NetBSD/vax - Collaborators & Contributors

This is a summary of people that have worked on the VAX port in different stages of its development.

Joachim Isaksson wrote the first pmap and gave lots of help with gcc functionality

Mattias Grönlund wrote locore and interrupt handling code

Mattias Aringslund supplied lots of help and ideas everywhere

Bertram Barth wrote bootblocks and boot routines for the uVAX and the TS11/TSV05 driver

Rick Macklem fixed all uVAXII, TMSCP and DEQNA support

Rolf Larsson was a good Doc and WWW slave and innocent bystander

Gunnar Helliesen is maintaining the NetBSD/VAX FAQ

Ken Wellsch wrote the DHU11 line driver and did optimizations inside the kernel

Anders Magnusson put things together and wrote the pieces that nobody else wanted to. Anders is also the NetBSD/vax port maintainer.

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