Formal Release of NetBSD 1.3 / NetBSD/sun3x 1.3.X FAQ

NetBSD 1.3 for sun3x

Supported hardware

NetBSD/sun3x 1.3 supports the 3x family of workstations manufactured by Sun Microsystems: the models 3/80, 3/460, 3/470, and 3/480. All of the devices on board the 3/80 desktop workstation with the exception of the parallel port are supported. The deskside workstations (3/460/470/480) are expandable via VME slots and currently supported VME devices include the 'si' SCSI card and the Intel Ethernet 'ie' adapter.

The full list of devices supported in NetBSD/sun3x 1.3
Device Nickname Models
On-board CPU (68030) - x x x x
On-board FPU (68881) - x x x x
On-board Zilog 8530 Serial Ports zs x x x x
Emulex 53c90 SCSI Controller esp x - - -
NCR 5380 VME SCSI Controller si - x x x
AMD ``LANCE'' Ethernet Controllerle x - - -
Intel 82586 Ethernet Controller ie - x x x
Intel 82077 Floppy Controller fdc x - - -
Bwtwo Monochrome Display Adapter bwtwo x x x x
Sun Type 4 & 5 Keyboard and Mousekbd,msx x x x
x = device supported
- = device not present

Hardware Requirements

To use NetBSD/sun3x you must have a minimum of

Supported Software

NetBSD/sun3x is a fully functional operating system and comes with standard UNIX utilities. In addition, it is binary compatible with all other NetBSD m68k architectures (atari, amiga, hp300, and mac68k) and includes SunOS 4 emulation.


New to NetBSD 1.3 is support for binary packages and a ``ported'' software collection derived from FreeBSD. The package sub-system is available via FTP.

How to Get It

NetBSD/sun3x 1.3.2 is available via FTP at one of the many NetBSD ftp mirror sites. Please read the INSTALL document for instructions.

Sun3x FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about NetBSD/sun3x 1.3.

If you're interested in installing NetBSD/sun3x 1.3, you should look at the installation notes.

Mailing Lists There are various NetBSD mailing lists, including a sun3 and sun3x specific port-sun3.
Obtaining NetBSD To obtain NetBSD/sun3x: via CD-ROM, an ftp mirror near you, or direct from

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