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Class launcher

boost::process::launcher — Generic implementation of the Launcher concept.


class launcher {

// public member functions
template<typename Command_Line> child start(const Command_Line &) ;


The launcher class implements the Launcher concept in an operating system agnostic way; it allows spawning new child process using a single and common interface across different systems.

launcher public member functions

  1. template<typename Command_Line> child start(const Command_Line & cl) ;

    Given a command line cl, starts a new process with all the parameters configured in the launcher. The launcher can be reused afterwards to launch other different command lines.

    Blocking remarks: This function may block if the device holding the command line's executable blocks when loading the image. This might happen if, e.g., the binary is being loaded from a network share.


    A handle to the new child process.

Copyright 2006 Julio M. Merino Vidal