This is a picture of the current NetBSD build lab project, trying to accumulate one machine of each platform NetBSD currently runs on. The goal is to provide access for evaluation purpose and porting software to NetBSD. From left to right and top to bottom there is: arm32 shark, Alpha Multia, 2*HP425t, 2*Power Bar, Sun 3/80, 2*disk chassis for NFS server., PPro/200 NFS server, pc532, PPro/200, mvme167, Mac monitor, Next68k, DS5000/133, VaxServer 3100, Sun 4/690, Sun 3/60, AnnexII console server (the latter two both inside 4/690 chassis), Mac Q700.

Image contributed by Herb Peyerl <>, please contact him also for access to any of the lab's machines.

(A similar pile of hardware can be found on Todd P. Whitesel's "NetBSD Architecture Farm" page.)