NetBSD/i386 1.0

NetBSD/i386 1.0 was the third formal release of NetBSD/i386. It included support for many more devices and for better device autoconfiguration than did NetBSD 0.9, and the i386 was one of the ports for which shared libraries were supported. Also, the i386-specific portions of the kernel were made significantly more robust than they had been in NetBSD 0.9, and some of them were made quite a bit faster in the process.

Charles Hannum was the maintainer of NetBSD/i386 at the time of release 1.0, but Chris Demetriou built the release.

Supported Hardware

The minimal configuration for a NetBSD/i386 1.0 system requires 4M of RAM and about 40M of disk space. For a full installation (including source and X11), at least 8M of RAM and 200M of disk space are recommended.

Devices supported by NetBSD/i386 1.0 include:

Note that not all devices are supported by the installation floppies.

If you're interested in NetBSD/i386 you should use a more recent version.

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