NetBSD/amiga 1.1

NetBSD/amiga 1.1 was the second formal release of NetBSD/amiga.

Christian E. Hopps was the maintainer of NetBSD/amiga at the time of the 1.1 release.

Supported Hardware

NetBSD/amiga 1.1 runs on any amiga that has a 68020, 68030 or 68040 CPU with some form of FPU and MMU. The minimal configuration requires 4M of RAM and about 65M of disk space. To install the entire system requires much more disk space, and to run X or compile the system, more RAM is recommended. (4M of RAM will actually allow you to compile, however it won't be speedy. X really isn't usable on a 4M system)

Here is a table of recommended HD partition sizes for a full install:

	partition:      advise, with X, needed, with X
	root (/)        15M     15M     10M     10M
	user (/usr)     65M     100M    45M     80M
	swap            ----- 2M for every M ram -----
	local (/local)  up to you

As you may note the recommended size of /usr is 20M greater than needed. This is to leave room for a kernel source and compile tree as you will probably want to compile your own kernel. (GENERIC is large and bulky to accommodate all people).

People with 4M systems should count on allocating a larger swap partition.

Devices supported by NetBSD/amiga 1.1 include:

If you're interested in NetBSD/amiga you should use a more recent version.

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