NetBSD Searches

To help you get faster access to our information, use these forms to search NetBSD resources.

The following searches use Google custom search engines.


This search is restricted to, and will be most useful to find documentation, FAQ's, information about supported hardware and software, and other information about The NetBSD Project.

Search the NetBSD Mailing lists archive:

Searching the mailing lists is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to find information from users and developers about any aspect of NetBSD. If you have a question or problem, it's possible that your question may be already answered in the mailing lists!

Search all of

This search includes all of the machines in the domain, i.e.,, and
Search all sites

Search the NetBSD Packages Collection:

Use this to search for software or keywords in pkgsrc, The NetBSD Packages Collection.

Query the NetBSD GNATS Database:

You may also browse the GNATS Bug Database Summary or search it using a much more advanced form.

An introduction to NetBSD Problem Reports is also available, if you're not sure what all this means.

PR number(s) (separated by spaces)   Originator (who sent it)
Responsible Party (who should fix it)   Search text

Lookup NetBSD Manual Pages

Here you can request any man page by name and (optionally) by section:


Search Google BSD

You may also wish to perform a search with Google BSD; which has indexed numerous sources for BSD-related information
[Note: This search will take you off the NetBSD web site].