NetBSD/i386 1.2

NetBSD/i386 1.2 was the fifth formal release of NetBSD/i386.

Charles Hannum and Frank van der Linden were the maintainers of NetBSD/i386 at the time of the 1.2 release.

Supported Hardware

NetBSD/i386 1.2 runs on ISA (AT-Bus), EISA, PCI, and VL-bus systems with 386-family processors, with or without math coprocessors. It does NOT support MCA systems, such as some IBM PS/2 systems. The minimal configuration is said to require 4M of RAM and 50M of disk space, though we do not know of anyone running with a system quite this minimal today. To install the entire system requires much more disk space, and to run X or compile the system, more RAM is recommended. (4M of RAM will actually allow you to run X and/or compile, but it won't be speedy. Note that until you have around 16M of RAM, getting more RAM is more important than getting a faster CPU.) Devices supported by NetBSD/i386 1.2 include:

Hardware the we do NOT currently support, but get many questions about:

We are planning future support for many of these devices.

If you're interested in NetBSD/i386 you should use a more recent version.

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