NetBSD/x68k 1.2

NetBSD/x68k 1.2 was the first formal release of NetBSD/x68k.

Masaru Oki was the maintainer of NetBSD/x68k at the time of the 1.2 release.

Supported Hardware

NetBSD/x68k 1.2 runs on SHARP X680x0 series personal workstation, with TRUE 68030 processors (NOT 68EC030) and math coprocessors. It needs the Paging Memory Management Unit (PMMU). In addition, some accelerators are supported:

The minimal configuration requires 4M of RAM and about 65M of disk space. To install the entire system requires much more disk space, and to run X or compile the system, more RAM is recommended.

Supported devices by NetBSD/x68k 1.2 include:

Hardware that we do NOT currently support, but get many questions about:

We are planning future support for many of these devices.

If you're interested in NetBSD/x68k you should use a more recent version.

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