() crash
lib/44793src/lib/libpuffs doesn't work on __MACHINE_STACK_GROWS_UP machines
bin/44781units(1) currency conversions are not dynamic or updated
standards/44777NetBSD lacks AI_ADDRCONFIG and others
install/44774Install CD not working properly on system with raid as /
lib/44768sched_rr_get_interval(3) should fail with invalid PID
misc/44767floating point support broken in QEMU
kern/44761More autoconf(9) functions should be documented
kern/44759CFATTACH_DECL* macros should be better documented
lib/44756pthread_cond_timedwait() sometimes returns error code 3 (ESRCH)
kern/44751mount_udf panics netbsd-5
lib/44749ssp tests break when built with -g
port-xen/44746NetBSD 5.99.48 DomU crashes on using fdisk. (Xen 4, linux 2.6.32 Dom0 with pvops)
install/44744QEMU network and install
bin/44733[PATCH] Have test/[ accept "==" as a synonym for "="
bin/44722ls(1) behaves incorrectly with a low descriptor limit
kern/44712wscons VT switching gets wedged
bin/44711pax should be able to handle file size greater than 8GB - I am using ustar format
lib/44707libedit does not allow for non-blobking operation
kern/44706USB mouse does not attach at boot
kern/44697tcp_output maxburst seems broken with tso
port-i386/44694kernel: supervisor trap page fault, VirtualBox 4.0.4 r70112 on Ubuntu 10.04 amd64
bin/44688ntpd tries to use unusable IPv6 addresses
kern/44687patch to support the NXP PCA9544A I2C bus multiplxer
kern/44677NetBSD-5 pad(4) output always 2-channel
kern/44675Changing link level address on "tlp" card, while up, hangs machine (PCI/i386)
bin/44672syslogd has no option to specify source port
kern/44670audio output doesn't work on my MacBook1,1
kern/44669`boot -c' doesn't work on my MacBook1,1
lib/44660sysconf(3) plays badly with modules autoloading
kern/44658spurious chroot escape warning
kern/44654No sound with hdaudio(4) and hdaudioctl(8) panic (Realtek ALC260)
kern/44652'gpt destroy' panics
kern/44651mountd panics nullfs on large disk
kern/44650www/opera from pkgsrc has unimplemented ioctl and eventually crashes
kern/44634Microsoft Natural Mouse 6000 wheel does not work and sends strange keys
kern/44630rgephy(4) likes auto-negotiation too much
kern/44629tmpfs filesystem doesn't obey -s size argument
kern/44624Improved DM9000 Ethernet Driver
lib/44618rump_etfs should support disk(9)
install/44616Signed int overflow in the installer when 2TB drive is being partitioned (can be worse soon)
kern/44614Port brcm80211 driver from Linux to NetBSD
toolchain/44613Tools pick up gsed from pkgsrc if installed
lib/44603editline el_gets drops many UTF-8 characters
lib/44601libedit does not properly handle right-to-left languages
lib/44600libedit does not properly handle UTF-8 when glyphs are multiple Unicode characters
kern/44594kernel zlib reports false errors on decompression
kern/44585uaudio panic while attaching GN 2000 USB
kern/445825.1's /sbin/sysctl fails to understand time_t and bool on current kernels
port-i386/44581MacBook1,1 won't resume after suspend
kern/44573rtk0 and iwi0 start failing during high traffic on rtk0
bin/44571startup script display annoyances
kern/44570brazilian keyboard layout
install/44569sysinst doesn't understand dkwedges
xsrc/44565X works for about thirty seconds and then freezes on my MacBook1,1
port-i386/44562boot loader's `boot' command doesn't try netbsd.old &c.
lib/44560libtre misbehaves on regular expressions beginning with *
toolchain/44557MKSTATICLIB=no seems broken
xsrc/44551i915 and i965 DRI doesn't work with latest MesaLib
lib/44549apache1 crashes with segmentation fault cause of changes in libc between 2010-30-11 and 2011-05-02
lib/44545Argument to INSERT_WORDS in nexttoward.c is wrong.
kern/44536struct syn_cache is too big
bin/44516ssh crashes when it receives malformed packet
bin/44514Buffer underflow in RPC library for non-blocking TCP sockets
kern/44511cleanup in pf_osfp.c .
kern/44508[dM] ICMP_UNREACH_NEEDFRAG uses wrong mtu
kern/44506ieee80211_match_bss matches all different SSIDs of the identical length
kern/44504kernel panics when dding some block sizes to USB flash drives at sd0
kern/44499Keyboard not always recognized on Aspire One A110
bin/44498[dM] tar(1) unnecessarily demands that getcwd() work
bin/44497atf-report does not handle ^M
kern/44484No output with hdaudio(4) on MacBook(4,1)
kern/44481bwi(4) does not support phy
kern/44473(FAST-)IPSEC processing comsumes too much CPU in interrupt processing
bin/44466savecore tries to save NULL kernel -> clear of core-flag fails
kern/44463FAST_IPSEC may send icmp-error message for expanded IPCOMP-tunnel packets
toolchain/ fails to build when /tmp is mounted noexec
xsrc/44456/usr/X11R7/lib/X11/xkb/compiled should be empty directory
kern/44448radeondrm(4) lacks audio support
kern/44433rtk cannot program a new MAC address
kern/44430can't load solaris.ko
kern/44424IP_IPSEC_POLICY is set-option only - get-option not active
kern/44423ALTQ uses own option for IPSEC - should use IPSEC and/or FAST_IPSEC
lib/44420libfetch does not call SSL_free on SSL connections
kern/44417kernel faults immediately after/during hardware detection
port-mac68k/44413INSTALL and INSTALLSBC kernels fail to boot on LCIII
port-i386/444095.1/i386 panics in halt -p
kern/44403TUN_PREPADDR works only with AF_INET
kern/44402kernel crash: page fault in supervisor mode in netbsd:filt_piperead
xsrc/44391Different DRM headers between kernel and userland
port-powerpc/44387some pthread mutex tests fail on ppc platforms
kern/44378uprintf() get lost in rump kernel
kern/44376wm interface 82574 on Supermicro X8SIL (with Xeon L3406) -> kernel deadlock
kern/44374bridge to interface with checksum offloading causes the interface to stop working
kern/44366ACPI poweroff doesn't work
kern/44362USB port n reset failed
port-i386/44361PCI_INTR_FIXUP broken in -current
kern/44360Booting on a Tyan motherboard with dual Xeon, under Xen, crashes
bin/44347sh does not respect editrc
kern/44335cmdbuf too short in m41st84.c.
bin/44327modular tests are not skipped for securelevel != 0(?)
misc/44311/etc/protocols entry for manet - alias == name
kern/44307sysvbfs has problems with ftruncate()
bin/44303/bin/cpio doesn't accept combination of options '-i -t'
port-amd64/44287xorg hangs acer aspire on NetBSD 5.1
bin/44286Partition size not correctly recognised in lvm / pvcreate
kern/44271modular i386 kernel fails to use 4k-sector disks
misc/44270startup order for ntpdate and named is broken in 5.1
kern/44268device mapper always uses ffs as wedge type
bin/44267LVM devices have wrong permissions
misc/44265Creation of boot image for i386
install/44264sysinstall creates a NetBSD slice that extends past NetBSD partition
kern/44252umounting ntfs-usb-disk after timeouts crashes system
kern/44242Minor but useful improvement to text output from NetBSD debugger
bin/44237atf sh compiler is too lenient
bin/44235lint1 fails when compiling mesa for sparc
bin/44232sort in unique numeric mode failes to distinquish 0 and in 5.1
port-amd64/44231NetBSD 5.1 amd64 don't work correctly on Intel S3200SHL with ACPI
kern/44228Can't use 4G USB flash medium
kern/442275.99.25 misdects CPU frequency
install/44226Vax bootloader doesn't support FFSv2
kern/44224-current double-fault at boot
bin/44218gpt(8) cannot "modify" a partition
port-iyonix/44212Iyonix will not boot a kernel from IDE
kern/44211Problem with pf (kernel freezes)
lib/44208puffs_ops(3) doesn't document advlock
bin/44205resize_ffs does not handle UFS2 file systems
bin/44204resize_ffs(8) problems shrinking 64K blocksize ffsv1 < 1cyl
standards/44202NetBSD lacks some c99 math functions: llroundl() and probably others
kern/44200Machine freeze after huge data transfer
kern/44199lots of "fxp0: device timeout" in 5.99.41
bin/44197atf header and mbuf.h collisions
kern/44192Kernel panic while printing with USB printer
kern/44190Kernel crash when using ioctl(RNDADDDATA) on /dev/random
bin/44188gcov sucks
kern/44187The kernel hangs when entering the debugger
kern/44180reconfigure PCI BARs
bin/44176atf occasionally dies in the middle of a run
misc/44173dump(8) format is not documented
kern/44172Network not working on eeepc
toolchain/ fails with MKATF=no
bin/44164mDNS / zeroconf
port-vax/44155GCC doesn't implement C++ exceptions for VAX
kern/44127bus_space_mmap(9) "int prot" is not documented
lib/44110curses does not support all four playing card suit characters
lib/44109curses does not support full colour
bin/44106Failed build in src/rescue on NetBSD 5.0.2 and 5.1_RC4 (but probably more)
kern/44094proplib has redundant locking
lib/44090proplib has a duplicate RB-tree implementation
kern/44085root device: lost during boot on installation CD(s), input required to continue
port-vax/44084gcc internal compiler error
port-i386/44078i386 crash to BIOS on demand from user mode SIGTRAP
lib/44073libnetpgp: only export the netpgp_* symbols
kern/44070ipf outgoing NAT can panic with divide by zero
kern/44069NetBSD-current hangs during boot under Linux kvm emulation
bin/44061src/sys/gdbscripts/msgbuf doesn't work
kern/44059panic in pf_modulate_sack after receipt of an TCP segment specifying invalid options
port-i386/44044HBA error while plug-in USB microSD Reader/Card
kern/44033kernel panic when destroying tap(4)
port-i386/44008long boot.cfg command overruns buffer
kern/440023ware 9690 (ld driver) doesn't respond after transfer big amount of data
kern/43997Kernel timer discrepancies
kern/43993uninitialized variable in opencrypto
kern/43986ataraid(4) doesn't seem to handle weird array configs very gracefully
port-macppc/43982Kernel switches display to 40 column mode. Sysinst cannot run.
kern/43959[dM] Add IPv6 support to sl(4)
kern/43958Can't compile Atari kernel with ksyms pseudo-device enabled
port-sparc64/43955x11 sun type 5 keyboard problems in NetBSD 5.0.2
port-i386/439545.1 RC4 Installation CD doesn't work on IBM R31 - exec /sbin/init: error 2
port-macppc/43952broken download link for Apple's System Disk Utility SystemDisk2.3.1.smi.bin
port-amd64/43935Can't boot with acpi
install/43933NetBSD-5.1_RC4 i386 isn't very helpful when it comes to pxe installs
misc/43926lwres(3) and lwresd(8) refer to resolver(5) which does not exist
lib/43919EFAULT is not documented in aio_read
port-amd64/43918Elantech touchpad is not working
misc/43913man pages for ldap_get_option and ldap_set_option missing
lib/43909getcap(3) is missing from curses(3).
kern/43908linux32 stat64 does not really work on tmpfs
misc/43905fsck_root fails spectaculary trying to check a clean FS on a read-only block device
lib/43899setenv(3)/unsetenv(3) memory leak
kern/43893Under moderate squid + dansguardian use, machines frequently lock up (only responding to DDB)
kern/43884subr_log.c: Mutex error: lockdebug_wantlock: locking against myself
port-hpcsh/43883hpcboot-sh3.exe doesn't start on HP 620LX wince2.00 - fatals with FAE
kern/43877named hangs with 5.99.39 kernel, 5.99.27 userland
misc/43858rum driver for usb lan
toolchain/43856some executables have all loaded sections executable
kern/43848support for Realtek 8172 wifi card
xsrc/43844Xorg deadlocks running xkbcomp from the server
kern/43840panic: kassert "so->so_head == NULL" failed: file "/usr/src/sys/kern/uipc_socket.c", line 703
port-amd64/43833SVR4 compat support missing for amd64
port-sparc/43829OF set console baudrate is changed once multiuser login starts
lib/43825p->cc can go negative in libpcap
xsrc/43824-current xsrc has a broken XShm.h header file
kern/43820usbd_device2interface_handle : returned iface could be ifaceno + 1
kern/43808Unchecked queue size and call to SIMPLEQ_REMOVE_HEAD could cause kernel exception
lib/43807libm minor enhancements
kern/43806No sound on Thinkpad T510
port-evbarm/43801Statically linked program that calls atomic_cas_ulong crashes with segmentation fault
kern/43800PUFFS kernel crash
kern/43799NFS sillyrename causes transient failures
port-sparc64/43787sparc64 panics upon attaching viaide0
kern/43786Support Intel SCH US15W/L Parallel ATA controller bus master DMA in -current
port-i386/43781The value of MXCSR does not always equal to __INITIAL_MXCSR__
port-i386/43770sdhc not detected when acpi is enabled. also, no SMP without ACPI
kern/43768If USB device is connected at startup - it fail to work
kern/43753write-timeout in ugen(4) cannot be set
bin/43751ls -L returns wrong exit code
kern/43745fhopen of an unlinked file causes problems on multiple file systems
port-ia64/43718Missing support for new style src/lib/csu
kern/43708multicast binding issues
port-i386/43706ral(4) man page error for mediaopt syntax, Ad-Hoc or IBSS operation
install/43700NetBSD-5.1_RC3 install, suggestion to mark a partition as active fails
bin/43697"No such file or directory" on -j 128
install/436965.1_RC3 Install on large disks fails
port-amd64/43688ioperm() is missing on NetBSD/amd64 (patch provided)
kern/43686EHCI problem: system reboots after attach/extract/attach a pendrive
port-i386/43680acpibat(4) should strip invalid characters
bin/43669another problem parsing conditionals in make
kern/43653Keyboard connected over Tangtop USBPS2 loses approx. 20% of keystrokes
port-shark/43652savecore does not work
kern/43650NetBSD 5.0.2 DomU crashes on bigger file operations
lib/43648libedit history wide char inconsistencies
misc/43644TESTS_SUBDIR/atf-run interaction is too fragile
bin/43639sh allows user to source a directory
kern/43631pckbc(4) failure during setroot() on SMP
kern/43629RAIDframe should be able to ignore read errors while replacing a component
kern/43626directory renaming more than a little racy
kern/43615kauth usage in tmpfs_lookup less than clear
kern/43611kernel-trace (via ktruss) reports wrong parameter/result values
bin/43587stupid error message during boot from sysctl if no COMPAT40 in kernel
bin/43583cpuctl(8) man page miss intr/nointr commands documentation
kern/43582tests/fs/vfs/t_rmdirrace:lfs_race fails in a number of ways
port-amd64/43575In bochs 2.4.2 and 2.4.5, NetBSD/amd64 5.0.1 and 5.1_RC3 cannot boot
kern/43573ffs superblock search prevents mounting tiny file systems
kern/43570Avoid multiple interrupt routing lists for a bus
kern/43569sata cdrom drive downgraded to u-dma 1
kern/43561Thread waiting, CPU idling
kern/43543ipmi(4) driver fails to collect Fan2 signal on Intel X38ML board
kern/43541Unaligned access in pf_normalize_tcpopt()
bin/43534make does not set $* for PHONY targets
kern/43510kernel reply TCP-RST for bad checksum TCP-SYN packet
kern/43509stranges hdaudio(4) mixer values and not jack sense
kern/43507no msk(4) on HP Probook 4510s
misc/43506Boot loader delay is faster than seconds
kern/43504No brightness adjusting support on HP Probook
bin/43502make failes to stip suffix if target is phony
kern/43484wrong length in "larger" icmp packets when IPF enabled
port-i386/43481ACPI "buttons" on TP380Z don't work
kern/43475MTK 747 A+ GPS recorder has a bogus descriptor
bin/43469tests/util/sh/t_expand:strip fails
kern/43462tcpdrop(8) causes kernel panic
bin/43461ssh tun(4) support is broken
bin/43454gpt(8) and disklabel(8) conflict with each other
port-i386/43453Can't boot NetBSD i386 normally or with DOSBOOT: "Not a bootxx image"
kern/43443fwmem devices erroneously do writes instead of reads
port-amd64/43438x86 module map size is limited
bin/43430disklabel -i should not create overlapping partions (except unused)
kern/43416Crashes when installing in VirtualBox
bin/43409jemalloc x (threads + rlimit) = perpetual ENOMEM
bin/43394adding regression tests is too complicated
toolchain/43381gcc allows duplicate member names in anonymous unions
kern/43379bridge(4) drops broadcast packets to member interface with IP from member interface without IP.
kern/43376linux32-compat failed to compile in kernel without SYSVSEM and SYSCSHM
kern/43375panic when mount(8)ing umass(4) device (Sony DSC-H50 Digital Camera)
port-i386/43373(abcde?) renders cd0 useless
port-sparc64/43362"halt" at root device prompt does not work
install/43361no IPv6 network installation on some boot media
misc/43357initial security run output is too large
misc/43348driver(9) man page has strange examples
kern/43345uaudio(4) cannot attach Griffin iMic: NULL pointer dereference
port-amd64/43343NetBSD/amd64 5.1_RC2 multiboot(8) manual not found.
port-i386/43342Small update/fix to busclock detection on x86
kern/43341firewire code is broken from the kmem_alloc changes.
port-vax/43337gcc ICE with optimization on vax
kern/43333Patch: Optimized red-black tree algorithm
bin/43332gdbserver for powerpc
port-i386/43331X server locks up under -current on NEC Versa DayLite laptop
lib/43326Some POSIX clock IDs are not defined
toolchain/ fails on Cygwin 1.7.2
bin/43315dkctl causes illegal request with umass
toolchain/43314pc relative relocations are "off by 1*size" on vax
install/43313/etc/rc.d/mountall should REQUIRE mdnsd
port-amd64/43309VX800 and CN896-VT8237S is not configured in RAID mode
install/43298[dM] 4.0.1 installer: partition overlap is a fatal error
kern/43292Issue with assigning overlapping networks
kern/43290crash system networking on lo0
kern/43274re(4) crash on ultra10 - uncorrectable DMA error
port-vax/43273ld.elf_so frame handling breaks exception unwinding for C++
kern/43262install cdrom drops into debugger with Sun VirtualBox (vbox)
kern/43261Keyboard driver doesn't tolerate minor hardware faults
kern/43257default SCSI-tape timeing parameters not selectable by kernel config
misc/43256zfs manual pages are confusing
bin/43255sh -n -c doesn't work
toolchain/43234lint warns about perfectly good casts
kern/43232vr0 packet lost and vr0 device timeout while heavy traffic
lib/43228static linking can fail on netbsd-5 due to conflicting definitions of finite() and scalbn()
lib/43222alphasort(3) confusion
port-powerpc/43196Adjust KGDB_NUMREGS to gdb 6.5
xsrc/43184insane paranoia in xterm
kern/43182Reboot due to system crash (probably umass)
kern/43179Strange input control of telnet LINEMODE in current (TIOCPKT_IOCTL does not work)
misc/43177OpenSSL manual pages render badly into HTML
bin/43173rc.d/ipsec has bad dependencies
kern/43169sys/dev/ata/wd.c doesn't call disk_unbusy in case of errors/retries
port-i386/43168CD boot image fails to find root file system + (half)dead keyboard
kern/43159ugen(4) isoc highbandwidth data loss
kern/43157ath driver doesn't support AR2425
bin/43148/bin/ksh vs. rxvt terminal
kern/43143kernel crash when closing ssh session while a tip session is open
standards/43138C99/POSIX long double functions missing from math library/
kern/43137should be pass 'rt->rt_gateway' and 'rt->rt_flags' to 'rtrequest(RTM_DELETE, ...)', which is in nd6_free() @sys/netinet6/nd6.c
bin/43133Safari 4 doesn't list directories served by ftpd
toolchain/43132make(1) improper variable expansion
kern/43125zyd(4) crashes with Buffalo WLI-U2-KG54L
kern/43122panic browsing an smbfs mount with gtk2 apps
bin/43121acpidump(8) does not output all SSDT entries
lib/43109rump_ffs does not enforce permissions
kern/43100'pr->ndpr_refcnt' should be inclemented in in6_ifattach_linklocal()@sys/netinet6/in6_ifattach.c
kern/43095dtrace alters kernel<->groveller ABI
kern/43090Rum Driver Won't Detect Loss of Access Point
kern/43071IPSec doesn't work with link-local addresses
install/430655.0.2 Installation CD doesn't work on IBM380XD - exec /sbin/init: error 2
kern/43063Please delete __NetBSD_Prereq__() from
kern/43055Line drawing characters in WSDISPLAY_FONTENC_ISO fonts are not drawn
kern/43053hdaudio doesn't work on Abit AL8-V onboard
port-powerpc/43043linking powerpc64 gdb fails with undefined references
kern/43035missing dhcp request for boot.cfg from pxeboot_ia32.bin
port-amd64/43033X -configure hangs in VirtualBox
kern/43032dtrace module load/unload is broken
kern/43025Non-atomic access to file_t causing corruption
kern/43018ale0/atphy0 NIC driver failure on Asus EeePC 901
kern/43017LCD brightness (backlight) settings do not work on HP Mini 5102 netbook
kern/43016Missing support for Broadcom BCM4312 802.11b/g wifi controller
kern/43015Missing support for Marvell 4381 ethernet controller
kern/43014modstat could be more expandable
kern/43002required>0 module autounload timestamp race
port-amd64/43001amd64 multiboot
port-macppc/42999macppc POWERMAC_G5 kernel build fails in macppc/pci/u3.c: in32rb(), out32rb() undeclared
port-macppc/42998macppc POWERMAC_G5 kernel build fails in powerpc/oea/ofw_consinit.c: failsafe_cons undeclared
kern/42992KGDB does not work once interrupts are enabled
toolchain/42986ctfconvert damages .pico files during library builds
kern/429855.99.24 ataraid/ld(?) "Mutex error: lockdebug_barrier: spin lock held"
kern/42979Data toggle issues in usb(4), slhci(4), uhci(4) and ehci(4)
port-i386/42978boot loader is too picky of spaces in boot.cfg
kern/42977pkg/samba requires vm.user_va0_disable=0
port-mac68k/42973Booting Macintosh IIsi to serial console panics
port-mac68k/42972port-mac68k 5.0.2 crashes on a Mac IIsi
port-i386/42966kernel built from today's netbsd-5 crashes, related to i915 driver
bin/42961cvs near-silently throws away local mods
kern/42956netbsd-5 with acpi gives stuttering audio and uhub: device problem, disabling port
bin/42953restore reports "too low or too high" incorrectly
bin/42940units(1) parsing glitch
xsrc/42931`setxkbmap cz qwerty` returns "Error loading new keyboard description"
misc/42929Add quickstart guide to the documentation for newbies
kern/42908Broadcom 5701 watchdog timeout under -current kernel
port-xen/42903writing to msdos fs cause NetBSD restart immediately
lib/42900pthread_create(3) deadlock in pthread_atfork(3)'s handler
toolchain/42885need a way to select non-expensive tests in ATF
kern/42884USB hubs don't recognise device connects/disconnects
lib/42879rewinddir(3) doesn't reset the stream
port-amd64/42861Correct and add many remain MSR definitions
kern/42857Updating usbdevs with additional wacom ids
kern/42843High interrupt load
toolchain/42840xstr obfuscation not needed any more?
standards/42829Almquist shell does not perform parameter expansion on ${ENV}
standards/42828Almquist shell always evaluates the contents of ${ENV} even if non-interactive
kern/42807sm0 driver should provide a way to select which INTR line of SMC91C96 to use
kern/42803uhub7: port 4 reset failed
bin/42780tcpdump (8) fails to apply filter expressions to DLT_PFLOG packets
kern/42773The time boundaries for ichlpcib are give incorrectly in source and manual
port-i386/42769XEN2/3_DOMU kernel doesn't like PCI_BUS_FIXUP
bin/42767mount(8) changed behaviour when mounting CD media
kern/42752Silicon Motion, Inc. Generic USB SDHC reader umass error
bin/42745fortune doesn't handle extended characters very well
bin/42744fortune doesn't format long lines
xsrc/42743XV (XVideo) fails on Intel 82855GM with vlc
kern/42737sbp temporary detachment feature causes deadlocks
kern/42724select(2) and poll(2) can return non-error status on bad file descriptors
port-vax/42710vmstat -Cm on VAX produces a floating point exception at the end.
port-amd64/42702./ release with some options in mk.conf fail!
bin/42694make /usr/games/fortune configurable
kern/42685waiting a kqueue concurrently may cause kernel panic
kern/42667rum(4) is not detected on HP Pavilion Slimline s5210uk Desktop PC
kern/42663lwp_exit() might race with lwp_free()
kern/42656netbsd-5: panic LOCKDEBUG in opencrypto(9)
lib/42650iscsi-target has target devices and their luns confused
port-amd64/42645Instant reboot with big modules (e.g. miniroot.kmod) on amd64
bin/42642/etc/rc.subr fails to recognize daemons started with #!/usr/bin/env
bin/42641sh emacs-editing mode doesn't work
port-i386/42640Kernel multiboot implementation lacks support for modules
lib/42636[dM] t_getstr potential memory overrun
kern/42633uhmodem: suspend/resume impossible with built-in modem
kern/42629Update multiport ISA serial card drivers for device_t/softc split
bin/42619patch(1) misfuzzes hunks
kern/42617-current, pseudo ttys, telnetd and echo on/off doesn't work as expected
port-i386/42615add support for IT8888 PCI-ISA bridge chip
kern/42614add support for AMD CS5536 (geode) UDC and UOC
kern/42613add support for ALI M5283 SATA controller
kern/42608bge on optiplex 745 and tso
kern/42606Netbsd-5 racoon: Multiple Phase2 SAs generated when NAT-T enabled
port-i386/42599Multiboot(8) command-line format/parsing problem with GRUB 2
port-amd64/42597LAPIC MSR address mask 4 bits short
lib/42596getopt_long(3) manual does not mention + and - leading character in optstring parameter
kern/42592PFkey interface causing problems with recent racoon
bin/42576Update of questions and answers in quiz game
xsrc/42569Please import xf86-input-usbtablet driver from OpenBSD xenocara
port-alpha/42567version 5.0.1_patch, make Makefile.usbdevs fails
kern/42566Auvisio remote troubles.
kern/42560usb transfers can induce panic in usb_allocmem
kern/42552smartd reports "not capable of SMART self-check"
kern/42547cannot establish connections after setting net.inet.tcp.recvspace sysctl to 256K
port-i386/42514msk panic while transfering data
toolchain/42497[dM] Two "build writes into source tree" timestamp issues
kern/42496DIOCGPART must die
bin/42489raidctl status output can not cope with 2^31 sectors
lib/42469recursive acquirement of __environ_lock
port-xen/42467opensolaris DOMU
bin/42466vsnprintf_ss() causes infinite loop
bin/42465bmake doesn't check for unclosed curly brace in ${VARNAME
bin/42464timed interoperability has been broken since 2001
bin/42463Bizarre behavior in awk with invalid numeric constants
bin/42462proplib should give a parse error on
kern/42461ale(4) only works in certain switches with certain speeds
kern/42455tstile hang with nfs
kern/424453c575 network card problems, device timeout, very slow ping times
port-xen/42441DOM0 and DOMU work with only one cpu
lib/42434sigevent::sigev_notify_function broken the compatibillity of POSIX
kern/42425envstat(8) does not update temperature after 100C
kern/42420$ORIGIN undefined on NetBSD
kern/42417netbsd and marvell yukon 88e8040(T)
kern/42407No jack sense on Pavilion dv2899ef with hdaudio(4)
lib/42405libc: getaddrinfo() should perform T_A lookups before T_AAAA lookups
port-sparc/42398tools/compat fails to cross-compile on darwin
port-xen/42386xen dom0 doesn't respond to IPv6 neighbor solicitations from domU
kern/423855.0.1 and 5.0_STABLE Generic kernels do not boot on Dell Inspiron 531s
misc/42383Developer PGP key signing example is wrong for gpg 1.4.9
bin/42381LD_ADD.$name does not work as expected
kern/42376ahd-driver bug in cmd-queuing - duplicate TAG send to device
kern/42375ahd driver uses wrong mask if CND-queuing failed
bin/42372gdb dumps core on line edit
kern/42367wm(4) interface dropping carrier when MTU too low (?)
port-hpcmips/42360Console on MobilePro 750C causes man pages to be unreadable
port-hpcmips/42359MobilePro 750C/pbsdboot cannot boot latest kernels
port-hpcmips/42358MobilePro 750C backlight cannot be controlled
kern/42356Analog CD input not working with hdaudio
bin/42350frag size in "df -G" output has never been the right value, etc.
bin/42346postinstall -s looks for /usr/X11R6
kern/42343re(4) seems to fail to send some packets
kern/42342LFS: b_[co]?flags and their values mismatch
port-i386/42331ICMP6 causes crash (supervisor page fault)
kern/42323tso4 problem
bin/42322ext2fs support incomplete enough for a core dump or two
bin/42320LC_NUMERIC in awk is not POSIX compliant
kern/42319kernel crash: fatal page fault in ath driver on 5.0_STABLE
port-i386/42317boot(8) menu fails while boot(8) prompt works
kern/42315hdaudio: Very low volume on laptop speakers on Dell XPS M1330
kern/42314IC Plus IP100x PHY support
misc/42306chrooted named can't write to namedb
kern/42305Brightness problem
misc/42300/etc/rc.d/syslogd assumes file names always match a variable in the file instead of reading the variable
misc/42284dlfcn(3) doesn't document dlinfo
bin/42279'#' key doesn't work on German USB keyboard from KVM
bin/42261sed(1) command parser bug with long lines
bin/42258netbsd tar fails on devel/glibmm's disfile
kern/42257radix mpath does not work properly
kern/42248in_cksum: out of data
kern/42245NetBSD get stuck at boot with USB plugged in.
kern/42241Problems with AIO and Samba
kern/42236cannot start apmd if kernel configured APM device as apm1
bin/42229unzip: Infozip compatibility: globbing
kern/42225can't read data from SuperTop IDE Bridge (umass)
bin/42222man when viewing file not using tbl
kern/42214Tape EOF logic incorrect for drive
port-amd64/42212dma memory allocation broken on x86 architectures
bin/42196Parser for "/etc/resolv.conf" in "mdnsd" considered harmful
port-alpha/42189System clock unstable when using PCC as the timecounter when running under SMP
kern/42187rtadvd + vlan(4) + /etc/rc.d/network restart triggers assertion
bin/42184/bin/sh: stderr vs. command not found
lib/ is no longer available in NetBSD 5.0_STABLE
lib/42180Makefile of libbsdmalloc overwrites CPPFLAGS
bin/42166pax from NetBSD 5.0.1 cannot extract pkgsrc-2009Q2.tar.gz correctly
port-i386/42164Still having device-timeouts with ath and AR2413
bin/42160patch incorrectly thinks a patch is reversed
bin/42159/usr/tests/** files use HOST_SH instead of /bin/sh
port-evbarm/42151There's no port for the TCT Hammer Module
kern/42147mbuf leak with in nfsserver with udp clients
kern/42130NFS: open(...O_CREAT...) fails, yet file is created
port-amd64/42128page fault trap installing NetBSD/amd64 5.0.1 under Xen
kern/42123Machine can't boot with ACPI enabled
kern/42122larger than 2TB drives can't be properly found at boot
security/42119ippool startup script missing
kern/42114iwn0: could not lock memory
kern/421125.x/-current ACPI hangs machines which worked under 4.x
kern/42111Old Compaq Presario: Synaptics touchpad doesn't work
kern/42110No mute control on hdaudio(4)
kern/42108Old Compaq Presario: Keyboard trouble with ACPI
kern/42105PT_NOTE - section .note.netbsd.ident missing => crash
bin/42098missing licenses for share/mk
port-amd64/42091ld devices can't be set up with more than 2^31 sectors
kern/42089NetBSD 5.0.1 panics in tcp6_input -> tcp_input -> m_freem
toolchain/42088Drop -U option (or make it the default)
kern/42069iwi fails to initialise, due to firmware load problems
kern/42068fxp address adding or removing causes link changes
bin/42067use of stderr from cgi script does not work
kern/42062"ifconfig re0 up" locks Xen-based dom0 hard
kern/42058Kernel hangs during warm boot on NEC Versa DayLite
kern/42055hdaudio doesn't work on Dell Inspiron 6400
kern/42051lid switch works only once
kern/42028hdaudio: mplayer can't change volume
bin/42026"mtree -C" should not map user/group names to/from numbers
port-i386/42021NetBSD can't boot on LENOVO 3000 N100 (0768FPG) laptop
kern/42016audio(4) does not handle formats where validbits!=precision
kern/42013GENERIC kernel will not boot on Dell Inspiron 530
port-i386/41991library missing from xcomp/md.amd64 and xcomp/amd.i386 when building debuglib
lib/41988fetchStatURL returns 0 instead of -1 when stating a nonexistant file
bin/41979netstat -s reports tcp6 stats when INET6 is not configured
kern/41974panic in cpu_in_cksum
port-i386/41962NetBSD/i386 5.0 does not boot on Virtual PC 7.0.3
kern/41961ISA devices should not attach to acpi0
kern/41957hdaudio failure (was: azalia crashes during boot)
lib/41955poor retry/next-ns logic in the DNS resolver hides certain error conditions
bin/41954"sh -i" regressed in 5.99
security/41942telnetd(8) allows direct root login on tty marked as insecure
port-sgimips/41938sysinst does not set firmware variable on sgimips
port-i386/41934assertion "(opte & (PG_V | PG_W)) != PG_W" failed
kern/41930dkwedge_discover (and kernel) tries to access offline drives
bin/41928mt(1) manual states count for erase command is ignored - this is not true for st(4)
kern/41927azalia(4) fails on input/output on Vaio VGN-SZ340P
kern/41918pppoe reconnects break with panic
kern/41912Kernel panic when adding and activating a link-layer (MAC) address if interface is not down.
kern/41910interrupt routing problems with Dell 1850
kern/41897twa(4) cause: panic: cpu_switchto: switching above IPL_SCHED (8)
kern/41889st(4) driver splits larger IO request into peaces - compability problem with other OS's
bin/41887wrong mode selected in ipf program for hash-entries
kern/41886missing feature to define timeout values for ST device in kernel config
kern/41884manual for st(4) say different behaviou for enrst devices
kern/41882ACPI errors encountered on NetBSD 5 on an LG X110
bin/41879openssl ocsp -port uses as signed short
kern/41877PaX ASLR reduces available stack size
kern/41875pax_aslr_elf() use wrong lsb number
kern/41874in-kernel NFS server hates network interface aliases
kern/41867ahc-driver freezes after first device timeout and looses error information
lib/41837tempnam(3) doesn't return at least {TMP_MAX} unique file paths
bin/41836jobs -l %% doesn't work when called from a script
kern/41834kernel diagnostic assertion "ncp->nc_dvp == NULL" failed
bin/41820pppd man page and ip-up and DNS
kern/41811mounting unconfigured vnd devices causes a hang
bin/41810vnconfig is in /usr/sbin
misc/41802The add disk in the guide is bad.
kern/41797kernel panic in kern_physio when tape reaches EOM during write if DIAGNOSTICS is enbled, without DIGNOSTICS error status is lost
port-alpha/41795Infrequent machine checks on SATA-using AlphaPC 164LX
kern/41780boot -c (userconf) does not work with USB keyboard
misc/41775`.St -ieee1275-94' not documented in mdoc.samples
bin/41766system will hang in reboot or shutdown if tmpfs contains more data than phys mem available
kern/41765kernel panic while allocating swap space pages
bin/41764ksh has suffered serious regressions in the past few years
bin/41762at(1) fails to submit job if time has passed
bin/41761sh(1) doesn't provide the $LINENO builtin variable
bin/41759at(1) doesn't print job's datetime upon job submission
bin/41758at(1): print more user friendly message when empty jobs file is given
kern/41756cgd unloading doesn't release resources
kern/41754Attach/detach of generic USB device causes crash
port-sgimips/41753perl5 build stops with "ma_05_t.o: file not recognized: File format not recognized" on sgi O2
kern/41747Problem whith umass device
port-i386/41740NDIS not working, not even with patch from 39034
bin/41736pax reports an error when copying zero files
kern/41733Xeon 3520: CPU MHz wrong -> timecounter wrong
kern/41724The watchdog tickler in the ipmi(4) driver needs to play with the polling locks for access to the bmc device itself.
kern/41717graceful recovery from USB disk error
port-i386/41706after a failure of a componented disk of raid0 the disk subsystem became unresponsive
port-i386/41705after continuing from a breakpoint in DDB the system receives a fatal supervisor mode trap
kern/41704configuring cgd1 causes read to be attempted on cgd0
kern/41703hangs during powerdown
bin/41700:tr modifier for NetBSD make [patch]
kern/41693pci1 and pci5 failed to configure during boot of GENKERNEL configuration
kern/41679Lots of re0: watchdog timeout using qemu/kvm
kern/41678unionfs doesn't copy a file from the lower layer to the upper layer on rename(), it just fails
kern/41669Veriexec generation with -d flag includes non-executable files by default.
kern/41661ath(4) does not work properly with AR2413
bin/41655fdisk -i doesn't initialize the mbr
bin/41654sh(1) hangs collection output for "eval $(cmd)"
port-i386/41653various lossage with 5.99.14 i386 installation CD
bin/41652newfs neither respects nor updates the block and frag sizes in disklabel
port-evbmips/41650NetBSD/evbmips -current on MERAKI/Atheros 2315 WiSoC crashes
lib/41645pthread_cond_timedwait(3) doesn't timeout if NULL is given as abstime argument
kern/41643Resume fails after Suspend
port-i386/41624atheros-card works in 4.0 but not in 5.0
kern/41606PS/2 keyboard and `boot -a' -> pckbport_start: command error
kern/41599inserting a CD causes the system to wedge
kern/41595usb xfer re-entry. When the xfer's interrupt & the xfer's abort task occur at the same time, this will cause the USB stack crash.
misc/41594record rc messages
kern/41591nested-panic loop, no reboot
port-sgimips/41590rescue binaries (all crunched binaries?) not working
kern/41588panic: m_copym: m == 0, off 904
port-i386/41584NetBSD 5.0 (Jibbed liveCD) won't boot on Compaq Presario laptop unless ACPI + SMP both disabled
bin/41583savecore problem with netbsd-5
install/41570HP Pavilion a430n hangs at "ubub2 at usb2: vendor 0x10de EHCI root hub, class 9/0, rev 2.00/1.00 addr 1" using NetBSD 5.0 CD
lib/41564hdestroy(3) restricts ENTRY.key to point to malloc'ed space.
port-i386/41560cu can put but not take
port-vax/41553vax cpu_setfunc() is not working
install/41548It does not use selected keyboard layout after install.
bin/41535inetd/tftpd refuses connection with - recvfrom: Resource temporarily unavailable
kern/41533PMS doesn't recognized my touchpad
bin/41526re-support /usr/bin/vi's -F option
kern/41525vge0 watchdog timout
kern/41524-current's mdec/boot is no longer capable to multiboot xen kernels
port-i386/41522pci devices left turned off
port-hpcmips/41519Wireless card does not function properly
port-vax/41518vax misses the _lwp_makecontext() C library implementation
bin/41515patch to upgrade hostapd to 0.6.9
bin/41503netbsd-5 LDSTATIC=-static amd build does not
port-i386/41502Wrong media being reported on a Farallon EtherWave ethernet card
bin/41497diff against cp(1) to copy sparse files
port-macppc/41484NetBSD/macppc 5.0 hangs when detecting FireWire ports on 3nd gen. iMac
kern/41483ath does not support power save
kern/41472IPv6 Path MTU Discovery doesn't work in rare case.
port-amiga/41456"mfcs0: fifo overflow" when receiving serial data, caused by Picasso IV scrolling (?)
port-i386/41454NetBSD on USB: root fails to be found
kern/41443umodem causes panic
bin/41441savecore doesn't use getbootfile(3) to set a default kernel name
bin/41439[dM] mildly extreme newfs arguments produce cryptic failure
misc/41431PXE client gets IP Gateway, doesn't pass to userland
kern/41429uhmodem dies on umass
kern/41428ath_cardbus does not setup latency timer
kern/41418NetBSD does not support newer Ralink-based wireless devices
kern/41415Virtual console text is entirely lost after exiting Xorg.
kern/41414NetBSD 5.0 fails net-boot using BOOTPARAM
port-evbmips/41413aumac must clear the error, if error == ENETRESET
bin/41409syslogd handles kernel printf badly
kern/41400uhci_poll_hub "c->c_magic == CALLOUT_MAGIC" assertion failure
kern/41388ral(4) no longer supports ibss mode to dwl-g510
kern/41383Panic during xdm startup on Thinkpad 380D
port-i386/41381acpi does not work in HP6515b laptop
kern/41378ifa_addr == NULL causes panic in ip_input
port-powerpc/41370inline splx() and splraise() needs __insn_barrier()
lib/41367pcap_lookupnet() returns wrong netmask
kern/41361machfb(4) manual page missing
kern/41349uhci does not resume after suspend
misc/41340Confusing and/or useless directories under
kern/41339PCI bus disabled (intertwined pci(4), ath(4) and keyboard problems)
lib/41326libpcap error message not printing useful information
misc/41318Unable to submit bug report with send-pr when ISP filters outbound smtp
kern/41310NetBSD 5 savecore fails to recognize and save a core dump
kern/41304ipsec + ipnat don't work in some cases
kern/41300RC3 panic in RaidFrame
kern/41288FreeBSD emulation stop working
kern/41286netbsd5-rc4 crash caused by pim6sd
kern/41285ohci suspend/resume floods dmesg with 'scheduling overruns'
kern/41281cannot list files on a samba share
port-vax/41277libc/gdtoa/hdtoa.c will not compile on vax with gcc 4.3.3
misc/41272keyboard not activated on boot unless unplugged and reinserted
toolchain/ invoked mkisofs has wrong path for iso image
kern/41261Crash with nullfs
bin/41259amd(8) cannot handle high demand
lib/41257curses: getyx + wmove violates least astonishment past end-of-line
bin/41252named pid file has moved
kern/41251veriexec locking seems broken
kern/41245kernel diagnostic assertion "vp->v_iflag & VI_TEXT" failed
kern/41243kernel core dump produces unusable core
kern/41241vesabios prevents serial console from working
kern/41235aue(4) driver addition: SMC2008USB/ETH
bin/41231rc scripts don't kill daemons
kern/41225sys_mqueue.c mq->mq_notify_proc can disappear
misc/41224a number of pseudodependencies in /etc/rc.d are not CAPITALIZED
lib/41223libcurses: curs_set and move do not cause refresh on getch
toolchain/41220gfortran is not in the compiler set
kern/41215cannot load miniroot as kmod, kernel heap full
kern/41214vesa console blanks permanently
kern/41213NetBSD locks up on resume from suspend
kern/41212NetBSD no longer suspends to disk
kern/41210configuring fdc0 at pnpbios0 causes kernel crash
kern/41209npx* at isa0 causes infinite npxs
bin/41201bind9 should not use home grown rwlock on NetBSD
kern/41200 should include
port-sparc/41197CG14 bugs
bin/41196syslogd displays sun_path wrongly
kern/41195NetBSD 5 RC3 can't load kernel modules
port-sparc/41194disappearing keyboard on install
kern/41189kernel panic xen dom0 using mke2fs & WAPBL
kern/41187mount -o log corrupts Apple UFS
kern/41177sppp only ever sends one PAP retry
kern/41175ath(4) crash on boot on 5.99.10 booting without ACPI
port-xen/41169RC3 page faults every few hours
port-hpcmips/41166Suspending for too long causes machine to refuse to wake (MP880)
kern/41161FFSv2 w/ log and softdep: kernel panics on mount
kern/41156USB bluetooth hangs NetBSD 5.0_RC3
kern/41154possible races in NFS server code ?
kern/41152netbsd-3 inet fails with netbsd-5 kernel (kqueue issue ?)
kern/41140ssh/bacula diconnect with errors when msk iface is used
kern/41133Connecting an USB mass storage device locks up the kernel
bin/41126fsck_ffs does not check for Cylinder Magic and gets confused
lib/41123Missing functions in libcurses
install/41122Cannot install netbsd form the sgimips iso-image
kern/41121 needs to be realigned with tcudmp disto
kern/41107panic: config_attach: duplicate uhub1
bin/41105postfix mail not setup
kern/41088xen3 domu kernel panic (probably related to ipsec)
kern/41082destroying a locked vlockmgr lock on shutdown
kern/41081unp_setpeerlocks null dereference
bin/41079makefs ffs size calculation inaccuracy
kern/41075options IPSEC+IPSEC_ESP broken
kern/41066[ACPI] pckbc0: unable to establish interrupt for aux slot
kern/41058General software failures with kernels built for arm/NSLU2 kernels
kern/41052pppoe(4): PPPOE_TERM_UNKNOWN_SESSIONS should be a runtime option
kern/41051do_sys_rename mp resource race
lib/41039ISO 14652 LC_TIME extensions
kern/41038Pentium 1 crashes during boot install kernel
bin/41029srtconfig is located on /usr filesystem but needed during startup when /usr is not mounted
kern/41024usb causes file system corruption, triggered with wapbl
kern/41020cdplay info only works once after reboot
kern/41013netbsd5-rc2 crash - kernel diagnostic assertion "vp->v_usecount == 1" - quota
misc/41010FTP Mirror list is outdated
kern/41005kernel failed to select correct outgoing address for Multicast packets
port-atari/41002Either remove the need for ST_POOL_SIZE or default to sizing it automatically based on the amount of memory in the machine
bin/40997mmcformat -B -O /dev/cd0d fails
bin/40988ippool.conf is not loaded by the ipfilter rc.d script
kern/40987Making PCIVERBOSE more verbose
kern/40982lenovo T61: wakeup after suspend doesn't turn screen on
kern/40981wm0: device timeout
misc/40977/var/backups/work/device.current is overly sensitive to ls(1) columnar alignment
kern/40971strange line in dmesg
kern/40966rum(4) detach error messages
kern/40947Thinkpad panics, then hangs during shutdown
kern/40945system process locked at 100% CPU
port-macppc/40941Display goes blank during boot of mac mini (A1103) using radeonfb, stays blank
kern/40811crash under disk load
kern/40764fsck says "unrecognised wapbl type" after crash
misc/40758send-pr(.sh) creates lock-files even when unneeded and forgets to remove them.
kern/40755newfs, mount -o log in fast succession hangs kernel
port-i386/40752x86 bootloader panic()/exit() loop
kern/40749halt -d does not work
port-alpha/40748DECpc 150 AXP / DEC200/300 ("Jensen") fails to boot 5.0_RC2
kern/40747anydata gprs modem does not work, unlike in linux and openbsd
kern/40734crash in comintr()
kern/40733gumstix verdex(PXA270 board) support
kern/40732SMSC LAN9118 Family support
lib/40728expanding NIS-Netgroups for users and groups is very slow
kern/40726uvm panic when xen guest re-mounts block device as rw
lib/40723alphasort incompatibility after 64bit ino_t change
kern/40720USB Thumb drive dies during writing to it
port-i386/40702ddb freezes when stepping over lock prefix
port-i386/40701NetBSD 4.0.1 won't boot on old 486, "total memory = 636 KB"
bin/40698No sound with cdplay while playing a cd
standards/40695C99 violation: Macro NAN in /usr/include/math.h in not constant.
toolchain/40694gcc tail-call vs. volatile bug
lib/40693_gettemp() flawed
kern/40687Keyboard issues
kern/40686the SBSIZE mentioned in comments of sys/ufs/ffs/fs.h is out of date
kern/40684're' driver corrupts IPv6 packets on output.
kern/40681possible data loss path in the buffer cache code
kern/40680Panic when using whatis
from DDB on non-modular port
kern/40674Ricoh 5C478 PCI-CardBus bridge gets bad Vcc request
kern/40670Sony CXD3222 IEEE 1394 Host Controller spam
port-sparc64/406654.0 sparc64 does not boot on SUN SPARCengine UltraAX-MP+
kern/40661kernel crash: page fault trap by IPV6_PKTINFO
toolchain/40647[dM] gdb breaks under a non-readable directory
kern/40645Xserver of xorg support bebox and prep
kern/40643wsfb/genfb doesn't restore palette on switch from X to console
misc/40641Serial port docs show pinout backwards
bin/40640/bin/sh tab completion doesn't handle commands
standards/40639/bin/sh doesn't expand PS1
port-atari/40638Check Condition on CDB reported using MTRON SSD attached to ACARD SCSI to IDE bridge
bin/40636fsck_ffs doesn't remove truncated symlinks
kern/40621net/if_srt.c uses wrong byte order for masks on little endian systems
bin/40617[dM] mail(1) handles an interrupt oddly
kern/40616panic on reboot (perhaps due to raidframe)
kern/40612timer_settime(2)'s ovalue is not relative time when the timer was created CLOCK_REALTIME
xsrc/40609Problem with mkfontscale and fonts/freefonts with xfree/xorg
kern/40607uvideo(4) queues too many xfers to uhci / ohci
port-alpha/40604AlphaServer DS20E loses HDs and other Drives when adding 1 GB more RAM
lib/40599MKKERBEROS=no without MKPAM=no yields a broken system
bin/40598nvi catches SIGTSTP instead of ^Z character
kern/40589NetBSD 5.0RC2 won't boot on a dell vostro 400 intel quad core
kern/40585can't copy file over certain size to ReFUSE/puffs/ntfs-3g
kern/40583video resume does not work on Compal Hel80 laptop
xsrc/40582Mode_switch key press takes 2 seconds to get processed
port-i386/40581NetBSD does not boot inside VirtualBox
security/40576veriexecgen sets no explicit access mode for some files and the default behaviour of veriexec in face of this cause errors
kern/40575security.pax.aslr breaks tar -z
kern/40573ral(4) does not work with WPA
kern/40562busy loop in ffs_sync when unmounting a file system
kern/40559udf df does not reflect mounted fs
kern/40557newfs_udf often fails transiently with EIO
kern/40556NetBSD-5.0-RC1 often doesn't power of
standards/40554>& -operator incorrectly documented in sh(1) man page
kern/40552Early kernel panic with POOL_DIAGNOSTIC option
kern/40551Kernel panic in audio_init_ringbuffer
kern/40549Reader / writer lock error: rw_vector_enter: locking against myself
kern/40547bridge(4) disrupting added interface routing
kern/40545nfs_sillyworker busy during unmount
kern/40534Keyboard / TouchPad probes but doesn't work on HP ZE2000
kern/40527two keyboards (pckbd and ukbd) with polish keymap
kern/40526following newfs_udf example causes a kernel panic
kern/40511negative runtime
port-i386/40507AR5005G - ath0: unable to attach hardware; HAL status 3
kern/40505delay(9) is a MD non-interface
kern/40501NTFS directory listings missing some files
install/40500sysinst complains/warns that it cannot open cd9660.kmod
port-alpha/40485NetBSD/Alpha on Multia does not configure USB2.0 controller properly
kern/40483Kernels with NFSSERVER but not NFS filesystem do not build because nuidhash_max is not defined
port-i386/40478P4/3.2G on a P4P800-MX MB multiple kernel failure types under 5.0 (and -current)
install/40464right terminal not selected after install
install/40463sysinst doesn't persist boot flags to /boot.cfg
kern/40462bnx0: Double mbuf allocation failure!
bin/40454route not showing "B" or "R" for blackhole or reject on 3.1 or 4.0
port-i386/40449disk errors after ACPI suspend/resume
kern/40448machdep.powersave not documented and can't change
kern/40443panic in ftp proxy in ipfilter
kern/40442Meizu M6 unmount problems: cache synchronization failed
kern/40440cd0(piixide0:1:0): illegal request
kern/40432ipcs is broken (time_t related?)
kern/40427Cannot configure RAIDframe device with pre-5.99.6 raidctl
kern/40426wpi0 disappeer after suspend/resume
kern/40423Camellia support in CGD system
port-powerpc/40421Files required to build rs6000 release
misc/40418should have a way to configure processor sets at boot
lib/40417login.conf should allow specification of processor sets
toolchain/40401ld --gc-sections should not discard .note.netbsd.ident
misc/40398RSS news feeds should include content
bin/40392bogus error with userdel -p yes
misc/40387Serious bug in regular expression library (regex) affected sed
port-i386/40385acpi interrupt storm
kern/40382ipfilter NAT misidentifies packets as FTP
kern/40375netbsd-5: Process locks in vnode wchan when writing to LFS
kern/40360fictitious disklabels do not handle devices without an MBR
port-i386/40358i386 cannot boot 2nd disk
bin/40343inetd vanishes after syslogging "fcntl (F_SETFD, 0): Bad file descriptor"
kern/40338No sound with www/nsflash on amd64
bin/40337Proposed localized change to w(1)/uptime(1)
bin/40336cp(1) -p man page detail out of sync with present reality
port-i386/40335compat_linux UDP? regression in netbsd-5
kern/40333System freezes without messages at network access
port-atari/40330Floppy drive light remains on after boot
bin/40324The homeperm setting in /etc/usermgmt.conf is ignored by useradd
xsrc/40322netbsd-5: xorg destroys console
kern/40313puffs rename protocol is broken
port-evbarm/40307options KGDB doesn't work for some evbarm hosts
toolchain/40300'target kvm' doesn't work on alpha
port-alpha/40299"machine reboot" doesn't exist on alpha
port-alpha/40298NetBSD/alpha can't reboot from gdb
kern/40287ums doesn't support absolute axis device
bin/40274newsyslog(8)'s "P" flag stops rotating log files.
kern/40243audio hanging and not working
port-macppc/40232machfb on Imac G3 333mhz does not work
lib/40220LD_PRELOAD with dlsym(RTLD_NEXT, "stat") recursion
toolchain/40197gdb set osabi command can't specify NetBSD ELF
port-amd64/40195amd64 netbsd32_sysarch doesn't emulate USER_LDT
bin/40174ndp: deleting non-exsistent entry may delete cloning route
misc/40156sys/rump isn't cleaned by make cleandir
kern/40139bridge(4) does not transmit DHCP replies to tap(4)
kern/40137gem(4) drops TCP packets with tcp4csum-tx when on a bridge(4)
bin/40122dhclient-script uses ineffective ping to test router reachability
kern/40109Buggy PARMRK treatment of \377
kern/40105no calibration in uep(4)
misc/40083bsd.README should document SHLIB_MAJOR/MINOR/TEENY variables
bin/40080grep's --color switch won't work with -i option
kern/40076zyd(4) cannot be built with -O3
kern/40069CB1410 CardBus Controller PCI card does not detect insertted pcmcia/cardbus cards
port-amd64/40067HP BL680c is unable to boot NetBSD with SMP enabled
kern/40056ATI SB700/SB800 USB ehci problem with an uhub
port-macppc/40054powerbook g4/500 titanium with netbsd-5 kernel and awacs audio can no longer produce builtin speaker output
port-macppc/40051powerbook g4/500 titanium with netbsd-5 kernel hangs up with fwohci 'support'
port-i386/40030USB Keyboard not recognized, intermittently works
kern/40017ataraid(4) deadlock
kern/40008netbsd-5 hangs on boot with ACPI on an ASUS a7n8x deluxe
port-i386/39998cd boot may not pick correct device for root
kern/39996Evbppc/explora fails to build with modules
kern/39993lockup on i386 SMP (raidframe related ?)
kern/39974modules/ffs: can't mount log filesystems if vfs_wapbl.c not built in kernel
lib/39959ld.elf_so doesn't work with old perl
port-amd64/39951amd64 won't boot SMP due to interrupt storm on int19
port-i386/39950Missing features 2-4 support in /proc/cpuinfo for AMD CPUs on i386
kern/39935ksymsread can leak contents of kernel memory to userspace
kern/39924kernel can't deal with mounting root on ffs with unknown wapbl type
kern/39919no access to ipip_allow kernel variable via sysctl
kern/39914KASSERT(LIST_EMPTY(&vp->v_dirtyblkhd)) failed when unmounting ext2fs
kern/39913exec, fork, exit hooks need locking
kern/39904Unreadable CD may lead to panic in scsipi/cd.c:cdstrategy()
kern/39895NetBSD-5 Beta crashed on heavy IO
bin/39893rc.d/ntpd cannot reliably use pidfiles
misc/39891xdm does not use shell startup scripts
bin/39888ksh & autocomplete & noclobber is no good
port-i386/39880ioctl with SIOCGIFFLAGS fails on -current (in GNUstep gdomap)
port-i386/39878SATA IDE compat support broken for AMD 780G chipset
kern/39875panic when booting off ffs+log
port-i386/39866NetBSD does not like dual GPT/mbr partitions
xsrc/39860gen_matypes must be run for x86[-64] assembler code to build
kern/39854tcp_new_iss1 is used for both ipv4 and ipv6
kern/39852firewire/sbp hickups on NetBSD 5.0_BETA
kern/39838wi(4) PCMCIA card fails in -current when inserted in cardbus system
toolchain/39837binutils compilation failure
kern/39808can't unmount CD with media error
kern/39794panic (in4_cksum: bad mbuf chain) when using ftp
kern/39793crash on umass disconnect
bin/39792/bin/ksh bug: 'eval', 'if' and 'set -e'
kern/39784enhancement to raidframe autoconfig for layered raid devices
kern/39783raidframe autoconfig failed to cleanup correctly if out of memory
kern/39780dual function pcmcia cards don't work properly (power issues?)
bin/39759NetBSD awk/nawk is 14 times slower than GNU awk
bin/39754wpa_cli ignores ctrl_interface
kern/39752Cannot build a NOSWAP kernel for 4.0.1-RELEASE
misc/39737the build attempts to run autoconf/automake/autoheader
install/39736installboot sometimes ignores stage2 file
lib/39729prop_*_externalize* references the Apple DTD but doesn't support all element types
port-sparc/39728[dM] sparc installboot unreasonably picky
kern/39714Prototype dumpconf in header sys/arch/x86/include/cpu.h
install/39697no raidframe support in sysinst
kern/39652auich: can't map codec i/o space
bin/39641whois fails to find data for
bin/ looks for nbmake in wrong place and rebuilds after was just built
bin/39611Xorg installed with setuid improperly
bin/39607newfs(_msdos) falsly? reports about "read-only filesystem" w/ VND
bin/39606mv acts funny when copying to msdosfs
bin/39605rpcbind seems to ignore MKINET6/USE_INET6=no
bin/39604/bin/ksh + TAB-expand $VAR = misplaced cursor
bin/39603postfix doesn't see all "active" network interfaces
kern/39594acroread8 doesn't work in linux32 emulation
kern/39590wi driver doesn't recognise 3COM CRWE777A PCMCIA card
kern/39572ARP resolution fails when MSG_DONTROUTE flag is set
kern/39548kernel debugging assertion "(vp->v_flag & VONWORKLST)" failed
misc/39547doc2html can't handle font changes using \f
bin/39546Username restrictions are too short (16 characters)
lib/39537programs compiles with -pthread and -pg segfault
kern/39526ahd driver crashes system if it runs out of memory
misc/39522Turning on make's debugging info will change the building options
bin/39520IPNAT fails to consistently handle FTP sessions
install/39510NetBSD/amd64 won't install on MacBook (GPT)
bin/39506racoon's pre-shared key file format prohibits names with spaces
kern/39505saost(4) supports pxa25x and pxa270 together
bin/39466/bin/sh: eval and bad redirections
lib/39465threads stack is not aligned properly for gcc on i386
port-i386/39462Can't load modules through the bootloader
misc/39454UPDATE build of amd64 bootcd fails to pick up new kernel
standards/39448Bug in man.conf -> Manual page paths longer than 3 main subdirectories are ignored
misc/39429improve IEEE 802.11 documentation
bin/39428wpa_supplicant.conf(5) describes `ap_scan' option vaguely
standards/39422missing guards for wcslcat(), wcslcpy(), wcswidth() & wcwidth()
kern/39420stopped processes can hold locks
bin/39419default group range cannot be specified for groupadd
bin/39417Crash with hostapd and EAP
kern/39408uvisor prevents successful suspend after usage
bin/39390BSDOBJDIR not checked for until after nbmake is built
lib/39389crypt(3) has a little buffer overrun
port-mac68k/39388NetBSD/mac68k DDB uselessness
install/39374The postdrop process sometimes stops the boot process, preventing local and remote logins
kern/39371wapbl should allow mounting "/" even if journal is hosed
kern/39356DMA memory leak in Ohci Driver (USB)
install/39352sysinst enhancement suggestion: file browser
lib/39347*wscanf bug
toolchain/39338paxctl doesn't work in powerpc -> i386 cross-builds
kern/39335Accessing a null mounted process file system triggers a kernel panic
kern/39332USB quirk UQ_ASSUME_CM_OVER_DATA is not a quirk
install/39329Intel S3000AH server motherboard with on-board LSI controller not supported by mfi
misc/39327incoherent socket man pages
security/39313security/pam-ldap libraries missing functions on 4.99.72
kern/39305loops through gre(4) cause a hang or crash
port-i386/39299FPU use in signal handlers is unsafe
bin/39292dhclient running amok, sending hundreds of requests per second
kern/39278device nodes clobbered if use union-mounted tmpfs or mfs
kern/39277wapbl+nullfs crash
kern/39275HEAD amd64 kernel hang at uhub5 at usb5 vendor 0x1002 EHCI ...
kern/39274ipfilter loses state of FTP mget transfer sessions
bin/39264newfs can create a filesystem with > 2^31 inodes
port-i386/39259yds driver is broken with the "new" pmf
bin/39254db(1) doesn't work properly anymore since the upgrade to 1.15
bin/39252top(1) doesn't handle commands in the first second correctly
misc/39250/etc/rc.d/named:named_precmd() should add entries to /etc/mtree/special.local
misc/39249[linux] "release" fails with: nbmtree: existing entry for `.', type `dir' does not match type `file'
kern/39245kernel panic writing at EOT/EOM
lib/39244ioctl(2) doesn't describe domains of ioctl commands
kern/39242NetBSD 4.0 will start busy-loop an hang on machines with more than 4 GB memory
kern/39236Network interface order problem: /etc/ifconfig.bridge* is started too early
kern/39206ffs um_lock handling isn't great
toolchain/39205gcc-4.1.2 shifting a boolean may cause bad sign extension
kern/39204pad(4) device doesn't emit PCM data, or emits broken data
kern/39199ppp-related crash during shutdown
bin/39195/bin/sh tilde expansion doesn't take place on 'export=~/foo'
port-mips/ fails on -m hpcmips
kern/39187sysetm crash when killing pppd
kern/39179reboot -- -s and /boot.cfg don't seem to play nice together (it doesn't boot single-user)
misc/39163Minor mistakes in ISC dhcp-options(5) and dhclient-script(8) manpages.
port-arm/39153gcc can't generate code for arm thumb instruction set
kern/39152panic on pwd within non-existent directory
misc/39144private /tmp not always initialized (sudo)
bin/39136syslogd confusion between output files and configuration lines
bin/39135/usr/bin/awk: formatting issues in printf
kern/39131drvctl -d com1 crashes the system
kern/39130drvctl -d pcmcia0 fails
kern/39125unable to install new HDD in USB enclosures
kern/39124VOP_CREATE() gets no uid/gid in vattr
kern/39116newfs on cgd causes kernel panic
kern/39114sys/arch/x86/x86/patch.c needs a minor #ifdef for PARALLELS (VT extensions problem)
kern/39108Proposal for unix(4) LOCAL_PROC/SCM_PROC
kern/39106patch submissions for
kern/39093usb doesn't work anymore on IBM T43p
kern/390924.99.69 won't boot with ACPI enabled
kern/39084carp preempt does not failover other interfaces when one fails.
kern/39075uhmodem(4) fix
kern/39068first character (sometimes) not transmitted by the usbmodem driver
kern/39066Tty settings mangled.
kern/39044spurious '\n' received from USB-Modems
kern/39041Pull-up of bioctl(8) support for Areca ARC-1220 from -current to 4.0
kern/39038missing backward compaatibility in pf(4)
kern/39037driver(9) does not describe about CFATTACH_DECL_NEW
kern/39035hang when removing pcmcia card
misc/39024Renovated lacks "overview by date" page
kern/39018ipsec code doesn't handle specific icmp codes
kern/39008not al disks support DIOCGSTRATEGY/DIOCSSTRATEGY
kern/39001More than two processors on sparc32
lib/39000sigpending doen't modify its set argument
kern/38992kernel requires incorrect alignment for cmsghdr cmsg_len field
misc/38979Document syscalls of src/sys/kern/sys_sched.c
kern/38970slow crashdump on amd64 machine
port-macppc/38952snapper audio does not work on 14.1" ibook ( Patch for netbsd-4 branch attached).
port-macppc/38951Introduce trackpad support for trackpad on 14.1" ibooks
port-sparc64/38949under emul_netbsd32 on sparc64 some applications die with segfault
install/38943i386 floppy installation now prompts for each floppy twice
kern/38937aprint_debug calls make no sense during shutdown
kern/38905Soekris net4501 running NetBSD 4.0_STABLE crashes
kern/38889Crash on open/mmap/close of block device
kern/38888cnputc() has no locking
kern/38887manual pages should describe basic realtime info better
lib/38883Replace the algorithm used by random (3) by the Mersenne Twister (mertwist.c)
kern/38873ddb(4) 'next' command is noisy and slow
kern/38871vlans don't work on bge interface
kern/38868uhci0: can't map i/o space on Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook S-4546
kern/38859azalia record does not work on Analog Devices AD1984
kern/38827DIAGNOSTIC kernel crash with USB floppy/cdrom
kern/38801most drivers assume seralized d_open/d_close
kern/38789Interval timer should use uptime, not real time.
kern/38779NetBSD 4 KP : uvm_fault / proc_trampoline
lib/38767make src/lib/csu WARNS=4 pass
bin/38765add setprogname to programs used in bootstrapping
kern/38760umount -f /usr panics the system
install/387524.99.63 corrupts superblock
kern/38751sched_rr_get_interval() doesn't tell the truth
kern/38750SCHED_FIFO behaviour does not match POSIX
kern/38747"fd1" appears during probe, even though it's disabled in the BIOS
bin/38746installed atf tests ought to chdir or something
kern/38743ALPS UltraNav (ThinkPad R61) Driver
port-i386/38734fxp0, re0, ath0 at pci... unable to map device registers
kern/38732proplib has locking issues
kern/38727PS/2 mouse port is not being detected
misc/38724Kernel modules installed in inappropriate directory tree
kern/38720curlwp/curcpu should be functions if _MODULE or _LKM
kern/38719arm, m68k, vax have no cpu_info::ci_curlwp
kern/38718large ftp4/6 transfers stall
kern/38716usb discovery messages spill over /etc/rc and sysinst
kern/38691interrupt routing issue
port-sparc64/38681Rebooting a sparc64 machine stalls
lib/38677memory leak in getnetnamadr.c
kern/38670^Z does not seems to suspend programs that vfork'ed and wait.
kern/38643[dM] st tape drive loses data
bin/38638named(9) spams syslog
kern/38631panic: free: addr %p not within kmem_map
port-i386/38619Possible context switch / benchmark improvements
kern/38618HP iPAQ 514 in umass mode is not usable and could panic the machine
port-alpha/38608kernel crash, uvm_fault_internal
port-i386/38603unreasonable calculation of esym in multiboot.c on i386/amd64 platform perhaps
kern/38599panic crashes in early bootstrap
kern/38583Kernel objects that are too large to be in wired memory
kern/38582if_ti.o is too large
kern/38580x86 vector.o is too large
kern/38576isp_pci.o is too large
install/38571sysinst runs "postinstall fix"
kern/38565console outputs CRLF in the "wrong" order
kern/38564comcnpollc() is unnecessary
kern/38562FIOSETOWN on ttys seems broken
kern/38554kernel condvar wait functions should take an absolute timeout
toolchain/38542lint does not grok complex designated initiliazers
kern/38501NetBSD 4.99.60 (GENERIC) kernel does not handle shutdown -r properly on my hardware
kern/38497Out of memory allocating ksiginfo
bin/38493no good audio with cdplay
toolchain/ install breaks if -D and -O dirs are RO
kern/38485possible optimization for bind
lib/38482C compiler can generate non-restartable code within a RAS.
install/38465Manual hard drive geometry data entry difficulties
port-sparc64/38462Sun Type-6 USB keyboard not supported
lib/38442pthreads lack _POSIX_THREAD_PROCESS_SHARED support
kern/38432memcpy freezes with files mmap'ed from smbfs
kern/38431getparts in dkwedge_mbr.c seems to use stale data
misc/38427file(1): more magic patterns for BitTorrent files
port-acorn32/38419Sysinst terminates at "Password cipher" screen
bin/38412restore(8) can't handle correctly old incremental dump files
port-i386/38411ibm X31 looses USB ports across SUSPEND (S3) state
kern/38390"keep state" rules block matching packets that belong to an existing state
kern/38388ipnat won't let GRE get redirected
kern/38380cbb disable (bad Vcc request)
kern/38362pmap_growkernel should able to fail
port-i386/38356multiboot(8) command line option root= does not work
bin/38352Bad CHS addresses with fdisk for inner extended partions (EBR)
kern/38336NULL deref in nfs_lookup
port-alpha/38335kernel freeze on alpha MP system
kern/38330running a -current kernel with lockdebug causes a panic
kern/38316tcp nfs mount of solaris filesystem stucks
kern/38298TI1131 CardBus controller "bad Vcc request" error
install/38294sysinst upgrade installation may be improved
standards/38290IXANY Incorrect Feature Test Macro [IEEE Std 1003.1]
port-evbarm/38285EP9315 raster engine driver plus critical fix for running on rev. E Armadillo-9 boards.
toolchain/38280config(1) should emit devsw.h for devsw declarations in devsw.c
security/38276openpam treats sufficient as optional in "prelim" phase making pam_ldap fail
kern/38273panic: LOCKDEBUG, "lockdebug_barrier: spin lock held", from ld_ataraid_start_raid0()
kern/38271uvm_reclaimable is not mp-safe
kern/38270spurious OOM due to trylock
kern/38241boot -a ... kernel_lock spinout
kern/38229Realtek 8139C+ problems with more than 2 NICs
kern/38208bktr(4) stuck at 12.5 fps in PAL mode with RGB pixel format
kern/38204Linux CDROMREADRAW ioctl is not emulated
lib/38198Problem with pam_group
toolchain/38185gdb does not step properly.
bin/38182fsck_msdos requires too many resources
kern/38174kauth_cred_t interpreted outside of kauth
kern/38141lookup/vfs_busy acquire rwlock recursively
standards/38127awk's: regexps should treat { and } as {n,m}, but as regular characters
kern/38121"panic: buf mem pool index 23" crash apparently caused by mounting msdos floppy image
bin/38114postfix fails to build when MKINET6=no
kern/38107crash in -current under diskload
kern/38102NetBSD NFS-Fileserver will break s-bit-Semantik on directories for NFS-Clients
kern/38096Regression with auvia in 4.0 (OSS sound is choppy)
kern/38095Regression with MSDOSFS in 4.0
kern/38088reading to/past end of audio CD on ahc0 watchdog reboots my SGI O2
bin/38078IPFilter lacks documentation almost completely
kern/38075wm(4) can not receive arp request
kern/38058bktr(4) not signalling properly
toolchain/38053can't cross-build using xcode 3.0 on os x 10.5/ppc
kern/38039genfs+ufs inode locking problem
toolchain/38023Build fails in tools/gcc on OS/X 10.5 "Leopard"
port-macppc/38016NetBSD/macppc Bootblock fails to install
lib/38014bswapXX() is now exposed
bin/38004/bin/sh truncates a message for unobvious reasons
kern/37992There's no way to save PaX flags on non-native binaries
kern/37984current ath(4) does not work properly with Atheros AR5006EX
misc/37981shell builtin manpages are for csh(1) only...
port-macppc/37975NetBSD/macppc 4.0 locks up at SCSI on Power Macintosh G3
kern/37972problems with envstat on Asus PSCH-SR motherboard
kern/37963fxp0: device timeout
lib/37957non-critical buffer overflow in libbfd
bin/37944[patch]: gzip cannot preserve utimes() because it first sets chflags()
toolchain/37938Solaris 10 / SPARC hosted build of NetBSD fails in MAKEDEV.awk
kern/37937tcp recv buffer auto scaling seems broken
kern/37936jmide(4) with ATAPI devices is too fragile, cdplay(1) affected
kern/37925more locking problems with unionfs
misc/37923krb5 ccache unlinked when using xdm and pam
kern/37915vt100 + wscons + tty vmlocking changes = panic
kern/37914nfs client-side locking implementation
kern/37910pcn errors on IBM pcn cards
kern/37891Lack of interaction between ACPI power resources and pmf
bin/37876rpcbind(8) and related services should be able to bind(2) to a specific interface
kern/37875ahcisata(4) triggers a panic with QUEUEDEBUG
kern/37866Thinkpad T61 disk doesn't work in AHCI mode
kern/37851ddb x/{b,h,l,L} command not working and x/m prints bigendian
bin/37846fdisk default argument is sometimes wrong
kern/37843nttcp doesn't work
kern/37840No OSS compatibility through netbsd32/linux32 emulation
kern/37820stf security and nat
kern/37808vn_setrecurse violates abstractions
misc/37802Report daily dirty RAIDframe parity, order /etc/rc.d/raidframeparity before /etc/rc.d/securelevel
port-i386/37787diagnostic panic in sys/arch/x86/pci/pci_machdep.c
kern/37762bge hw assist problems
kern/37753issues of wpi in WPA and WEP networks
port-sparc64/37749Non-fatal FATAL message on 4.0 sparc64 INSTALL boot
kern/37746AGP driver initialization causes kernel to reboot with SIS 662 chipset
kern/37736Attaching USB devices stops working
standards/37734inappropriate tests against _XOPEN_SOURCE in some #include files
kern/3772632-bit overflow in adjtime(2)
kern/37723ne* AX88190 Fast Ethernet 16-bit PC Card: where did the card go? problem
port-i386/37698[vesafb] keyboard hangs when switching to ttyE0 from X(wsfb)
kern/37683ukbd: new useful mappings from usb to at keycodes
kern/37668lfs deadlocks, possibly due to v_numoutput leak
kern/37655iwi(4) doesn't work after resume
kern/37653Using cdce to communicate with an iPaq running iPaq Linux (ala Familiar) fails with llinfo allocation error
install/37645difficult to create extended partition correctly with sysinst
kern/37632Unable to boot 4.0 using "Silicon Image 3112A"-based SATA controller
kern/37613esa doesn't work after resume on Compaq Evo N600c
port-mac68k/37611macs with cuda adb don't boot -current
port-prep/37597NetBSD/prep ISO is unbootable
misc/37578bce(4) man page change
kern/37574Turning off fan
kern/37569On a machine with USB keyboard only, the kernel hangs on entry for a considerable time
kern/37548WPA link go down when opening connection to some hosts
kern/37540audio is confused after boot
kern/37538The BIOS on Dell D400 laptops routes interrupts properly, but doesn't report it to the ACPI tables.
port-i386/37533Client can not connect to any address with ipv6 address
bin/37523mount_msdos gives an error when trying to mount USB drives on
kern/37517VIA VT8251 southbridge isn't working correctly.
kern/37514Crash-and-reboot during first boot after install
bin/37494/bin/sh doesn't expand * in filenames for input redirection.
bin/37493/bin/sh exits if shift fails, but shouldn't
kern/37492Conexant RS7112 (tlp) unreliable at 100 Mb/s, forcing media type broken
port-sparc64/37485corrupted ffs
kern/37480minolta dimage a2 camera, usb umass, fails with device problem, disabling port
port-mac68k/37474After installing a system, booting into it, and mounting /, I get a message saying that the magic numbers don't match upon reboot.
bin/37469Racoon fails to check lifebyte value in "exact" proposal check mode
kern/37456ahc driver can lead to crash if cdrom drive misbehaves
port-sparc/37433openpty() failed in a netboot install: sysinst unusable
bin/37429More than one network restart with ifconfig.if and INET6 doesn't act right.
port-amd64/37428netbsd-4 rc3+4 crash with ixpide 0:0 lost interrupt
kern/37427document _ksem_* syscalls
bin/37417newfs_msdos is terribly slow when writing to an external disk
install/37416sysinst continuously beeps if I press ESC
bin/37415sysinst should be available after installation
kern/37411Hard reset when playing audio (1394 vs. audio?)
kern/37403USB tape drive Illegal Requests for any use
kern/37402fstat return bogus file descriptor info
kern/37400panic in ath_rate_findrate(): ndx is 0
misc/37399useless mail from crontab scripts
kern/37398LFS and mtime
kern/37395NDIS compat won't compile on NetBSD 4.99.35
misc/37392Xen trademark policy changed
misc/37387kernel internals documentation omission
bin/37376/etc/{daily,weekly,monthly} attempt to "dot in" {}.local
misc/37369Unmounting mass-storage causes umount to freeze
bin/37353gpt migrate fails if a NetBSD disklabel partition exists
misc/37352hostapd rc file does not include requring it to start before dhcpd
misc/37298"apropos emul" doesn't return anything useful
bin/37288su fails if home on nfs without root privileges
kern/37281ip_len byte order in fr_fastroute
bin/37275bind9.4: some arch does not match configured 'platform.h'
kern/37249Prism HOSTAP will not do WEP on mini-PCI card (ISL3874)
kern/37248Key Press During Boot Disables Keyboard
port-evbarm/37238evbarm TS7200 flash image no longer fits in flash memory
kern/37229"pms0: resetting mouse interface" error and freeze on i386 MP
bin/37219mount_smbfs not working for simple shares
kern/37211Mounting Floppy with no Floppy causes Freezing
install/37209missed files in postinstal
port-amd64/37198NetBSD has limited hardware support for IBM x3755
bin/37196Infinite Key Press Upon Bad Fluxbox Menu Execution
kern/37192netbsd-4 MP kernel hang
lib/37170deadlock between atexit and jemalloc
lib/37169libpthread doesn't support PTHREAD_STACK_MIN
kern/37168neo0 hangs boot process
bin/37165The ksh has an off-by-one error when changing the history size
port-i386/37138piixpcib hangs system during configuration
kern/37126Bogus tty idle times
port-i386/37107xkbd error - server Keyboard map doesn't contain either 2 or 4 KeySyms per Keycode - unsupported!
kern/37091lpt driver needs to be spinlocked
port-sparc/37080second stage boot loader fails on SparcStation 2
lib/37055libradius: rad_create_request(3) does not clear authentic_pos
kern/37050EHCI USB port disabled if hub plugged in at boot
port-i386/37045Freezing with IrDA support
install/37041NetBSD LiveCD fully works but Installer CD fails to boot on Compaq V3240AU
bin/37024ath(4) appears to be out of date in 4.0_RC1
port-macppc/37023better nvram support
port-i386/37022keyboard encoding swiss-french doesn't work
install/37012The online instructions for setting up RAIDframe aren't as clear as would be good
port-i386/37009unable to use swap partition found on USB drive
kern/37005screenblank = yes && kernel == fb then crash
bin/36997ping doesn't verify limits
kern/36984USB keyboard no longer works in -current
kern/36966routed failed to update default route
port-i386/36952swapctl(8) doesn't
port-i386/36950black console cursor
port-i386/36924axe interface compatibility with Linksys USB 1000
lib/36914printf(3) doesn't support %ls
kern/36900MPT driver attached to LSI logic 1068E is slooow.
install/36890Bootselector default specified in sysinst doesn't work
kern/36884kernel panic upon powering down serial console client machine
kern/36883azalia device doesn't sense plugging of the headphones.
kern/36873boot takes a long time when there are offline "disks"
kern/36871Starting X takes very long with kernel 4.99.30, worked with 4.99.4
bin/36866Memory exhaustion umounting a null filesystem
bin/36854[dM] -o (show offset) option for fstat
kern/36844getting mutex error on NetBSD kernel 4.99.20 and later
bin/36827Order of -t and -o arguments matters to makefs
kern/36824CF card reading creates 97% interrupt storm
kern/36821zyd(4) rejects initial configuration attempt
port-i386/36808NetBSD not installable from a second disk
kern/36806uvisor inaccessible, diagnostic kernel crashes
lib/36789openssl command man-pages referenced incorrectly
kern/36783system panics under certain conditions when mounting a fileystem with fragsize > 2048
kern/36782inconsistent packet handling in IPSEC_NAT_T
kern/36780FAST-IPSEC accepts IPSEC packets from anywhere - security whole!
port-i386/36770"long double" arithmetics doesn't work on i386
misc/36765weekly netbsd-3.tar.bz2 on
bin/36763outdated manual page for ipf(8)
kern/36762Locking alternative layouts for wskbd
bin/36737routed from cli assumes `-s' but rc.d does not?
port-sparc64/36735/usr/include/sparc64/apmvar.h should exist
port-shark/36734Make sysinst setup OF for hard disk boot automatically
kern/36727lkms that work with Single processor kernel do not work with muli-processor kernel
lib/36722x87 FPU stack overflows when many threads are starting to use a FPU.
bin/36708quotacheck doesn't work with lfs partition
misc/36697unexpanded variable in dhcpd.leases(5)
misc/36687su man page out of date
bin/36684named crashes soon after start with a INSIST failure.
kern/36676USB stops responding after disconnect while active
kern/36672azalia can not map 64-bit bar on 32-bit platform
lib/36668bogus complaints about sys/endian.h code when running lint -aa
port-hpcmips/36666[dM] dev/hpc/hpcfb.c space optimization code incorrectly clears areas sometimes
kern/36654cbb0: Bad Vcc status set at cold boot - ThinkPad 570 / TI PCI1450
lib/36649ps -M causes core in libkvm
port-i386/36648No SATA DVD on viaide, kernel hangs on repeated mount attempts
kern/36646/bin/df -i shows negative number of free inodes for LFS
kern/36645Sound loops on a VT8237A/VT8251 HDA controller
port-alpha/36628cdhdtape image panics with memory management trap on Jensen
bin/36613newfs: wrong value used for loop max when initializing the first 2 blocks of inodes
kern/36592cdce does not work: arpresolve: can't allocate llinfo on cdce0
misc/36580sk(4) man page has contradictory info. re. checksum support
port-i386/36578system may not actually halt if serial console is on a slow device
kern/36574Can't add gif interface to bridge
kern/36572panic on NFS unmount
install/36559sysinst does not allow selection of SCSI disk to upgrade if IDE disk is available
install/36552sysinst attempts to create a partition which ends beyond the end of disk
standards/36544UID_MAX and GID_MAX should reflect the unsigned nature of uid_t and gid_t
standards/36543internal username field lengths should be consistent
bin/36542better "systat vm" output
bin/36541cleaner df(1) output, and another output format option
bin/36539a mass of fixes for cron(8)
bin/36532fix for a core dump in /bin/sh dotrap()
port-xen/36530High CPU temperature with XEN3_DOM0
kern/365293.1_STABLE kernel panics on alpha
lib/36528strptime(3) doesn't fill in the 'tm' structure fields correctly
port-i386/36525unsupported APM device ID now causes a uvm_fault()
port-i386/36524"quit" at the bootloader's "> " prompt fails to reboot if booted from a CD-ROM
lib/36511lcc is an ANSI C compiler for a variety of platforms
misc/36508Init scripts to enable mounting from read only filesystems
port-vax/36499Booting from DKA0 does not work (installed via disklabel -B sd0)
port-vax/36497Installation fails after the disk has been formatted
port-vax/36496vax/installation/netboot/boot does not boot via mopd on VaxStation 3100 Model VS42A
lib/36494proplib/ioctl namespace problem
misc/36477reasonable default for /etc/skel/.xsession
lib/36462initial test for non-existence of pre-processor symbol MALLOC_EXTRA_SANITY
kern/36454msk(4) (Marvell Yukon-2 FE) watchdog timeout (with fix)
bin/36444flex generates bad C++ code
port-i386/36428piixpcib boot hang on 4.0_BETA2
kern/36427pcn related panic in m_freem
kern/36426Some pci devices missing - a need to add it
port-i386/36402tlp driver fails with Xircom X3201-3 Ethernet (CardBus)
kern/36390struct ifreq has sockaddr, but ifreq ioctls use sockaddr_dl
kern/36389azalia(4) (ALC260) output not working
bin/36381No accounting in lpd(8) for remote printing
kern/36370support for cyrilic charsets is needed in msdosfs
kern/36363Can't mount Flash disk device - system block
port-amd64/36350Many man pages missing on amd64
kern/36349altqd panics with certain
kern/36347Things go blooey when using both interfaces on i80003 chipset board
kern/36344New processes created no more
kern/36337a memory leak in nd6.c and nd6_nbr.c
kern/36328clone(2) with CLONE_FILES can leak POSIX locks
kern/36306Console driver outputs \n\r sequence at end-of-line
kern/36296LFS kernel panic
kern/36276ucycom causes kernel panic when accessing Delorme USB Earthmate LT-20 GPS
bin/36271/usr/share/groff_font/devhtml/DESC is missing a required parameter
bin/36268NetBSD gzip error message mismatch with GNU gzip
port-evbmips/36248ADM5120 kernel trap when writing to serial device.
port-i386/36247ata controller problem??
misc/36243cgdconfig manual page correction: document -n flag; add -V to -g case; omit -n in -g case
kern/36239agp_i810.c aperture size detection doesn't work
kern/36238LFS corrupted after crash
kern/36237panic in LFS (KASSERT lfs_segment.c:1048)
misc/36232add backward compatibility to wscons rc.d script (patch supplied)
kern/36227new emul namei problem with symlinks
lib/36214NetBSD strptime doesn't support "%Z" and "%z" format modifiers
misc/36212Hanging while using a vnode disk
kern/36195netstat: kvm_read: Bad address
port-i386/36189libasn1/der_put.po dies on OS X 10.4.9
kern/36172fwohci: plugin/plugout events sometimes crash machine
bin/36164G++ 4.1.2 internal segfault (ICE)
toolchain/36160Missing target kvm when crossbuilding from i386 to amd64
port-sgimips/36158NetBSD/sgimips does not properly detect the total amount of physical memory in an IP32 (O2) machine
kern/36148USB ral(4) locks up once every few days
kern/36130Unkillable stackable filesystems
bin/36128CRLF handling for make
kern/36124panic: lfs_finalize_seguse: negative bytes
bin/36122additions/corrections for some magic(5) files in /src/dist/file/dist/magic/magdir
kern/36110ulpt problem with HP Laserjet 1022nw
bin/36084ambiguous file(1) "magic" mis-identifies files
bin/36078pstat segfaults when used for kernel core file with -v and -T options
bin/36060regression: users cannot dial out with cu/tip
kern/36053hfs panic
kern/36032Kernel hangs when netbooting soekris 4501
kern/36022bge(4) fails to initialize
kern/36019uvm_readahead.c:ra_startio() assumes (MAXPHYS & (MAXPHYS - 1)) == 0
port-alpha/35987Kernel panic in ahc driver (Possibly memory corruption though)
port-i386/35975Cannot access wireless network with a hidden ssid
kern/35972SIOCSIFMEDIA: Invalid argument. Media autoselect broken.
toolchain/35964Setting SHAREDSTRINGS=yes causes build to fail
kern/35962sokcet leak when socket on the pend queue (so_q) rcv'd a RST
bin/35943file(1) reports regular binaries as X11/NeWS bitmap fonts
kern/35934read(2) from raw disk into unaligned buffer
xsrc/35923some minor fixes for xfs
xsrc/35922add some ISO-8859 8'th bit chars to the default text for xfontsel
xsrc/35921fix xconsole's icon title activity hack so it matches xterm's
xsrc/35919some minor cleanups of WSCONS/PCVT setup messages
bin/35904Odd behaviour of ksh in emacs mode
kern/35855iop/sbp seem to depend on scsi code, but it is not enforced
kern/35830procfs "exe" symlinks do not work with nullfs
kern/35781bus_space(9) and bus_dma(9) atomic?
kern/35769aac(4) needs updating from FreeBSD or replacing from OpenBSD (or fixing of a lost interrupt bug)
kern/35741PDPOLICY_CLOCKPRO has no tuning parameters analogous to vm.filemax, etc.
kern/35739recent addition of RASOPS_ROTATION breaks wsfont
kern/35711NetBSD-current msk/amd64 random failures
port-powerpc/35705interrupt handler ext_intr for edge triggered IRQs, only?
kern/35699root-on-md can panic with "panic: init died"
port-i386/35698Touchpad problems on Acer Aspire 1691
kern/35682WEP enabled ath does not come back from acpi sleep/wake
toolchain/35597cross-gdb does not grok NetBSD target kcore/kvm
kern/35591twa(4) doesn't see disks on lun 1
kern/35580creating directories on large UFS2 -> boom
kern/35553azalia hangs an Optiplex 745
port-hpcarm/35551bt3c support broken on hpcarm
bin/35547add timeout to cgdconfig
bin/35530rc.subr: ${name}_ulimit
kern/35525panics with ipnat and isakmp proxy
misc/35501Update request for supported hardware page (www)
port-i386/35486Synaptics wheel doesn't work
bin/35474fsck_lfs problems
port-i386/35472linux emulation problem with a nfs v3 mounted /usr/pkg
misc/35466more history in hier(7) would be nice
kern/35465GUS PnP audio device's still faulty
bin/35460man(1) and catman(1) don't honour '\" first line comment
port-alpha/35448memory management fault trap during heavy network I/O
kern/35447Panic by write to raw cgd device
port-amd64/35435startx of amd64x2 laptop causes the "pckbport: command timeout" and disables PS/2 keyboard
kern/35426needs CMUMASK_SIU
bin/35423/bin/sh cannot open files whose name contains the characters 0x81 or 0x88
kern/35420ATI USB not working / ASUS laptop
kern/35379ohci_abort_xfer is broken and causes infinite loops
toolchain/ should not assigned CXXFLAGS based on CFLAGS
port-sparc/35363MP broken for some 50 MHz SuperSPARC (390Z50) processors on 3.1
kern/35351fileassoc lacks locking
port-macppc/35348"auto-boot? true" fails on PM G4/400 OF3 ROM v4.2.8f1
kern/35320ath(4) doesn't seems to work anymore
kern/35313piixpcib boot hang on 4.99.7 and 4.0_BETA2
port-i386/35301ThinkPad X31 ath0 device not working (it worked perfectly before)
port-alpha/35284port-alpha panic: panic: pmap_emulate_reference: !write but not FOR|FOE
lib/35282ntalkd users limited to 8 character length logins
kern/35276linux compatible /proc cannot readlink(): breaks java
misc/35274rc script for seeding /dev/random
bin/35270globbing/redirection bug in csh
bin/35257tar(1) opens excluded files
bin/35255Hardcoded references to DESTDIR found in some files
misc/35254telnet (and others?) provide false/misleading/useless error message for name resolution failure
kern/35247pf drops packets on connections with high window scaling
port-macppc/35241iMac freezes with caps lock on 4.99.4 kernel
kern/35228ath and tcpdump don't mix
bin/35227/bin/sh does not clean up zombies under certain circumstances
misc/35225there is no automation in rc.d for ftp-proxy(8)
kern/35224daemons freeze in mclpl condition after lot of net traffic from netbsd-2 through netbsd-3
install/35202partition menu breaks
kern/35196sockets should die if addresses vanish
kern/35187Certain file operations--such as chown--take inordinate amounts of time on LFS
kern/35168probable double free panic in net80211
port-hpcarm/35124current port-hpcarm is broken with wi0 driver
misc/35119some architectures lack boot(8) man-page
kern/35110Boot time panic from smb_co_unlock
misc/35075Not unconfiguring CCDs at shutdown can keep raid parity dirty.
kern/35074IPSELSRC doesn't work with xvif
port-i386/35073problem compile kernel with: options PPPOE_SERVER
kern/35071panic: mpt_get_request: corrupted request free list (xfer)
bin/35067reboot(8) could remove swap devices, preserving RAID parity
kern/35061Umass digital camera doesn't work. Drive offline
kern/35060No audio output with azalia
kern/35050xen3_dom0 kernel crashed when I try to use NFS mounted image for xen3_domu netbsd.
port-i386/35046kernel panic when trying to dump packets on ipw0 in monitor mode
port-i386/35045Netbsd 4.99.3 panic on ath0 mediaopt change
port-i386/35038ATI IXP AC97 audio (auixp) is not working on HP nx6125 laptop.
kern/35004Could an MI aperture driver be added to the web site's list of contrib projects?
port-i386/34993AMD Geode SC1100 cache infomation broken
port-i386/34986Note that Dynamic Allocation of System RAM as VIdeo RAM must be disabled in system BIOS
bin/34934make sometimes fails to handle multiple targets on the left correctly
lib/34913absolute paths from build machine in /var/db/libc.tags
kern/34908Forwarding multicast packets changes source port in udp header
kern/34907Can not send packets on ppp link using BPF
kern/34891Volume controls do not work on SB Audigy 2 ZS
bin/34890ldd(1) receives SIGSEGV when called for certain files
kern/34855Panic trying to restart apcupsd using a Prolific USB -> Serial adapter
kern/34853can not boot 3.1RC4(AMD64) with a qlogic qla2200f/66 hba installed. gives "isp0: I/O while blocked" message continuously.
kern/34843"use" level policy doesn't seem to work right w/ FAST_IPSEC
bin/34842rpc_control(3) is undocumented
kern/34841pstat -s blocks while swapctl -d is running
kern/34834ste driver generates packet burst after timeout
lib/34822libossaudio ignores mixer class
kern/34821[PATCH] Audio drivers use obsolete record gain control
kern/34811A few more unused variable fixes
bin/34796ftp(1) hangs indefinitely on unresponsive servers
install/34794Postinstall wrongly flags several libraries as obsolete
bin/34789mount option getargs is broken
security/34773Patch that adds functionality to veriexecgen
bin/34766Changes for xlint
kern/34748our tcp stack can enter fast recovery due to DSACKs
bin/34740usr.sbin/user/user.c:asystem hides bugs
kern/34735diagnostic assertion failed genfs_vnops.c 1123
bin/34733tcpdump(8) requires default snaplen > 68 for pflog(4)
kern/34725aac driver stops reponding after 10 seconds of activity
bin/34724ksh prompt line wrapping is often unreadable
bin/34716incorrect emulation of cpio by pax
kern/34711ehci(4) won't talk to iPod Nano
bin/34700prng_exch file should be placed under /var
kern/34697iwi* (Intel WiFi) does not work with AirPort Extreme (Apple) encryption
misc/34693/etc/rc.d/ enhancements (patch supplied)
install/34676sysinst can't step back
kern/34667NTFS uses to much kernel memory
install/34649Danish translation of msg.mbr.da and msg.mi.da for sysinst
kern/34647audio(4) silence insertion is broken
standards/34646/bin/test does not conform to POSIX
install/34626Cannot set Belgian keymap
kern/34621ral(4) no longer supports powersave mode
kern/34603twe(4) does not support ATA command passthrough ioctl
toolchain/34598cannot build m68k release with MKSOFTFLOAT and LDSTATIC
kern/34588ip filter does not allow traffic to hosts at the base address of a subnet
kern/34586amap can eat too much memory
lib/34560Basic regexes go wrong when combining bound and backref
misc/34557Problem with NetBSD-3 as a NFSv3 server with ext2fs
toolchain/34553gcc -msoft-float with long double doesn't duplicate hard-float
toolchain/34527Crosscompiling userland with MKSOFTFLOAT requires GCC --nfp configure
lib/34506libc.a missing some -msoft-float routines (__floatsisf, __fixsfsi, __gtdf2)
port-macppc/34498Netbsd 3.1RC2/macppc is powered off during boot of the installation kernel on powerbook5,8
kern/34490wrong denpendency concerning "le_isa_intredge" and "le_isa_attach"?
kern/34461multiple problems; lfs-related
kern/34452Freecom USB HDD which worked with 2.x doesn't work with 3.1_RC1, 4.0_BETA or 4.99.1
port-i386/34450PowerNow on an HP Pavilion ze4500 doesn't work.
kern/34448NFS fails to ftruncate() after creat(...,0)
kern/34309auich: lag when playing sound
port-sparc/34308panic fpu_cleanup
kern/34293vnd deadlocks on I/O buffers
kern/34277the documentation invlan(4) and ifconfig(8) about VLANs in incomplete
kern/34276ether_input() refernces ec_nvlans inconsitently
kern/34263LFS thrashed after running lfs_cleanerd -c
kern/34262LFS panics in lfs_finalize_seguse()
port-i386/34248"make -j4 cleandir" causes ESTALE on nfs
bin/34236some problems with CGD-device creation similar on "race condition" problem
lib/34223pam_radius fails to load with certain applications
bin/34200timed occasionally goes into infinate loop
kern/34180ping to deprecated IPv6 address is replied to with wrong source address
bin/34172tcpdump doesn't catch any non-IP packet on gre(4) interface
lib/34168getnameinfo prototype doesn't match SUS3
kern/34164unconnected ippp? interfaces hang onto pakets to be send
install/34163installboot uses ffs_findstage2 for all FS types on RAID.
port-i386/34161-current GENERIC cannot use ehci on NForce4
kern/34146scsi(4) manpage doesn't match with sys/scsiio.h
kern/34118Atheros driver in AP mode causes kernel panic when client moves in/out of range
kern/34110NFS client locks system if UDP is blocked
kern/34105NetBSD 3.0.1 kernel goes back on mousescroll quirk required for Apple's Mighty Mouse
kern/34101ltsleep during panic hangs system
port-sparc/34046dbri conflict w/magma hangs SS10
bin/33994Implement a XXX comment in job.c
kern/33990NFS code assumes static file handle size
kern/33986Kernels with UFS_DIRHASH exhibit corruption of other kernel data structures, particularly mbufs and other structures managed with pool(9)
kern/33952There is no documentation for "Wedges"
bin/33944usbhidctl -l does not flush stdout when input events are printed
port-sparc64/33937disklabel problems with NetBSD-current (as of Jul 7 2006)
toolchain/33925incorrect calculation of required image size
toolchain/33924feature request: makefs(8) should output blocks used by each file
port-i386/33907GENERIC kernel fails on Toshiba Portege 3110CT
toolchain/33906nbmake bootstrap build doesn't warn about using system mk includes
kern/33901ipf "express forward" to GRE interface gives byte order problem.
bin/33877cvs(1) doesn't document "tag" and "rtag"
kern/33843Patches and documentation on how to use the Kyocera EVDO card under NetBSD-3.0
bin/33833'wiconfig wi0' dumps core
bin/33823wpa_supplicant -w broken
bin/33796inetd should be less fussy with resolved addresses in inetd.conf
kern/33786ATAPI DMA with ITE 8212F
port-hpcarm/33779system freezes permanently on hpcarm with 2gb kingston CF
kern/33777ftruncate broken on extend on ffs with large page size
misc/33753don't installworld to a full disk
kern/33742multiple bktr cards may require change in PCI latency.
bin/33693pdksh in 2.0 and newer violates de facto standard Ksh startup behaviour
install/33683upgrade does not create proper dynamic library symlinks.
kern/33642Sometimes, creating new users and then chowning directories for them, leads to a panic.
lib/33625[PATCH] allow using t_puts inside of libedit
kern/33608establishing ppp connection twice crashes the kernel
kern/33603panic on inserting a umodem on usb hub on cardbus card
kern/33581Z Com XI-325H / SMC2532W-B PC Card wedges system and overheats card
kern/33579kernel boot query does not turn off the splash screen
kern/33543panic on quota
kern/33513vnode dirtiness problem
port-xen/33487"gdt_get_slot botch 1" while attempting to set a LDT
kern/33459Cannot recognize capacity of Sandisk SDCFB-128 via PCMCIA properly.
kern/33454The USB OHCI code is incorrectly using hccaDoneHead when WD is clear
kern/33440bce0 network interface freezes system when configured with ifconfig
kern/33375compat_30_sys_getdents sees only top layer of union on -current
port-i386/33353apm_thread spins forever after panic reboot
kern/33341Pluging in camera into USB port freezes system
port-i386/33320i386_iopl(2) is not LWP aware
bin/33295ieeefp/except regression test fails on soft-float userlands
port-i386/33291pdcsata hang kernel on writing device timeout/retry
kern/33289isdntrace does not work
kern/33280Potential Multi-Processor locking bugs
kern/33278A process repeatetdly sleeps in uvm_fault on "flt_pmfail2"; pagedaemon is repeatedly woken up and does not help it; and nothing else can run.
port-macppc/33266macppc -current kernel hangs at boot with 'start=0x100000'
kern/33257revoke race
port-i386/33242X11 on NetBSD 3.0.0_STABLE i386 freezes with double-headed ati
kern/33241Nokia 6230i umodem device stopped to work in 3.0
kern/33194Packet Filter support breaks kernel compilation
kern/33192umodem0: Could not find data bulk in
kern/33184Use sys/dev/usb/usbdevices.config in kernel config files
toolchain/33178Compiler error w/ -O2 building gtk2/.../pixops.c on m68k archs
kern/33177USB devices seem to freeze the system
port-ibmnws/33132ibmnws port is unusable with NFS rootfs
standards/33125POSIX, const char parameters for telldir and iconv
kern/33118auich0: suffers fifo underrun
kern/33102sysctl(9) suggestions
port-xen/33093dom0 reboots when destroying domU in non-halted state
port-alpha/33073isp0: unable to load dma (22)
port-i386/33066ich5 NetBSD-i386-3.0 freeze
kern/33057NetBSD 3.0 kernel panic when switching on my USB printer
port-i386/33048aac(9) fails to initialize under Xen (NetBSD 3.0)
kern/33047fxp NICs are not useable on IBM Netfinity 4000R (no link)
kern/33025dmover makes radical assumptions about backends
kern/33023device files behave unexpectedly under union mounts
port-sparc64/32999sparc64 uses 32bit VM limits, even in 64 bit mode
port-evbmips/32980Au1500 cannot build pkgsrc pkgtools/digest
port-alpha/32975"ifconfig tlp0 manual" required to select 10base2/bnc interface on Multia
kern/32963cannot install an unnumbered-p2p multicast interface into kernel
port-i386/32958pxeboot on WRAP
port-i386/32953Repeated keystrokes under X using APCI kernel
lib/32946Unifying managment via environment variables and bonus debug levels
kern/32938PCMCIA cards with fixed IO addresses are not working.
kern/32928bpf filter can fail to extract a 32-bit quantity
port-arc/32916arc device_register() abuses dv_unit
kern/32908fdesc + procfs = kernel panic
bin/32902awk with null FS
kern/32882irframe_alloc() should use config_attach_pseudo()
port-amiga/32863miniroot install fails on Amiga
kern/32860panic in physio_done after heavy IO
kern/32844unix domain sockets documentation is incomplete
kern/32843Kernel panic during heavy io (backup)
kern/32838USB 2.0 harddrive not recognized.
kern/32830sd(4) contains incorrect & incomplete information
kern/32793MS-6323 fails to power down
lib/32778Sensitive parameter clearing code in sha1 will be removed by optimizer
kern/32772pppoe(4) should (optionally) wait before retrying
port-sparc/32770reading disklabel off CD-R attached to isp gives stray interrupts
kern/32766Patch: Sleeps wd disks before switching off
kern/32755Some keys generate wrong keysyms on USB-keyboards in console
kern/32754<--- key should produce ^H and ^?
port-vax/32741VAXstation 3100/76 install crashes and/or panics
kern/32718choppy sound after mplayer pause/play, possibly kent-audio1 bug
kern/32717alpha 3.0 install kernel doesn't see scsi disks
bin/32714config(1)(9) doesn't know about prerequisites
kern/32701[dM] Indirect blocks break on big filesystems
kern/32700userspace bus_dmamap_load is problematic
kern/32690Cant make DWL-G510 work with ath driver
kern/32682netbsd-3 ptyfs intermittent failure with Matlab
kern/32651Drivers that busy-wait MIDI output if they don't have to
kern/32638ath(4) driver mis-interprets received packets
kern/32626ehci + umass + stress = umass stall cycle
port-sparc/32575GENERIC hangs with vi on console of Tadpole 3GX
kern/32564Support DWL-122 USB wireless NIC
misc/32555Some links in INSTALL.html TOC don't work
bin/32537bringing down network interface exposes bugs in wpa_supplicant(8)
bin/32536wpa_supplicant(8) unreliable, dropping connections with iwi(4)
kern/32513smbfs forbids anonymous mounts
bin/32500ksh (emacs-mode) has problem deleting words with ESC+d
kern/32490panic in VOP_STRATEGY
kern/32483kernel crash: page fault trap from ddb(4) with 2 (or more) istance of ppp
kern/32481audiocs(4) mixer does not label inputs correctly, does not control output ports
port-i386/32474SCSI tape /dev/st fails on NetBSD 2.1 onwards
kern/32450building kernel without a large chunk of options (pci/etc) fails.
port-hpcsh/32438hpcboot doesn't pass the serial console speed in bootinfo
port-hpcsh/32437hpcsh installation kernel forces terminal speed to 9600
kern/32430There is no documentation on genfs nor its gop's
port-alpha/32429setting MAXDSIZ over 1GB on 1.6.x alpha causes a "panic: trap"
kern/32423Boot loader hook for loading processor specified kernel segments
kern/32413stat on a special file doesn't reveal size until it was opened
kern/32410wiconfig(8): "SIOCGWAVELAN: Operation not supported" message
port-i386/32408skype causes NetBSD-i386-3.99.15 to freeze
install/32406installing netbsd on laptop with auixp driver read_codec time out
port-sgimips/32401NetBSD 3.0 sgimips does not support QED RM7000C CPU
bin/32368NetBSD's gzip(1) usage message should be more accurate
kern/32367umount -f deadlock
bin/32358inetd.conf sndbuf/rcvbuf parser is fragile
port-hpcsh/32356etherlink III 3c589D-TP PC card failure
kern/32354Recent patch breaks usb for some device/controller
kern/32344atu(4) makes kernel crash
bin/32340rs doesn't parse options POSIXly
kern/32328PCMCIA port doesn't work on Thinkpad T43p
kern/32327CF card does not attach wdX with Thinkpad T43p
bin/32319free() problem in login with Kerberos
kern/32286exporting more than one directory to the world in one filesystems failed
bin/32282set -e - difference between /bin/sh and /bin/ksh
kern/32271xlock kills xserver
kern/32270iwi may not reinitialize after suspend/resume
kern/32261ntpd and leap seconds
kern/32260kernel panic when mounting nfs
bin/32232NetBSD 3.0_RC1/sgimips reboots while building pkgsrc/editors/vim
misc/32221NetBSD's web documentation is not valid HTML
kern/32212Add flag to src/sys/dev/i2c/i2c_exec.c
kern/32199GENERIC kernel uhci USB ports unreliable, Dell Precision 380
kern/32191integer divide fault trap caused by the ata driver
kern/32186rtw rx/tx overflow
kern/32185rtw incorrect geographic location
kern/32172USB network drivers sleep in interrupt if stalled
kern/32169PIO modes 1 and 2 not used
kern/32166pgo_get protocol is ambiguous
kern/32165wm0: discarding oversize frame (len=-4)
kern/32157infinite loop calling pthread_create() hangs netbsd
kern/321533.0RC3 freezes when inserting Option Globetrotter GT 3G QUAD PCMCIA Card
kern/32136DHCP VCI not unique for some platforms
kern/32133iwi0: loss of connectivity
bin/32117ld.elf_so/Makefile shouldn't set -O3 for all ports
kern/32106config_search and config_found changes not documented
bin/32102newfs -O 0 does not respect the 4.2BSD inode format for uid and gid
kern/32101netbsd-3 kernel panics on netbsd-2 lfs v2
kern/32090panic after "vnode: table is full" with layerfs
port-evbmips/32085aumac should support VLAN
kern/32083wm0: discarding oversize frame on large file transfers
kern/32064strange probing output with Adaptec aic7880
kern/32056L2 cache of my CPU disengaged
kern/32038kernel panic in pipe code
kern/320353.0 MP machines can't keep time on busy nameservers
kern/32011usb HC detach race condition
port-macppc/32010mc0 does not function on PowerComputing PowerCenter Pro 210
kern/31994kernel panic, probably msdosfs
kern/31989insertion of pcmcia card causes panic
kern/31988crcmp() in kern_prot.c may still be buggy
kern/31966scheduler multiprocessor problem
kern/31964frozen networking with tlp and trafshow
kern/31963Wrong VIA Technologies VT82C686A SMBus Controller in pcidevs
kern/31954sys/dev/if_cdce.c does not recognise YOPY PDA
port-macppc/31947bm0 ethernet slow and has errors "bm0: discarding oversize frame (len=1563)"
bin/31940ifconfig behaves unexpectedly
port-alpha/31938NetBSD/alpha GENERIC kernel miss USB serial adapters
misc/31934toplevel cleandir doesn't honor MKX11=yes
port-evbmips/31911desire move of yamon from evbmips to master mips
bin/31908top doesn't check invalid values
kern/31906ral(4) panics kernel when unplugging ASUS card from Apple USB keyboard
kern/31865df of NFS-mounted volume reports different Avail than host
kern/31858gem (ERI/GEM/GMAC Ethernet device driver) has problems on macppc -current
kern/31849some sysctl nodes don't return necessary space.
kern/31839Hifn driver hangs and resets with 7955 in Soekris net4501
kern/31837sip driver receive buffer overrun diminishes the receive capabilities of the driver
kern/31827ieee802.11: station won't associate with access-point
bin/31557vmstat(1) shows bogus values when the member of 'sturct uvmexp' is bigger than INT_MAX
kern/31507getcwd returns ERANGE after directory move across null mount
port-i386/31503fdisk on i386 will fail to setup new empty disks
port-i386/31494HP NetServer LPr SMP Kernel hang at esiop or siop probing
kern/31477Heavy disk IO to raid0 locks up system
kern/31442Conner CP3041 hard disk drive not detected
bin/31436w in 24h format
kern/31430ttys aren't getting mtime right
kern/31421bridge(4) doesn't bridge 802.11 beacons
lib/31411Server refused to allocate pty
misc/31406Plug daemon missing
kern/31380Detaching a wi PCMCIA card panics netbsd-3
bin/31378Kerberization needed: ftp, ftpd, rsh, rshd, rlogind
bin/31377ksh: cannot set limit indicated by ulimit -H
kern/31368Linux compatibility raw inet protocol handling changes
kern/31317Cannot stop read/writes from/to smbfs shares
kern/31310/netbsd: com2: 2 silo overflows, 0 ibuf floods
kern/31296ath(4) does not work with WEP enabled
kern/31279esiop driver trouble
lib/31218segv in _setcontext_u_xmm
port-macppc/31152multiprocessor kernel (2.0.2 & -current) panics on PowerMac 9500 w/ 2 x ppc604 @ 200 mhz
port-amiga/31134ep driver unusable
lib/31113want malloc option like 'A' but allow out-of-memory
kern/31110siside(4) uses too low dma-mode on SiS650 IDE with FUJITSU MHR2020AT attached. patch exist{s|ed}.
bin/31107scp can't handle remote file names with '(' in them
install/31099postinstall denies to remove obsolete directory
port-mac68k/31080panic on kernel boot (mac IIci + cache card)
kern/31063config should check conflicts and dependences
bin/31060/etc/rc.d/ntpdate and virecover have "status" commands when they shouldn't
kern/31041wm(4) sometimes can't attach phy, igphy(4): MDIC read timed out
kern/31037aironet 350 an(4) pcmcia card with a recent firmware are not working
kern/31034Patch included to allow mpt(4) to send bus resets
kern/31029pppd easily get in 100% CPU loop in -current
port-mac68k/31006file corruption during ftp transfer (mac IIci + cache card)
kern/31003umass(4) panic provoked by Plextor portable hard disk drive
lib/30978curses library
misc/30962`du: fts_read: No such file or directory' with fdesc mounted
kern/30930ath now incorrectly selects 11g mode instead of 11b mode
kern/30927no way to flush input queue on uhid devices
port-acorn32/30901NetBSD install Kernel doesn't work on Risc PC with 256 DRAM
kern/30898auvia(4) plays audiofiles to fast and distorted
install/30896Incorrect serial configuration after installation
kern/30867PS/2 keyboard problem when there isn't a PS/2 mouse connected
port-i386/30866Implement cd9660_ls() for sys/arch/i386/stand/boot/boot2.c
kern/30865cd9660.c from libsa cannot read files with > 8 characters
kern/30851bad NAT with bge
bin/30816large blocking factors cannot be used with dump
misc/30780Many encodings in wscons don't work
bin/30771patch to add -m option to calendar(1)
kern/30757ehci causes complete system lockup upon device insertion
port-amiga/30749pthread_create ends in abort if stacksize limit over 4088k
port-hpcmips/30748Screen freezes after suspend/resume with ITE8181_LCD_CONTROL_ENABLE
lib/30747libedit is missing remove_history()
kern/30705magiclinks assumes encoding of symlink content
bin/30694ifconfig(8) brings the interface up when assigning an IP, even when "down" is also specified
kern/30674RAIDframe should be able to create volumes without parity rewrite
lib/30664realpath and magic symlinks
kern/30631wi(4) broken for netgear ma401 (prism2) in -current
kern/30613keyboard encodings missing
bin/30608sshd doesn't honour PAM modules changing PAM_USER
kern/30602archos detects improperly, and isn't accessible in 3.0_BETA
kern/30569wi make machine fall over
kern/30566Bugs in various poll routines
lib/30552small bug in libedit might cause abnormal program termination
kern/30550denial-of-service attack using ICMP "need to fragment" messages and MTU set to 1500
kern/30549wi(4) fails to initialise card on netbsd-3
misc/30542Patch 385-cl3 to version 385 of the "less" paginator (pager)
kern/305314MB/s out of mpt(4) 53c1030 striped drives
kern/30525remounting ffs read-only (mount -ur) does not sync metadata
port-sparc64/30519Sound problem and panic with ogg123 (pthread) (ultra 1 only)
bin/30486PPPoE doesn't support MSCHAPv2
bin/30483skeyinit re-uses non-compliant seeds
install/30475delete and backspace don't work in miniroot sysinst (sparc64)
port-cats/30460Cats distribution should include ABLE images
kern/30444Some const/shadow warning fixes for recent -current
bin/30432rcorder doesn't perform enough sanity checking
bin/30428pax 'remove leading /' and hardlink features don't cooperate
bin/30420chrooted named does not work out of the box.
kern/30371ALTQ loses packets with HFSC
bin/30365restore should wait for EOF on it's input
kern/30331kernel panic somethimes with USB printer
bin/30326pam_krb5 doesn't set up credentials anymore.
bin/30324BSD sed wraps the regexp when it's too long.
bin/30300isdnd: more than one phone number?
bin/30299isdnd: better way to handle non-flat rate, please
bin/30298isdnd: no accounting information written on '/etc/rc.d/isdnd stop'
bin/302966 password prompts instead of 3 with PAMified sshd
bin/30295getty accepts too few letters after username prompt
kern/30284pcmcia modem doesn't work on -current or netbsd-3 (with pccbb.c 1.118)
kern/30283atu(4) needs serious work (panic, and stall)
bin/30276pkg_add(1) can't add very old package.
kern/30250mknod VNOVAL weirdness
port-i386/30236HighPoint 1540 doesn't find connected drives and freezes the system
bin/30203restore has apparently n^2 or worse algorithms
kern/30193Activity LED on wm(4) does not blink.
port-alpha/30148Alphastation 255 panics when NFS (client side) gets used
kern/30115getrusage returns bogus ru_utime values
kern/30094lfs panic: lfs_vget: dinode not found
bin/30087rc.d/postfix should support KEYWORD: chrootdir
kern/30080floppy install problem with USB LinkSys Compact USB 2.0 10/100 Network Adapter (USB200M)
misc/30074proposed changes to RAIDframe related rc.d scripts
kern/300583.0_BETA: setextattr(1) and extattr(9) not working
kern/30057FAST_IPSEC, large MTU, and strict alignment don't get along
misc/30024INFOPATH not correctly used in cross build environment.
bin/29988deleting default route ignores destination
kern/29978tlp driver bad performance (transmit underrun) especially ANA-6944A
misc/29968distribution build fails if some MK* variables are set to 'no'
lib/29944Cursor keys are not recognized after running a subshell
kern/29942pppoe fails to connect to a server running FreeBSD
lib/29937[PATCH]: Second argument of humanize_number(3) shouldn't change function behaviour.
kern/29936isp(4) with Qlogic 2312 FC HBA hangs with: "unable to load DMA (35)"
port-hpcmips/29933xdm fails on port-hpcmips
port-sparc/29932spif(4) duplicates chars in serial output
kern/29911nfsd sometimes return mysterious EACCES
kern/29898mount(2) can corrupt filesystem
misc/29875NetBSD Guide chap-net-{practice,misc} patch commit request
kern/29872wi asserts after timeout in wi_seek when running wiconfig -D
kern/29866USB camera offline when it's not
bin/29855dump(8) fails on large filesystems
kern/29839kernel panic (with the help of pf) on diskless sun4m
kern/29790P2P interfaces act differently w.r.t. mask (IPv4 vs. IPv6)
kern/29786ieee80211 headers contain two definitions of IEEE80211_AUTH_*
kern/29771Some newer USB memory don't work
port-i386/29751install boot disks (1.6.2 & 2.0) hang on HP Pavilion a630n
kern/29750send/sendto/sendmsg don't block when no buffer space is available
toolchain/29745"build obj" doesn't descend into x11/ directory
bin/29720telnetd noise after PAM(?): SRA?
bin/29719confusing passwd(1) warning w/ short password and PAM
kern/29702swwdog(4) not present in kernel files
bin/29687when pkg_add is called with -w "", pkg_view complains about its usage
misc/29657/etc/wscons.conf should list all available keyboard maps
misc/29648Userland implementation of Slovenian keymap
kern/29629PCI driver stge does not function with 2.0.1
kern/29618bktr not detected (Miro PCTV)
kern/29615Added support for Slovenian keymap
port-amiga/29598Missed amiga keymaps (XFreee86 4.4.0)
toolchain/29597gdb EOF-handling bugs
xsrc/29591pure wskbd devices do not work with x
misc/29586PAM and Xserver: password prompt is hidden
port-alpha/29556pmap_emulate_reference: write but not FOW
kern/29531Active FTP support with NAT causes panic
kern/29528NFS locks on UDP transport
kern/29527sbdrop()'s code incorrect if len > 0, m == 0
kern/29487NFS client should use VA_UTIMES_NULL to determine whether to use NFSV3SATTRTIME_TOSERVER
bin/29486Userlevel part of devmon ("devd-alike")
kern/29485Kernel part of devmon ("devd-alike")
kern/29476Kernel panic: m_copydata
kern/29400Syncing disk fails after panic
kern/29369ahc driver cannot handle HP LTO 2-SCSI drive - SCB timeout / BDR -> hang/unusable -> REBOOT needed
kern/29360vfs.generic.usermount and mount(8) general questions
kern/29325frequent incoming packets lock up machine
kern/29318rgephy should use IFM_ETH_MASTER
kern/29316bge(4) receive errors while querying interface with ifconfig
kern/29291No kernel crash dump on panic
kern/29282TCP connections should fail on soft error (ICMP)
kern/29273SIOCADDMULTI leaves an interface intermediate state on errors.
bin/29268ipfilter rc.d script should allow additional flags.
kern/29258arm ep9302 processor support does not save MaverickCrunch FPU registers
kern/29245Fix to make audio work on Alpha PWS
kern/29228tlp0 problem on Alpha PWS (with a fix)
bin/29225cpio -pdm does not work
kern/29211Old partition name limits on kernel "config" directive
kern/29199msghdr parsing incorrect in kernel for v6 options
misc/29173This script find all world writeable elements of dangerous directories in a filesystem.
bin/29165new scsictl(8) {get,set}errrecov commands
bin/29151fsck_lfs dumps core with assertion "bp->b_count == size"
kern/29127linux emulation: netscape-4.80 stopped working
kern/29126tcpdump leads to packet loss
port-i386/29018pcic power off on pccbb.c
kern/29014wi driver bug: panic in wi_start
toolchain/29006include libz support in src/tools/compat [change-req]
kern/28992usb-related kernel panic
kern/28982CVS and LPRng fail to work because of blocked out-of-window packets
port-vax/28981Kernel panic on VAXstation 4000 VLC
kern/28979page-fault when inserting PCMCIA/CardBus WiFi card
kern/28976pool ipqepl: putting with none out, panic: pool_put, in tcp_reass() (netbsd-1-6)
bin/28954ntpq does not fall back to IPv4
bin/28923mountd fails to resolve names
port-i386/28894NetBSD 2.0 nfs-client hangs + OHCI sched overruns on Compaq Armada 7800
misc/28857Can't get files from Kodak CX7300 digicam using USB
install/28842sysinst left hand doesn't know what its right hand is doing
install/28841sysinst code dumps on invalid extended partition (mbr)
misc/28794add a "--force" option to mount_ntfs?
port-i386/28759System instability due to incorrect setting of 82443BX SDRAM control
kern/28731ehci behaves oddly with some umass controllers
bin/28722fsck_ext2fs dies with "bad inode number 0 to ginode"
kern/28706ahc1: Bus Device Reset Message Sent, Inactive SCB in untaggedQ -----> hang
kern/287052.0 kernel panic in layer_unlock with "vnode: table is full"
kern/28678tty-driver failes to handle VMIN and VTIME in select call correctly
kern/28676ieee80211 association requests use wrong rate set
install/28675installation doesn't notice read errors
kern/28674UBC turns off cluster reallocation
kern/28673pages allocated by genfs_getpages() prematurely written to disk
port-hpcmips/28652Little pbsdboot fix
bin/28627cgdconfig -g is unreliable
bin/28624cgdconfig with no keygen entry fails silently
misc/28614index.html for macppc port needs minor hardware support information update
kern/28601FFS v1 corruption after unpacking pkgsrc.tar on sata wd raptor when disk write cache enabled, no soft deps
bin/28593lpd is handling jetdirect/direct tcp printers not properly
port-i386/28588update the guide for setting up RAIDframe on 2.0
bin/28559fsck_ext2fs disagrees with Linux (fc2) fsck
lib/28505Sometimes getpass(3) echoes password chars after SIGSTOP + SIGCONT
bin/28495skey's -x output does not match described behavior
bin/28492more(1) doesn't handle NUL data blocks well
port-iyonix/28475Can not boot iyonix with 1GB memory
kern/28459autri driver hangs for 30 seconds on close
kern/28448stackable filesystems locking breakage when looking up DOTDOT
misc/28402reset command does not work (termcap problem)
kern/28385ath(4) is unstable under load with DLink AG650 PCcard
port-vax/28379kernel panic "usrptmap space leakage" when mmap()ing a file
bin/28374vmstat(1) reports more pages freed by page daemon than actually are
toolchain/28368unrecognized option `-Wnetbsd-format-audit'
port-macppc/28365abtn on PowerBook G3 (FireWire) Pismo causes instant power-off
kern/28362need proper error recovery path for network drivers getting EAGAIN for DMA maps
port-alpha/28361bge(4) locks up on AlphaServer ES40 when any significant traffic is transmitted
kern/28360usb ugen reads hang when talking to APC UPS
lib/28354Installing ncurses breaks curses
kern/28339M_HASFCS not honored in bpf(4)
kern/28287underflowing sound with ac97 chip
kern/28244no turbo mode recognised for NetGear WG311T and WG511T
port-hpcmips/28228PCMCIA support for Clio C-1050
kern/28177ath* not compatible with AIRESPACE basestation
bin/28171telnet can spin in infinite loop doing syscalls
port-i386/28150emuxki hangs when trying to play music
bin/28126sed fails to match empty back-reference
kern/28099a dvorak-like keymap for the french language
bin/27393Logging capability for rc and rc.shutdown
kern/27379flow control support for ex(4)
kern/27316for CardBus, /dev/pciX device nodes don't properly configure.
bin/27315acct file should be explicitly aligned
bin/27309syslogd -u can't create pidfile
port-i386/27300identcpu for SiS55x System On Chip CPU series
kern/27299ne(4) broken for me
port-macppc/27279NetBSD 2.0 beta 20041013 doesn't boot on original G4 Ti
misc/27274Keep RCS backups of dmesg.boot
bin/27265netstat -s doesn't count traffic from pppoe0
kern/27260Interface events in kernel shouldn't be implemented in pfil(9)
lib/27222mislay dlerror status in nsdispatch.c cause error check in some application to fail +FIX
bin/27179dump(8) goes into loop, never finishing dump
kern/27164ipfilter 'keep state' blocking legal connections
kern/27157ehci not working on ThinkPad X31
kern/27135siop driver doesn't make kernel core dumps
kern/27122nfs client readahead deadlock
port-m68k/27099If one runs crashme on a 2.0 m68k machine, the system panics.
port-alpha/27087fdc0: can't set up ISA DMA map
kern/27084ipsec_proxy functionality was broken by other IP changes
port-sparc/270702.0_RC1 fails to netboot on a 16MB SparcStation 1+
port-alpha/27056'target kcore' is broken on alpha
port-i386/27027SIS 5597/5598 hangs - siside0:0:0: DMA missing interrupt
kern/27015performance and/or lockup problems with atw.
xsrc/26998xdm segmentation fault when serving remote terminals through Xchooser
kern/26983no bmap locks for vnd(4)
kern/26939some network drivers don't generate an RTM_IFINFO route(4) message when link-detect changes
misc/26923xterm does not support luit
kern/26909many PCMCIA devices stopped working
kern/26888fxp driver results in dmasync errors
bin/26861base ssh does not find ssh-askpass in /usr/pkg
bin/26835cgd.conf handled incorrectly in case cgd on cgd
kern/26825mpt driver hangs during 2.0 install
kern/26807BCM5701 does not work with AMD760MPX chipset
kern/26773ipf assumes mbufs are always writable
kern/26760Plextor DVD writer not found on boot
bin/26755fsck_msdos loops
kern/26751add support for tea5757 to bktr(4)
bin/26741"raidctl -S" doesn't always work as expected
kern/26727recurrent panics when usb flash stalls
port-i386/26721IBM PS/2 + MCA 2.0_BETA kernels hang at fdc0 message
bin/26720Proposed enhancements to wscons keymaps user interface
kern/26717PCMCIA HDD is not working
kern/26713options LARGE_NAT does not work
kern/26709ath(4) lacks sysctls & more
lib/26673[PATCH] Add aes-192-cbc and aes-256-cbc support for openssl cryptodev h/w engine from OpenBSD
lib/26660libcurses 'curscr' contains the wrong information
bin/26637newfs reads/writes blocks smaller than the sector size
kern/26596hifn7955(Soekris vpn1401) does not work
kern/26580COMPAT_SVR4_32 depends on COMPAT_43
kern/26562mbuf leakage
kern/26547ohci can free soft tds incorrectly during abort
kern/26546ohci can cancel timeouts before transfer have finished
kern/26545ohci can miss interrupts
kern/26537accessing usb memory stick sd0 takes minutes
bin/26521pax does not support "pax" archive format
kern/265002.0-branch: AHA2940UW croaks w/ NEC CD-ROM drive
kern/26484wiconfig -D failures can cause a kernel panic due to stack to overflow
kern/26445USB Hub initialization failure
port-i386/26437pmc not working in 2.0_BETA
port-sparc64/26434Trying to use serial ports breaks console input on Ultra 60
port-hpcmips/26426pbsdboot.exe does not load symbols
port-alpha/26424Removal of INITIALLY_LEVEL_TRIGGERED breaks Multia serial ports
kern/26407panic while updating async mount option
bin/26378wlanctl reports devices in the reverse order of ifconfig
kern/26375"ath" driver uses global country code variable (vs. per instance).
kern/26358the "lpt" at "atppc" is VERY slow in "STD" mode w/ interrupts
xsrc/26357XFILESEARCHPATH should have /usr/pkg
kern/26354negative running time for process in ps(1) and top(1) output
toolchain/26329MKOBJDIRS=no impossible with
port-alpha/26273mlx driver does not work on alpha
bin/26266ftpd check of /etc/shells obsoleted by ftpd.conf, ftpusers, etc.
bin/26265ipmon fails to start with ioctl(FIONREAD) Operation not supported, when started before dns is available
bin/26214mount(8) does not mention NFS options
kern/26204if_txp doesn't work with 3com 3CR990B-FX, panics at boot time
install/26203sysint doesn't check to see if thier is enough free space
install/26202miniroot installer can't partition or newfs a drive
kern/26183xi driver doesn't support media status
standards/26176curses(3) says Curses complies with X/Open Curses but it doesn't
port-vax/26138kernel panics on microvax when you use RX50 floppy drive
kern/261313c990B fails to attach and panics kernel at interupt enable time
kern/26118multiple tulip boards do not work in 1.6.2 using tlp driver
kern/26117Sane needs to identify the make/model of scanner.
port-alpha/26116netscape does not run due to unimplemented osf1 system calls
kern/26108losing ticks with MULTIPROCESSOR
install/26078upgrade on RAID still isn't correct in certain typical cases
kern/26075disklabel/fdisk takes garbage from USB floppy
toolchain/26072Request: an option to, to build kernels without running "config" and "make depend"
kern/26069kernel panic when ehci(4) unplugged: NEC USB Host Controller
kern/26054nfsv3 client write out a page multiple times
bin/26046vi filename completion bugs
bin/26042send-pr makes incompatible use of LOGNAME
kern/26024nfs client doesn't clear commit ranges on file truncation
kern/26018nfs client doesn't deal with wired mappings well
kern/26017nfsv3 client performance problem with some nfsd
kern/25977Implement WSMOUSEIO_SSCALE as software scaling
bin/25967dump -a not continuing after end of media
kern/25960ugen(4) isochronous handling correction and tx support
kern/25928ath driver fails with "unable to collect channel list from hal"
kern/25905wsscons scrolling doesn't work with ukbd
toolchain/ doesn't call lint on the sources, does.
lib/25877setlocale() doesn't accept language_territory locales
kern/25860MSGBUFSIZE > 512K generates many bytes of 0xff in message buffer
kern/25822booting a system that uses LFS hangs on: load: 0.31 cmd: rm 74 [lfsresbuf] 0.00u 0.02s 0% 776k
kern/25810ipf4 ftp proxy has problems with long 221- lines
bin/25796tcpdump does not show all packets on gif(4)
port-i386/25730NETGEAR FA311 (sip/nsphyter) does not work on 1.6.2
bin/25728pppd runs ip-up/ip-down scripts with limited $PATH value
kern/25684tlp0 driver for Davicom DM9102 hangs on some transfers
kern/25683Hard resetting a system supporting EHCI can cause non-ehci enabled kernel to fail to detect USB devices.
kern/25664OSF dynamically linked executables no longer work
kern/25641nfs uses time(9) where it should use mono_time(9)
kern/25639uvm_vslock / uvm_vsunlock problems
kern/25637route expiration shouldn't use time(9)
kern/25609DES's des_set_key sets up bogus key schedule
kern/25585Cannot boot an alternate root fs if a raid device is marked 'root'
lib/25563pthread crash in signal handler with sigaltstack
kern/25539nfsd exclusive CREATE rpc handling is improper
kern/25529With a MP kernel, ptrace() behaves inconsistently
port-macppc/25525the pearpc simulator can't run netbsd/macppc
port-powerpc/25515Can't single-step out of a signal trampoline
kern/25489possible stale namecache entries
bin/25472cvs -u option is not documented in the man page or info.
kern/25445USB Ethernet diagnostics are too noisy
misc/25348pppstats reports strange values
bin/25330new rc.d script, writecache which disables hdd write-cache
kern/25316VGA_RASTERCONSOLE works bad on S3 Trio3D/2X
port-alpha/25245sysinst on alpha leaves rc_configured=NO even if "use net-config"=yes
install/252382.0_BETA sysinst does not show any timezones in utility menu
kern/25208pckbc0: unable to establish interrupt for aux slot
kern/25173dev/ic/spicvar.h lacks for license and $NetBSD$ tag
kern/25128NetBSD-2.0 (also 1.6 and current) segfaults using wi driver
toolchain/ targets set DESTDIR inconsistently
kern/25118semop() fails with EINVAL even when SEMUME is increased
kern/25110i386 kernel dev/pci/if_sip update request
kern/25108autogenerated disklabel incorrect for CD
kern/25096kernels with options DIAGNOSTIC can't use rarp to boot with some network drivers
kern/25063Intel i82540EM 1000BASE-T Ethernet slowness issue
kern/25061possible infinite loop in mii readreg routines
port-i386/25046ports/net/sharity-light i386 cannot copy binary data, receive protocol error
port-i386/25035Intel 82801EB Serial ATA Controller and Seagate ST3120026AS disk problem
bin/24940rcp doesn't like ipv6-only hosts
toolchain/24936MACHINE_GNU_PLATFORM uses --, MACHINE_GNU_ARCH for mips is odd
kern/24915SCSI changers and disabled block descriptors
kern/24911bce driver cannot initialize after WinXP has run.
kern/24905Can't specify root partition on the 8th or greater partition of a disk on some architectures
kern/24902fxp on i82550 doesn't work on evbarm (at least)
port-hpcmips/24889install failed
port-mac68k/24883Patch for DMA SCSI on Quadra AV's
kern/24874NetBSD can't suspend if it is used for a long time
kern/24872can't resume if auich is used
bin/24850suppress sa(8) output when file(s) are non-existent
misc/24849MAKEDEV doesn't create all of cd[01][a-h]
port-i386/24841tlp driver goes into store and forward mode
kern/24829panic: postsig action on SMP system
kern/24813Explicitly log dirty root file system
kern/24791untar from CD-ROM causes Check Condition on CDB, cp doesn't
bin/24789tar(1) fails to back up large files.
kern/24788uvisor/ucom can hang a system
port-macppc/24778netbsd/macppc won't book on PowerBook G4 (12-inch DVI)
kern/24743LFS doesnt work with large copies
kern/24736ld reports i4b_l1_debug missing when compiling only iwic at pci used (ISDN4BSD)
port-sparc/24734zstty: TIOCMGET always shows DCD if CLOCAL set
bin/24723makefs -s and blocksize
kern/24718rtc_offset changes do not fix up process start time
bin/24702chsh incorrectly changes login name
bin/24679already running top(1) miss all swap removal
install/24675Sysinstall: swap not configured when sets unpacked
kern/24665power cycling printer wedges machine
kern/24636potential invalid memory access in usbd_transfer (not triggered in existing code)
port-i386/24614sip0: suffers 'transmit FIFO underrun' on 1.6.2RC4 with NetGear FA311
port-alpha/24506AlphaServer 800 specific kernel config requires apecs*
bin/24478Disklabel of raid sets complain about invalid signature in mbr
toolchain/24457metalog contains incorrect information for hard links
misc/24381Strange definitions of UID_MAX/GID_MAX and comments
port-alpha/24366sa going apparently going crazy
kern/24363PS/2 mouse code could be a bit smarter
install/24337problems installing nbsd-current from a CD: /sbin/newfs_lfs is absent
bin/24319init doesn't re-initialize window command from /etc/ttys
kern/24310hme is sometimes SIMPLEX, and bpf ends up with dups
bin/24253broken pipe race condition in CVS pserver
kern/24223siside - lost interrupt missing interupt from DMA
toolchain/24218gdb stack trace doesn't work always on alpha
bin/24181files created by dump(8) are too big
toolchain/24098GDB can't backtrace through Alpha kernel traps, despite intent
port-evbppc/24096ctitcal 405GP/EP interrupts non-functional/ gdb/ss fails
kern/24094pciide broken on Compaq Armada 1110
bin/24014fmt's ispref() steps only its first variable, leading to wrong results.
kern/24013i810 Cannot allocate memory
install/24004epsv4 default option prevents ftp from downloading files during the installation
bin/24001missing man pages for mkesdb and mkcsmapper
kern/23981vodafone(JP) V801 not recognized as ucom
bin/23949dhclient fails to release leases when sent SIGTERM
bin/23948wiconfig(8) accepts too large encryption keys
bin/23933dhclient is gratuitously noisy
xsrc/23931X (umouse?) can sometimes lose button-up events.
port-macppc/23923libsa missing support for APPLE_UFS
lib/23910libcurses: bug in redraw()?
kern/23876ioapic(?) causes problems for my fxp0 NIC on amd64.
kern/23869Deadlocks when writing to /dev/wd*
bin/23847route add 10.10.10/21 dest results in 10/21 to dest
lib/23832Wrong behaviour of setmode() WRT the sticky bit
toolchain/23821make's chdir to ./obj is undocumented
kern/23819USB controller occasionally (randomly) dies.
port-i386/23809Can't boot with isapnp
kern/23803audio device dies (cmpci)
kern/23794Can't kill processes stuck on smbfs IO, but can suspend them and then kill them.
bin/23781racoon memory leak
kern/23761dmesg output and kernel disagree on wd numbering
security/23756/dev/random should block on writes if the entropy pool is full
kern/23734panic when mounting fdesc over nullfs
misc/23729please add a FAQ on the 'Syntax error: "(" unexpected' issue
install/23728sysinst text vague on disklabel interaction
kern/23718I/O delay causes repeated keystrokes
kern/23694monitor mode is broken with wi(4)
bin/23678send-pr could be a little more secure
kern/23668system panic when eon0 used
bin/23663games/factor fails regression test
kern/23571devel/pth is unable to read audio device in various packages
bin/23551mrouted and/or ethereal packet disagreement
bin/23549rarpd doesn't delete incomplete ARP entries
kern/23512SMC2632W wifi card not recognised
bin/23478traceroute(8) should lookup all AS# for each hop encountered.
lib/23460Small improvements for a few wchar functions
lib/23422ip_mroute.h uses u_int32_t without including a header defining it
kern/23420new ahc driver doesn't probe Seagate ST318436LC drives at the right speed
misc/23407Hide E-Mail Addresses on mail-index and online PR database
port-sparc/23399sys/dev/sbus/zx* is unnecessarily sketchy
bin/23389/etc/daily needs lockfile
kern/23364"(gdb) info auxv" doesn't work
bin/23362usermod doesn't check for overflow of uid/gid
xsrc/23352XF4 X server leaves console unusable
kern/23341panic: ifmedia_set with MII xcvr on ultra2 built-in hme
port-i386/233213ware Escalade 7506-8 doesn't run with 440BX (P2B-DS)
kern/23311Some channel modes panic the kernel
kern/23225Adatec 1460 controller chip is not detected in laptop with pcmcia on PCI-CardBus bridge
kern/23221Multicast packets sent to inappropriate sockets (patch)
bin/23213wump(8) contains a potential infinite loop
bin/23212openssh /etc/moduli copied by postinstall should be etcupdate
kern/23203sysctl_rtable can deplete the kmem_map
kern/23196libkern/pmatch.c bug fix & man page enhancement
kern/23193add support for Intel EtherExpress(TM) PRO/100 LAN/Modem PC Card Adapter
kern/23192'pciide at pnpbios' confirmed, however does not boot.
port-next68k/23182screenblank doesn't work
port-next68k/23180next68k should have a RAMDISK kernel with sysinst
port-sparc/23176nell issues on Sun Voyager
bin/23049inetd hangs, and does not exit when passed a non existent config file
kern/23045panic with ahd driver
bin/23033ftp(1) doesn't seem to support SSL/TLS connections
kern/23012Iomega Disk on chip won't work anymore on 1.6ZC
bin/22981postfix docs and rc.d script don't mailer.conf(5)
toolchain/22868.MADE doesn't work with suffix rules
bin/22846ksh does not complete names with square brackets properly
kern/22813tlp driver reports wrong error for 21041
misc/22812exports -noresvport broken?
kern/22774there is no way to swapctl -a to a wrongly typed partition
bin/22761There is no way to choose IPv4 preferably to IPv6
kern/22725kernel panic while attempting mkfifo on NFS volume
kern/22691Multiple sip interfaces & kernel compiled without IPv6 causes panic
kern/22685NFS client does not work with wtpref/wtmax of 8192
kern/22660Max Entropy ioctl for /dev/random
kern/22646Panic in ohci_add_done()
kern/22636ahd driver does not work with u320 drives
kern/22621opencrypto uses IPL_NET - should be IPL_BIO
kern/22619opencrypto requires key material to be provided per-op
kern/22618opencrypto only operates in-place
port-i386/22616bootable CD's don't fully identify devices
standards/22594setkey(3) is in user namespace
bin/22569route6d not advertising local routes when split horizon enabled
bin/22546"netstat -in -f inet" behavior is not in sync with document
lib/22525rpc library/NIS code does not handle fd > FD_SETSIZE
kern/22522connect(2) may fail with EINVAL which isn't undocumented.
kern/22517aue0 interrupt errors on Soekris Net4801
bin/22515lint cares too much about comments
kern/22505With a RAID set in degraded mode, the twe driver splodes at boot.
toolchain/22500lint breakage for named initializers
kern/22495The new ahc driver in -current panics with an AHA2940UW
xsrc/22460a fix for xconsole -notify to make it work like xterm -ziconbeep
misc/22433More GPRS trivia for GPRS page.
kern/22423cannot switch out of X -> usl_detachtimeout \n usl_detachack: not detaching
bin/22418dhclient does not always (never?) update default route
bin/22338allow multiple mounts on same directory
port-macppc/223161.6.1 kernels fail to boot on a 1GHz 15" PowerBook
port-alpha/22301running pcictl pci1 list causes deadlock on an AlphaStation 600 5/266
misc/22289rc_fast_and_loose issues
kern/22272config dependency problems
kern/22218using a USB isochronous endpoint freezes kernel
kern/22150USB hotsync fails for Sony Clie T615C
port-amiga/22140update for /dev/reload
toolchain/22119lint segv on malformed function pointer cast
bin/ problems
kern/22078New ahc driver fails to access channel B on a Twin channel AHA-274x adapter
install/22070postinstall doesn't check for /etc/services
port-i386/22054/dev/ss0 don't work with Nikon coolscanIII
port-i386/22036pci interrupt fixup routine bad
kern/22021wsconsctl -a trashes mac keyboard
kern/21986Kernel API needed for finding/configuring GPU
bin/21970printf(1) breaks when format begins with "-"
kern/21965AM79c978 (PCnet-Home) HomePna card does not work with 1.6.1/if_pcn
kern/21945fix kernel 'make install' to use netbsd.old matching bootblock expectations
kern/21914uslattach_timeout shutdown hang
kern/21906pci_dma64_available() isn't quite right
bin/21882rc.d/wscons and wscons.conf do not allow other devices
kern/21838"panic: cardbus_get_capability" on apm resume when CardBus tlp(4) was running
kern/21836panic: lfs_gatherblock: Null vp in segment
port-vax/21834gc-boehm fails to build correctly
kern/21831bridge(4) should take care of checksum offloading
kern/21749scsictl disk stop freezes ahc
misc/21724using newbtconf breaks upgrade
kern/21723dk_size() fails with no disklabel - should special-case RAW_PART
lib/21659Estonian translation of libc messages
kern/21633packets originate from previous IP address after changing it
kern/21618palm Tungsten C cradle/USB cable does not attach
standards/21599NFS UID -2 conversion to 60001
kern/21547Reading short block from ugen device can lock up USB
bin/21545added -i to locate(1)
kern/21518sb(4) does not work since the changes made from 1.6R -> 1.6S
bin/21514vacation allows unacceptably dangerous behavior
kern/21503empty SCSI tape drives cannot be queried or configured
misc/21494Add support for building NetBSD under Cygwin/Windows
port-alpha/21472USB device interferes with IDE device; interrupt lossage
bin/21450telnet -l does not work with the current telnetd
kern/2142280-pin cable check is broken for ServerWorks CSB5 IDE Controller (rev. 0x93)
kern/21346kernel panics with union over nullfs over ffs (panic: lockmgr: locking against myself)
kern/21345Many i386 device man pages are missing
kern/21335ahc -current 20030427 driver leaves process in D state after timeout/BDR
port-hpcmips/21326dsniff dumps core on hpcmips
port-sgimips/21293boot partition too full, cannot install
kern/21292ping -s10000 -f brokes IP-stack
port-acorn26/21266this port has no intro(4) man page
bin/21265rpcgen produces wrong code
install/21257Provide syssrc.tgz with the base distribution
port-i386/21255i386 random stack alignment causes wildly inconsistent double-precision performance
kern/21213no help available on function "pci_intr_evcnt"
kern/21209ipfilter should see ipsec packets after decryption, not before
bin/21207add fibre channel wwn information gathering to scsictl
bin/21156Potential misuse of ctype functions [bc]
bin/21123UFS2 newfs(8) mismatch with disklabel(5)
kern/21121msdosfs displays 8.3 names all upercase
misc/21091New keymap.
kern/21080boot(8) for some archs needs note about options
port-arm/21036libpthread/arch/arm/pthread_md.h misuses __APCS_26__
kern/21024eap driver consuming too much CPU
toolchain/20993.USE rules don't mix with .SUFFIXES
port-i386/20990i386 bootblocks break on 64K block filesystem
kern/20988gsip gigabit ethernet driver fails with Netgear GA621
kern/20934macppc & MAXBSIZE < 64k & 2KB sector size devices == boom
lib/20931patch to fix NIS support in getusershell(3)
bin/20829identd from inetd loops due to libwrap
bin/20817inetd doesn't accept tcp,rcvbuf=16384 et al.
kern/20800reading ppp over pseudo terminal maxes out at ~90 kb/sec
kern/20777can't map memory 64bit PCI device on 32bit system
kern/20711emuxki rear channel and tone control support
kern/20667Disk changes not noticed on USB card reader
bin/20663temporary system errors can cause cron jobs to hang forever
kern/20647retry with old pppoe address first
port-macppc/20608Built-in mc0 ethernet does not work (gives timeout errors) on Apple Network Server
kern/20600coredump makes incorrect MNT_NOCOREDUMP check
kern/20528scsictl can detach a mounted device
kern/20522nfsd hangs: lfs over nfs
port-macppc/20513count down missing from ofwboot.xcf
port-i386/20512Thinkpad T30 Aironet mini-PCI wireless card: an driver fails to map registers
kern/20478revoke(2) on a device file does not close the device properly
port-alpha/20473kernel often panics in ddb
kern/20467the tl driver slows down the system
kern/20461Incorrect handling of MSS with RFC 1323 timestamp option
port-alpha/20458cdhdtape image on 1.6 branch fails to load kernel
kern/20433PC Kbd works in BIOS/Console but fails during boot
kern/20426accesses to ifindex2ifnet[] has to be protected
kern/20322panic when writing to blockdevice before close
kern/20296vnd device locks up under high write load and large images
port-sparc64/20277NetBSD disklabel(8) destroys label written by Solaris
bin/20272No daily checks for disk quotas
kern/20266ieee1212 code rejects a drive for an invalid checksum
bin/20264lint(1) has problems with named member initialization
install/20261sysinst assumes only a single installation per drive
port-alpha/20128With the above change the rx23 scsi dev (floppy) is no longer detected
port-sparc/20113initial "ifconfig hme0" produces stray interrupt
lib/20108KERN_LWP sysctl documentation missing
bin/20048ktruss exits with error leaving program running
install/20041sysinst->upgrade says it has done things that it hasn't (and shouldn't)
kern/20039mbuf leak using rp-pppoe
lib/20035libpanel missing
kern/19994Driver problem Netgear FA 411
lib/19958_lwp_makecontext(3) does not set LWP-private-data
bin/19918pax-as-tar does not handle -W
port-alpha/19868XalphaNetBSD/Multia: Num Lock changes state of cursor keys but not keypad keys
port-alpha/19867XalphaNetBSD/Multia: No Keyboard Lights
port-alpha/19861XalphaNetBSD/Multia: leading edge of window corrupt when dragging window
bin/19849Race conditions in compress
bin/19832/bin/sh has internationalization issues
kern/19803usbd_alloc_buffer fails often
kern/19774ddb can be entered twice and then you can't get out
bin/19722fix for 3 uncompress(1) bugs that delete/truncate the wrong file
kern/19684mouse attach is confusing with acpi
bin/19611amd(8) does not manage well removable media
kern/19564kernel panic with wsconsctl -m
bin/19491Teach pax as tar the -G (--incremental) switch.
kern/19461xconsole grabs console login
kern/19378Some multiport USB hubs aren't working anymore.
kern/19350Kernel panic on acorn32 while using makeinfo
port-mipsco/19349mipsco needs to migrate to MI installboot
bin/19348profiling doesn't work with USETOOLS=yes
kern/19333On some adapters, keypresses take about 1/4 second
kern/19304allow pppoe(4) to try multiple auth schemes
kern/19303"ifconfig pppoe0 up" works only once per boot
kern/19299The twe(4) driver is too quic to time out on large capacity cards.
lib/19254postoffice structures and hes_get* functions missing
bin/19248mopcopy command doesn't work on ELF boot loader for VAX.
standards/19209test(1)'s -r, -w, and -x don't match POSIX for root (or 4.4BSD, or even V7)
lib/19206GSSAPI using daemons fail when root has a krb5 CC
bin/19121calendar patch (to support NIS)
kern/19110nullfs mounts over NFS cause lock manager problems
kern/19085Belkin switchboxes bust PS/2 mouse probe
lib/19060link_addr considers too many strings to be link-level addresses
kern/190253COM 3CXM756 (XJack modem) doesn't work
kern/19011Interrupt from serial device is sometimes lost
port-alpha/18983Kernel panic on Alpha at 1.6
kern/18975lfs_bmapv + dounmount deadlock
kern/18972LFS DIROPs should take account of nbuf
misc/18947ftpd lacks a per host limit of simultaneous connections
bin/18936syslogd should call initgroups()
kern/18887sys/dev/isa/seagate.c is not MI
kern/18795kernel hangs on boot (isa0 at pcib0 / isa0 at mainbus0)
kern/18770in_multiaddrs should be hashed instead of chained on in_ifaddr
port-alpha/18769IEEE FP rounding bug NetBSD/alpha
kern/18762MII PHY numbers do not map 1:1 to ifconfig(8) instance numbers
bin/18685man -a displays both
install/18633sysinst corner case builds bad system
kern/18619pciide(4) should list controller maximum speed, as FreeBSD's ata(4) does
kern/18590sip (SiS 900) driver doesn't find PHYs, doesn't work on AMD EasyNow! PC
port-vax/18584VAX 4000-105A does not boot from disk
bin/18574bootpd behavior inconsistent with manual
port-alpha/18566MP kernel panic on alpha sable
standards/18521printf(3) does not support the ' flag character
bin/18506ipppctl/isdnd appear to stomp over some option fields
kern/18488cannot unmount a CD-RW after erasing it
kern/18414tlp driver can "collect" ~10 packets in 1.6 before sending them
bin/18404/usr/bin/telnet fails to Kerberize to multi-address DNS name
install/18366Installing 1.6 messes with things in /var
kern/18338gre use in -current causes kernel panic
bin/18319"route delete" incorrectly reports "host" when deleting a network route
toolchain/18295make ld.elf_so handle unaligned relocs on sh3
toolchain/18294make ld.elf_so handle unaligned relocs on powerpc
toolchain/18290lint has no lib equivalent of -d includedir
bin/18235increase resolution of times in top
bin/18222patch to allow a uid or gid of (-2) matching default NFS mapping for remote root users
port-alpha/18178XalphaNetBSD dumps core by SEGV during startup
lib/18170caltontp() function in NTP subsystem ignores "seconds" field of input argument
port-mac68k/18161Installation fails in newfs with segfault/disk full
lib/18151Multibyte locale support for statically linked programs
bin/18143moused gets very hosed when using an X10 MouseRemote
misc/18120rc.d scripts should report if command is missing or not executabale
kern/18116vnd driver flush to target file is broken
port-alpha/18113fixed but let's add a test: setjmp() with -pg on alpha crashes
kern/18102Network i/f does not receive VLAN-tagged packet w/ VLAN id 0.
kern/18094Kernel panic with homepna card on Alpha 500/500
kern/18069sip*/pci noisy error output
kern/18051tlp doesn't configure media, faults on apm reset
kern/18035bridge does not work with !IFF_SIMPLEX interfaces
bin/18031kdc does not recognise when new addresses are added.
kern/18001xmms %cpu lies
kern/17997RND_COM still broken on i386?
port-sparc/17956qe0<->qe1 transfer freezes the system
kern/17932IPSEC needlessly disables IP fast-forwarding
bin/17899ntpd says connection re-estabished, even if server is unreachable
kern/17856bad checksum in response to a SSRR packet
bin/17826{t,}csh backquote/braces expansion bug
lib/17803logout() does not seem to log out a tty logged in with login()
install/17801sysinst doesn't correctly handle changing mount points or conflicting mount points
bin/17799Kerberos utilities core-dumping with floating point exception
install/17792Install process order - network verses disk
kern/17742old IDE drives doesn't report multisector right
kern/17723kernelized PPPoE assumes a ridiculously reliable link (needs config options)
port-i386/17618CDIOCRESET ioctl on Toshiba CDROM@ahc0 hangs machine if no media
kern/17616accept on a tcp socket loses options
kern/17611NOARP doesn't work - at least with "le" driver
kern/17603interface stat inconsistent with vlan configuration
install/17593suggestions to improve sysinst wrt disk handling
port-acorn32/17552Kernel can panic on accessing /dev/rfd device (prolly)
bin/17546vi bug fixes and extensions
bin/17544FTP in proxy mode has timeout on server connection
bin/17514/bin/sh `set -e' does not exit on command not found
kern/17512/dev/wskbd and /dev/wsmouse don't update mtime when events occur
standards/17504POSIX.1-2001: chown -RP doesn't affect symlinks
kern/17502cardbus needs offset to pcmcia iomem base address
kern/17459racoon(8) SPD lookup hits wrong entries
kern/17436please implement SCSI reset in adv driver
kern/17421local TCP connection hang
kern/17386processes killed because they exceeded RLIMIT_CPU are not logged
kern/17367Activating 'tcp.cwm=1' can dramatically decrease network performance
install/17348sysinst should set network defaults if netbooting
misc/17328rc.local is called in alphabetical order, not at the (nearly) end of rc process
port-acorn32/17258vidcvideo initialisation corrupts display
lib/17250RFC 1760 specifies that skey seed is followed by space or newline
bin/17238bumper patch for cron(8)
kern/17213NetBSD's mt won't report fileposition with Exabyte 8500-85Qanx0
kern/17202SIOCSIFADDR/IFDSTADDR on gre* interface destroys outer IP address setting
kern/17191unconfigured gif tunnel gives weird llinfo message
bin/17179apm dosn't show different battery levels
kern/17171Dead Child does not raise SIGCHLD until after parent reads all output on a pty.
lib/17163libedit leaks memory
bin/17142Fingerd filters out international characters
bin/16983ld.elf_so is lame about how it handles program sections
kern/16817SPDIF fixes for cmpci
toolchain/16799gdb can't set breakpoint on remote m68k target
kern/16789wddump() cannot dump to an unopened device
bin/16775ed documentation is unclear regarding \< and \>
kern/16704v4 over v4 through GRE tunnel causes panics.
kern/16653msdosfs mistakenly assumes CP437 as on-disk file name character set.
bin/16651fts(3), as used in base system, breaks on directories that do not contain `..' entry
lib/16601const type mismatches for some rpc functions
port-i386/16523make the sb driver support Avance Logic ALS007
lib/16518some fixes to libpcap
kern/16513tcp_build_datapkt() code problem
kern/16508tlp driver doesn't start correctly on alpha (for me)
kern/16468OSF/1 emulation lacks msg*() and friends.
misc/16451indent doesn't grok // comments
kern/16407remote kgdb `next' command doesn't work in some situation.
port-hpcmips/16403"halt -p" locks MobilePro 800
kern/16401filesystem corrupt after 'rm' with msdosfs on vnd
kern/16284running function in stoped gdb causes signal 93
kern/16244ipv6 packets get stuck in stack (ipv6 ftp demo)
bin/16226Prompt expansion for /bin/sh
port-sparc/16204Sbus/QEC (Quad Ethernet Controller) does not work right in SPARC LX
bin/16132ftp's 'ls' to a file is interactive, even in a script
install/16131INSTALL.html doesn't give a path name for one-fs local install
kern/16116clock_getres(CLOCK_REALTIME) is pessimistic
install/16093If installing from the wi0 device the installer does not offer way to set the encryption (nwkey)
bin/16061rcorder needs to be able to override requirements
kern/16047cmpci.c: sample rate of 44100 Hz sounds screwed after using 48000 Hz
kern/16001Kernel dump files are not compressed on the fly when written to swap
kern/15993Tandberg SLR/7 fails to create multi-file tape
kern/15887quota error can cause the kernel to panic or lock up.
kern/15861Adding a new PnP device for a SoundBlaster16 PnP (CT2980) Card still causes problems
kern/15837Kernel should log loading of all loadable modules
port-alpha/15835alpha sysctl hw.model is inadequate
lib/15802libc encodes/decodes wrong rpc packet of RPCBPROC_GETSTAT.
kern/15776Abnormal behaviour of ne(4) on a "NetEasy by D-Link DRP-16CT" under a Generic kernel.
kern/15688p_stats->p_cru.ru_utime.tv_sec may become negative
misc/15629Wouldn't it be nice if you got notified at boot about changes?
kern/15592sf "starfire" NIC driver gives "device timeout"
port-sparc64/15569DEC FDDI panics ultra 5
bin/15536not all rc.d scripts handle 'status'
kern/15463nfs client incorrectly caches file handles, and erroniously returns EINVAL
install/15461/var/spool/lock has inconvenient permissions
bin/15451usr.bin/ftp macro behavior non-intuitive
misc/15406wscons request for screen-specific color/text assignment feature for virtual terminals
kern/15360NetBSD emits erroneous IPv6 neighbor solicitation packet.
kern/15359psmi driver *almost* supports 5-button mice
kern/15327getrusage(2) not reporting all statistics
toolchain/15264make(1): inconsistencies involving MAKEFLAGS inheritence.
toolchain/15263make(1) is willing to pick up .depend from too many locations
bin/15262mount -u and mount -o update take different actions
bin/15251/dev/dty?? devices, using puc driver, do not work properly with 'cu'
kern/15211swapping of KS_Cmd1 in SWAPCTRLCAPS layout does not work
kern/15199accessing non-DOS diskette formats
toolchain/15179make(1) no longer uses its file caches effectively
toolchain/15178make(1) looks for `.include' files in wrong places
bin/15174gdb "kill" command does not free sockets
toolchain/15167make(1) needlessly tries to resolve dependencies on system object files.
kern/15165yds not configured when rebooting from Win2K
toolchain/15164sub-optimal handling of .PHONY targets in make(1)
toolchain/15163make(1) looks for angle-bracket include files in unsuspected places
toolchain/15122system make(1) performance Sucks
kern/15117router alert ip option is not set in igmp v2 packets
port-macppc/15073incorrect date prevents network from working
kern/15020NFS gives FIFO underruns with sip0 on SiS630/735 chipsets
bin/15014ypserv misidentifies requesting system in domain_nonack_2 log message
bin/15011addition of -c and -r to inetd(8)
toolchain/ .WAIT logic has no dependency handling
bin/14956top cuts some lines to 80 characters
bin/14902vi crash when recovering a save file
port-sparc/14864sparc tape-boot seems broken on 1.5.2
misc/14825setting of rebuild_locatedb=YES in daily.conf does not do anything
port-mac68k/14744Mac68k kernels compiled without debugger do not boot.
kern/14741pcmcia_io_alloc and bad start io address PCMCIA devices
kern/14721It's possible to panic the system by opening a large number of files
install/14720distrib/notes: two-column macros don't work
lib/14628getnetgrent(3) fails on null netgroup entry
port-acorn26/14618DDB breakpoints on arm26 behave badly
kern/14596Long file names on FAT partions not preserved in Windows.
bin/14578sh(1) doesn't explain emacs editing mode
bin/14532ping6 needs a source address on a multiple interface host
misc/14531lint misses conversion warning.
kern/14529aic7880 gets stuck probing devices
bin/14470find fails with an error on certain CDROMs
toolchain/14432Torek stdio and gnu/lib/libstdc++ clear() method problem
kern/14372assemble debug kernel .S files with -gstabs or -gdwarf2
bin/14214mtree gets confused with symlinks
kern/14091Autonegotiation for fxp broke in 1.5.2 w/Extreme Summit 48s
kern/14068Quirks with support for SCM Microsystems TI1225 PCMCIA Adapter Card (PCI)
kern/14065Record DMA not supported in the audio driver isa/wss_isa.c
bin/13974usermod/add etc. group handling problems
lib/13953crypto(3) has bad cross references
kern/13942deadlock in ufs quota code
kern/13905Our ESP "NULL" cipher doesn't interoperate with the one in Win2K even in configurations where DES and 3DES do.
kern/13861nullfs can't be remounted ro/rw
kern/13837panic: lfs_nextseg: no clean segments
port-mac68k/13802The RasterOps 8/24XLi card don't probe correctly when use as second monitor
lib/13794RES_OPTIONS=debug is broken due to res_init.o build issue
kern/13781LFS directory update times
bin/13747ftpd doesn't deal with LIST " "
install/13746sysinst does not allow remote upgrades
bin/13729Home directory delivery patch for mail.local
kern/13727dev/pci/pccbb.c CB_PCMCIA_POLL and PCCBB_PCMCIA_POLL options do not compile
kern/13666NFS loopback mount deadlock
kern/13613protection fault trap while probing Lucent wi PCMCIA-Card
bin/13578ntpdate stuck in the 1930's
kern/13574can't remount root if the root device file inode has been changed
kern/13565Tigon driver is wimpy at packet reception
kern/13563rndctl -l shows 0 bits for cd0
install/13533there should be a PDF version of the INSTALL notes
install/13532the HTML generated for INSTALL.html is atrocious
kern/13523route -genmask does not take effect on PMTUD (both ipv4/v6)
kern/13516libsa read() fails with elf files on raw devices
bin/13506routed: rnh_addradd() fails
kern/13460DHCP & DP83815 chip: ip length disagrees with bytes received
kern/13456Joliet extension broken for files containing = ?
kern/13454WangDAT DDS-1 tape-drive reporting wrong blocksize range
bin/13453rbootd is assuming vax arch handles odd integer address
kern/13435libsa loadfile() loads binary or kernel at wrong address
kern/13425pathconf(_PC_PATH_MAX) doesn't work on NFS
kern/13419panic when remounting root as R/W when having a MFS union mount on root
kern/13385Network stack assumes aligned payload from devices
kern/13360ohci and/or ulpt go catatonic
kern/13359Wireless card hangs kernel upon detection
port-acorn32/13350Patch for Connect32 SCSI card
bin/13326tftp/tftpd uses fixed address pair, which they shouldn't
bin/13300ping should allow -i 0.1 for users
kern/13275IDE retries should be disableable
bin/13259When issuing "proxy reget" it attempts to use local file.
port-sparc/13241mmap returns no error, when not mapping on a Sparcstation 2
kern/13202uhci does not work on MIPS
port-i386/13174i386-FAQ booting 2nd disk from NT's boot menu
kern/1315950% degradation in ncr53c9x scsi write performance
kern/13131there's no way for raw IPv4 socket applications to use PMTUD
kern/13119umapfs serverly broken
bin/13114fsck_ffs deals poorly with bad blocks
port-mac68k/13100NetBSD kernel drops to debugger on PB 160 w/ serial echo enabled.
port-mac68k/13078Mac 68LC040 problem
port-macppc/13022ATI Technologies Rage Fury MAXX AGP 4x (TMDS) VRAM mapping
kern/13002ucom hangs in TIOCSETAW changing baud rate
kern/12999/dev/rcd0a can be opened, but then ops get ENOTTY
kern/12920com(4) doesn't document ibuf floods
bin/12902find(1) gives spurious "No such file or directory" errors when fdesc present
bin/12900mtree: dev/tty: Device not configured
lib/12846brk(2) succeeds on values that should fail.
bin/12831Trivial bug in nvi/ex documentation
bin/12825su doesn't reset KRB5CCNAME nor KRBTKFILE
bin/12823request for addition of -f flag to inetd
kern/12812Patch needed to add support for Microtech USB-SCSI-HD50 usb scsi adapter
bin/12752/etc/rc.d/ipfilter status is nonstandard
lib/12751utimes(2) not working when user != fileowner
kern/12730rasops2 has a bad "stamp" so characters appear garbled on 2bpp fbs
kern/12608Need to F_SETOWN a socket before O_ASYNC works
kern/12577mapping Caps_Lock to Control_L with wsconsctl
kern/12575seems that ELSA ISDN/MC does not work on IBM Thinkpad A21p (CURRENT-20010401-8)
kern/12534Processes can hang at exit-time on ttyout
bin/12528sshd does not use ttyaction
port-acorn32/12521aborts using ei(4) and asc(4)
kern/12451UVM always overcommits
kern/12448MSG_OOB state not cleared after reception
port-mac68k/12410SE/30 panics when scanning from HP ScanJet IIp w/ SANE
kern/12371swapctl -U (or -d ...) doesn't update process information
port-alpha/12327DEC 3000/800 with TCWSCONS kernel does not take sfb as console
bin/12311machine does not abort boot if /usr fails to mount
bin/12266ps on a dump prints command line from live system
kern/12254Binary incompatibility of WSMOUSEIO_* ioctl
bin/12220mountd stops exporting filesystems if ip address of clients change
kern/12189vnd deadlock
kern/12175checks for bad FFS on mount not good: get panic, bad dir
kern/12132wsmouse emulate3button patch
port-alpha/12104TGA display ignores hardware resolution
port-macppc/12049make regress failure in lib/libc/ieeefp/except
kern/12031ex driver problem: Autoneg does notwork fine with tqphy.
bin/12003kinit cannot get v4 tickets from a V4 KDC anymore
kern/11927switching screens by CTL_R-ALT_R-Fn on wsdisplay
kern/11925Integrated 3Com netcard not working
bin/11907Default /etc/printcap file needs more modern samples
bin/11904tail segfaults and core dumps on I/O error
port-macppc/11854macppc can't dump
kern/11811wddump kernel dumping failure
bin/11733rcmd(1) always asks for stderr channel
bin/11586The RTT reported by ping can become absurd...
lib/11546setlocale(LC_ALL, "fi_FI") does not have any effect
port-sparc/11527Optical mouse complains of "ms0: input overrun"
kern/11515vnconfig requires reqd/write access to the file
port-macppc/11435Open Firmware OS boot select support
port-i386/11419Xircom Realport Ethernet fails with DHCP but works statically configured
port-mac68k/11311If adb_op_sync times out, kernel memory could be corrupted
kern/11295change curproc marker in DDB's ps listing
standards/11223POSIX.2: ps -G not supported
standards/11222POSIX.2: ps -p etc don't take lists
standards/11219less(1) is not compatible with POSIX.2 "more"
standards/11197POSIX.2: regular builtins can't be exec'ed.
kern/11194adw driver should not panic on microcode checksum failure.
lib/11191the `com_err' library is not useful
lib/11172the `heimdal' krb5 library documentation is severely lacking
lib/11171the `roken' library is entirely undocumented
kern/11164doc/code mismatch for rnd_add_uint32
kern/11163ip tunnel filters too restrictive
security/11146built-in TCP wrapper in inetd does not protect UDP or internal services
port-sparc/11126kgdb client (target) mode on sparc causes panic
kern/11122df shows excessively strange usage on large partitions on LFS
bin/11107shar(1) is too forgiving of errors
kern/11098ROUNDUP is inconsistently used when ALIGN would be better.
port-alpha/11066machine check with IDE DMA restoring from ISA SCSI tape
bin/11053user/group add utilities don't update YP
kern/11038[dM] ddb.onpanic=0 but still drops into ddb
bin/10986mount_nfs doesn't fallback to IPv4
lib/10955libc getpass(3) blocks signals.
bin/10911ifconfig requires address to set netmask, broadcast
bin/10897ftp doesn't play nice with some servers
bin/10879su does not reset terminal settings after Ctrl-C
port-newsmips/10874secondary bootstrap crashes when netbooted
bin/10848pax does not support -B on read
kern/10845Broken NFS permissions checking when -mapall=user is used.
bin/10841spray delays are not sufficiently granular
bin/10826restore does not DTRT at end of volume on DVD-RAM
kern/10805Mitsumi CR-4804TE ATAPI CDRW not detected by 1.4.2 kernel
standards/10803NetBSD does not provide a C99 conformant environment
bin/10763telnet session does not act on interrupt characters.
kern/10734ex0 reports "can't allocate download descriptors"
kern/10731writing to ffs on vnd can hang all processes
kern/10715msdosfs LFN problems
bin/10713NIS makefile does not allow "multiple IP address on hosts" mapping
bin/10686rpcbind doesn't always DTRT with non-local networks
port-macppc/10678SCSI bus numbering from OF is inappropriate.
lib/10666roken_getaddrinfo_hostspec() uses getaddrinfo in nonstandard way
port-amiga/10620boot hangup after installing CyberVision 64 card.
bin/10608mountd(8) ignores -noresvport/-noresvmnt if there's no host specified
port-alpha/10582namespace pollution in profiled libc (symbol "mcount")
bin/10569Restore(8) with -u option failed to create hard link
bin/10554mop server implementation not suitable for non-VAXen
kern/10530no IEEE802 support for DHCP in the kernel
kern/10507ch driver or chio handles cleaning tapes poorly
port-cats/10502CATS panic under heavy IDE usage
kern/10500eon driver
kern/10489com at pcmcia at cardslot not working
kern/10485Xircom Card REM 56 G does not work with if_xi driver
kern/10469uhci halting problem
lib/10466getpass() without a /dev/tty
port-sparc/10456german keyboard and NetBSD-Sparc
kern/10430Wd driver cannot handle bad144 table properly?
port-alpha/10411Incufficient cd devices in /dev, and no MAKEDEV
kern/10406pty does not work with SLIP line discipline
kern/10388There is no way to change isapnp pcic memory size without code edit.
bin/10375ftp connection is lost when client detects an error
kern/10337kue0 stops occasionally
port-i386/10329APM_ALLOW_BOGUS_SEGMENTS doesn't map data area right if outside ISA hole
kern/10328'en' driver uses vtophys, kernel printf %b
kern/10326Can't map shifted cursor keys in wscons
kern/10319NFS_BOOTDHCP fails if DHCP relay honors IP TTL
kern/10314netatalk forces inclusion of if_arp.c
port-i386/10306pckbc at pnpbios can succeed partially, causing hosage.
kern/10286list of network protocols not CMSG_*() correctly
kern/10280cbb doesn't work on thinkpad 760EL due to unconfigured intr.
lib/10279Large File Summit API is not supported under NetBSD
kern/10237nfs/nfs_vnops.c:nfs_sillyrename() has extremely silly limitations
bin/10210vgrind should also produce HTML
port-alpha/10146alpha does not implement bus_dmamap_load_raw
port-i386/10105pcic_isa_probe_interrupts() requires a card present?
kern/10102pps api clear/assert inverted
bin/10069NIS secure not working
kern/10039pcic at isapnp is i386-specific
kern/10021fdformat gives an unhelpful error when disk write-protected
kern/10016ddb can get stuck in infinite page-faults
lib/9929pcap_lookupdev picks up interfaces that are not attached to BPF
kern/9927ne network driver hangs at broadcast flood (DoS attack possible)
kern/9920gre and ipip documentation not complete, wrong, or something
install/9904sysinst sometimes doesn't store network config
install/9900sysinst only uses 1 drive
kern/9857wddone() omits block numbers from soft errors
port-mac68k/9852Duo support
bin/9840mt erase defaults to full zeroing of tape
kern/9818Router Alert RFC2113 has not been implemented.
bin/9786Previous fix to chat(8) broke it.
port-i386/9751eso driver does not work after the resume on ThinkPad240
bin/9746cdplay(1) works weird when entering/leaving interactive mode
misc/9745mdoc's .Li is indistinguishable in nroff
port-m68k/9725GNU autoconf mmap() test causes panic in hp300-based m68k pmap code
port-mac68k/9678gdb fails to debug kernel core dump on mac68k
bin/9672racoon(8) documentation needs serious help
bin/9665vi coredumps writing file after invokation with -r
bin/9647pax(1) can't read multi-volume archive from device
misc/9627Manual pages sometimes aren't well cross referenced.
kern/9565Grace period ignored by quotas
kern/9548fxp0 can get all 1's mac address
kern/9520umount -f hanging
port-macppc/9509serial port naming to avoid confusion
port-macppc/9492unrecognized adb device - Apple Studio Display (15" flat panel)
kern/9449rasops code is rather endianness-dependant
kern/9444netbsd doesn't send gratuitious arps when an interface comes up
xsrc/9399kill -1 1 detaches X server from vt
kern/9384kernel printf's "usl_detachtimeout" with multiple X severs under wscons
kern/9382LFS panics at file system full time
port-macppc/9373kernel should convert RTC value to UTC without RTC_OFFSET option
port-alpha/9328The TGA X server does not work if SRM doesn't initialize the card.
kern/9257panic in aha_scsi_cmd()
kern/9196OPTi93x audio
kern/9183100baseFX (fiber) support for SMC 9432FTX
kern/9176I have developed SCSI-Ethernet driver
bin/9152window(1) has odd behavior.
kern/9137udp and spec issues
bin/9128vgrind -t does not work as advertised
xsrc/9127CapsLock not properly handled between virtual consoles with X
kern/9087audio mmap(2) interface not entirely clear
port-mac68k/9054EASC console bell fix
kern/8994'ping' on eon0 panics the system
kern/8964panic on reboot(2) if an LFS is mounted read-only
port-alpha/8939unexpected machine check
kern/8741Need to reassert drawer lock after bus/device reset
lib/8688directory link count hack in fts is bogus
bin/8681grep may bomb out with "memory exhausted"
kern/8588raidframe diagnostics suck
kern/8536SPPP does not support Van Jacobson header compression
kern/8515Acorn CD-ROMs
kern/8479ossaudio emulation (mis-)interprets record source MIXER_ENUMs
port-alpha/8460PCI I/O address assigning problem on alpha
kern/8443Some isapnp devices are not activated.
bin/8431mount should have option to not return failure error code if already mounted
bin/8377Problem with pdksh, ^Z, and backquotes
port-i386/8302isapnp tries to share interrupts, which doesn't work
toolchain/8282PSD for make not in sync with program and manpage
kern/8272pcmcia com driver stacks in device open and write
port-alpha/8216panic: machine check in XentArith
kern/8183unionfs: delay creation of shadow directories
kern/8151System locks up with nfs loopback mounts
misc/8109exports(5) is wrong about exporting multiple directories in filesystem
lib/8004zlib.h typedefs "free_func" and "alloc_func", which are not uncommon names in user-supplied code, e.g. OpenSSL
bin/7958indent doesn't wrap properly with tab != 1
lib/7937malloc/sbrk interaction poorly documented
kern/7934misc. problems remaining in brk/sbrk main page
kern/7933brk/sbrk are strangely implemented
kern/7882wscons font manipulation needs work...
kern/7867UF_NODUMP flag not mapped <-> EXT2_NODUMP
port-sparc/7843si/sw driver problems on Sun 4/110
bin/7733ftp retry option doesn't retry when it probably should
kern/7731there is no way to enforcing bsd group semantics on nfs mounts
port-amiga/7667MIT-SHM problems in Xamiga
kern/7586denial of service from mbuf exhaustion.
port-mac68k/7513ddb doesn't work on Macintosh LCII
lib/7493strptime(3) does not implement %U and %W
port-alpha/7479recent source change reduced FRU information for Rawhide
port-i386/7418dual head PCs using CONSDEV_COM can be confusing to lusers
port-vax/7392mt(1) does not decode status information for TMSCP tapes
port-alpha/7334kernel panics with unexpected iointr on Alpha 8200
port-alpha/7333halt to prom of Alpha 8200 causes prom exception
kern/7302cannot set multicast interface addr. of p2p interface
kern/7285Ethernet drivers return ENOBUFS for I/F queue full error
kern/7253configuring pcic without pcmcia bus causes link failure.
kern/7101lpt(4) driver "no prime" issues
port-shark/6973Problems with X on the Shark
kern/6849NCR SCSI driver negotiates wide transfer on 53C875 narrow host and UWSCSI disk
bin/6832savecore could be better
kern/6827/dev/audio does not support mmap for recording
port-alpha/6799under light load Alpha 8200 panics with 'kernel stack not valid'
kern/6652swapping to a sparse file fails unpredictably.
security/6594the default "nobody" credentials (32767:9999) do not match mountd's default (-2:-2)
port-mac68k/6574.bcscreen device driver(LKM)
bin/6536wscons has no equivalent to PCVT_META_ESC
port-alpha/6446netbooting Multia on -current broken.
kern/6434compress/nocompress bit for tapes
kern/6408There is no driver for the cheapest DCF77 clock receiver available in Germany
kern/6228wd7000 broken
kern/6214ch(4) and block mode descriptors
bin/6204ctags gets confused by typedef int (*f_t) ...
port-shark/6200video intialization of Shark Rev 5 CyberPro2010 chip
kern/6168Need knob to do async writes in NFSv2 server
port-mac68k/6112Adding external cache support of DayStar PowerCache accelerator
port-shark/6084Problem with XF86 DGA extension on Shark
kern/5992sysloging of "arp info overwritten" needs a throttle
bin/5870Skey sequence# obtained by skeyinit is burned
bin/5850Some games have unclear distribution terms
kern/5844NFS server sends "permission denied" while mound re-read exports
bin/5686wtmp does not log logouts when file is cycled via newsyslog
bin/5502getNAME does not support manual pages in languages other than English
toolchain/5370Make adds dependencies from implicit rules even when there is an explicit rule
port-mac68k/5301ae driver hangs when ifconfig with EtherPort IIN (NuBus)
bin/5285chfn et al do not support an alternative to /etc/passwd defeating YP.
bin/5277disklabel -i lacking
bin/5258xntpd boots to weird state if link is down
lib/5228libpcap doesn't correctly identify EtherTalk packets
port-i386/5034the num lock light doesn't change when switching to X
kern/4815AHC driver can't make ARCHIVE VIPER 150 stream.
kern/4761setting any watchpoint results in a fatal page fault
port-sun3/4691sun3 ECC error reporting works, but error is not cleared and system loops forever
misc/4617inetd -l option is to broad a brush
kern/4597A Cyclic union mount causes a kernel panic
kern/4464irq 9 causes problems on the Sager NP7500A
kern/4360specific IP address UDP ports don't get broadcasts
bin/4334during setup of a yp-slave server I see two times
port-amiga/4332PR3123 test program makes 68060 panic if compiled with old gcc
kern/4315umapfs over nfs wierdness
port-hp300/4265crashme freezes NetBSD on an hp433
bin/4239Adding user quota support to mail.local
kern/4227blocked state of hardware flow control is not cleared
kern/4217the kernel's handling of group permissions is suboptimal
kern/4123ISA com driver no longer groks B0 as hangup
kern/3840Race condition in the kernel log() and printf() functions
kern/3792non-512 bytes/sector media support case 3
kern/3791non-512 bytes/sector media support case 2
kern/3790non-512 bytes/sector media support case 1
lib/3786adosfs silently aborts a readdir() on a corrupted directory
kern/3711ibcs2 emulation lacks sysfs()
kern/3645A union mount of a directory onto the same directory causes havoc
kern/3424Audio subsystem is writeonly-hostile (and readonly-hostile)
bin/3126./gomoku runs out of memory and segfaults
port-amiga/3096GRF_PAL option in config is broken
kern/3019a client can write an read-only exported file-system
kern/2895i386 fd.c patch to recognize NEC (Japanese) format
kern/2887tty's don't support per-port settable defaults.
kern/2856Mounting on directories provided by pseudo-filesystems can be lost
kern/2826union file system botches file locks after copy-on-write operations
bin/2689[dM] chmod(1)/setmode(3) symbolic mode improvement
kern/2675[dM] 8 partitions is awfully few
port-amiga/2649A3000 hangs when attaching HP Scanjet IIcx
bin/2556mountd ALLDIRS deficiency
kern/2512fuword() definition problem
bin/2447fsck doesn't "dirty" file systems with weird errors
kern/2423union mounts panic when unmounting, panic when done twice
kern/2155Exabyte 8505 read/write of compressed high density tapes
bin/2107sa's ``memory integral'' broken?
port-amiga/2034An optional interruptsystem is needed for the Amiga ISA support
bin/1904changes to man programs
bin/1880mail has a too-limited implementation of string quoting
kern/1722Mounting an NFS filesystem over a local filesystem can panic
kern/1677union FS can return bogus value for lookup of `.', causing later panic
kern/1354union FS can deadlock while vgone()/vclean() is running
bin/698mount uses mount_* for external fs types, umount should too.
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