GPT aware boot loader &mdash TODO list

Important items

  1. Update documentation. Man pages: boot(8), boot.cfg(5), fdisk(8), gpt(8), installboot(8).
  2. The boot(8) have memory leak somewhere, likely at exec_netbsd(). When the boot(8) tries to boot kernel many times it can end up with memory allocation problem (heap full error). Perhaps it isn't relevant to my GPT code, but needs checking (and preferably fixing).
  3. The boot2() should accept 64-bit LBA. A 1st stage loader will patch boot(8) magic (set very high bit) to tell boot(8) that 64-bit LBA is passed. The biosboot.S should handle that (currently it just ignores high 32 bits of boot partition address so should working fine with any partition below 2TiB limit).
  4. Implement new boot device naming scheme for boot(8): hd[0-9]gpt[0-9]+. Thus the boot(8) can access all 128 GUID partitions; hd[0-9][a-z] should still address first 26 partitions.
  5. Include mbr_gpt into distribution.
  6. Review the code and eliminate all introduced XXX places. Post it for public review.

Other items (for future)

Known bugs, limitations, and caveats

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