The database behind this thing hasn't been updated in aeons so all the data here is pretty well useless until someone takes charge of maintaining it.

pkgsrc broken builds for time/wyrd

Open issue 1838 (broke in 2013q4)

undefined references to half of curses
ocaml curses bindings are involved

4 failures:
Version Build series and ID  
1.4.5nb1 asau-fbsd9.1-amd64 20131210.1455 Issue 1838
1.4.5nb1 asau-fbsd9.1-amd64 20131201.0407 Issue 1838
1.4.5nb1 asau-fbsd9.1-amd64 20131111.0559 Issue 1838
1.4.5 asau-fbsd9.1-amd64 20131030.0436 Issue 1838