The database behind this thing hasn't been updated in aeons so all the data here is pretty well useless until someone takes charge of maintaining it.

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pkgsrc broken builds (by package)

Package Issue Description
archivers/arj maybe-fixed 820 SIGSEGV during build
audio/mp3diags maybe-fixed 827 C++ STL issues (no type named 'streamsize' in namespace 'std')
comms/conserver maybe-fixed 1327 needs --with-64bit
databases/libcassandra maybe-fixed 857 'shared_ptr' in namespace 'std' does not name a type
emulators/p11 maybe-fixed 1420 two extra programs installed relating to tap and tun
games/criticalmass maybe-fixed 949 C++ issues (reference to 'hash' is ambiguous)
lang/mono maybe-fixed 1017 The compiler 'gmcs' doesn't appear to be usable.
lang/onyx maybe-fixed 1508 checking for libedit >= 2.6... no; causes PLIST divergence
lang/racket maybe-fixed 1029 not found