NetBSD/mac68k 1.0

NetBSD/mac68k 1.0 was the first formal release of NetBSD/mac68k.

Allen Briggs was the maintainer of NetBSD/mac68k at the time of the 1.0 release.

Supported Hardware

NetBSD/mac68k 1.0 runs on several of the older Macintosh computers. A minimal system requires 4M of RAM and about 65M of disk space. By leaving out a package or two, the system can be squeezed onto a 40M disk. At least 8MB of RAM and 200MB of disk space are recommended for more serious use. The following Macintosh hardware is supported:

If you have a device that's not listed, it might be compatible with something else, or we might have simply forgotten it. If all else fails, maybe you could write a driver!

Some systems will boot and are usable from an external terminal (serial tty or SLIP):

Major items often asked about, but not supported in 1.0 include: Don't see something you're looking for? Check to see you see if it's in the current system or on the TO-DO list.

If you're interested in NetBSD/mac68k you should use a more recent version.

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