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Class template not_found_error

boost::process::not_found_error — Indicates that an element could not be found.


template<typename T> 
class not_found_error {
// construct/copy/destruct
not_found_error(const std::string &, const T &);

// public member functions
const T & get_value(void) const;


The not_found_error exception indicates the that an expected element could not be found. The class is parametrized on the element type so that it can carry a copy of the failing value.

not_found_error construct/copy/destruct

  1. not_found_error(const std::string & message, const T & value);

    Constructs a new exception based on an error message and the value that could not be found.

  2. ~not_found_error(void );

    Virtual destructor. Does nothing special but is required because of the parent's class destructor.

not_found_error public member functions

  1. const T & get_value(void ) const;

    Returns a copy of the value that could not be found.

Copyright 2006 Julio M. Merino Vidal