NetBSD/atari 1.2

NetBSD/atari 1.2 was the second formal release of NetBSD/atari. It runs on both the Atari-TT and Atari-Falcon. In the future, the MegaST-PAK/3 systems may be supported, but that largely depends on contributions from others.

The History of NetBSD/atari

The Atari port of NetBSD became available to the public in March 1995. The first formal release was NetBSD/atari-1.1.

Leo Weppelman was the maintainer of NetBSD/atari at the time of the 1.2 release.

Supported Hardware

A minimal system should have a 68030 CPU, 4Mb RAM (of which 2Mb ST-RAM), an FPU and a SCSI-disk. There is currently a kernel available that contains FPU-emulation support. Although the current emulation does not yet cover the full mc68882 instruction set, you will see that you will get a very workable system.

On NetBSD/atari 1.2, the following devices are supported:

Software issues you might be interested in:

Additional information

Because there is still active development on NetBSD/atari, the list of systems and devices supported by the '-current' distribution is per definition larger than the list mentioned above. Examples of important additions are:

If you have questions about NetBSD/atari, you can consult the FAQ or send your question to the port-atari mailing list.

If you're interested in NetBSD/atari you should use a more recent version.

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