Information about NetBSD 1.0

NetBSD 1.0 was the third release of the NetBSD operating system.

NetBSD 1.0 was released on October 26, 1994, and was the result of over a year of hard work on the system. The NetBSD 1.0 kernel was derived from 4.4BSD-Lite sources, but the user-land utilities were not yet completely merged with those from Lite. Because all of the legally encumbered files in the Berkeley Net/2 distribution had been replaced with free versions from Lite or had been rewritten, NetBSD 1.0 was and is completely free of legal entanglements.

In addition to support for multiple architectures, the NetBSD 1.0 release had many significant improvements. Some of these improvements, like the faster Fast File System and support for 64-bit file sizes, came from 4.4BSD-Lite. Support for dynamically linked shared libraries was added for most architectures, resulting in a large disk space savings. Many bugs were fixed and many other new features (too many to even consider listing here) were added, resulting in a system that was more stable, more featureful, and faster than ever before.

Architectures supported by NetBSD 1.0

NetBSD 1.0 included binaries for the following architectures:

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