NetBSD/hp300 1.3

NetBSD/hp300 1.3 is the fourth formal release of NetBSD/hp300.
NetBSD 1.3.3 is a patch release which should be used in preference to NetBSD 1.3.

Jason Thorpe is the maintainer of NetBSD/hp300.

You will find answers to some frequently asked questions in the NetBSD/hp300 FAQ.

Supported Hardware

NetBSD/hp300 1.3 will run on most HP 9000/300- and 400-series machines. The smallest amount of RAM that has been tested is 4M. If you wish to run X, more RAM is recommended.

Recommended HD partition sizes for a full install:

root (/) 25M 15M
user (/usr)150M 100M
swap (2 or 3 * RAM)6M (miniroot)
(Anything else is up to you!)

NOTE: The hp300 installation procedure uses a `miniroot' filesystem which is placed into the swap area of the disk. The swap partition must be large enough to hold this miniroot image.

Devices supported by NetBSD/hp300 1.3 include:

If you have a device that's not listed, it might be compatible with something else, or we might have simply forgotten it. If all else fails, maybe you could write a driver!


Major items lacking support in NetBSD/hp300 1.3 are:

Supported Boot Options

NetBSD/hp300 currently supports booting from SCSI and HP-IB disks, HP-IB cartridge tapes, and local area network from a single boot program (SYS_UBOOT).

If you're interested in installing NetBSD/hp300 1.3, you should look at the installation notes.

Mailing Lists There are various NetBSD mailing lists, including an hp300 specific port-hp300.
Obtaining NetBSD To obtain NetBSD/hp300: via CD-ROM, an ftp mirror near you, or direct from

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