NetBSD / Amiga ( DraCo mainboard and M68060 CPU support)


First kernel booting on DraCo as well as Amiga:
@(#)NetBSD 1.1B (DRINSTALL) #5: Mon May 13 20:01:23 MET DST 1996
All of the 68060 and DraCo support are now in the master cvs tree.


1996 May 7
NetBSD-DraCo compiled its own kernel and runs it:
NetBSD 1.1B (DRACO) #292: Wed May  8 10:54:59 MET DST 1996

1996 May 7
Kernel #290 has a workaround activated, which circumvents the documented store-load-shortcut bug in early CPU mask revisions. gcc works now even on my machine.

1996 May 5
Kernel #280 has the floating point bug fixed.

1996 May 3
This kernel:
@(#)NetBSD 1.1B (DRACO) #277: Fri May  3 14:31:58 MET DST 1996
went multiuser today. There are some small glitches in the floating point support/context switch code: FP using programs get killed sometimes. But I was able to newfs / and /usr, get the base11 distribution with ftp (via ARCnet), Extract() it and Configure() the machine, then reboot the installed system.

1996 Apr 26
@(#)NetBSD 1.1B (DRACO) #261: Fri Apr 26 14:01:39 MET DST 1996
As of today, copyback caching works... (will say, is switched off for the appropriate pages only).

1996 Apr 06
This kernel:
NetBSD 1.1B (DRACO) #204: Sat Apr  6 17:42:46 MET DST 1996
booted this morning into single user mode. Actually, I cheated: I had to generally switch off copyback caching... I didn't find all places yet where the kernel modifies page tables through copyback cached mappings. I was, however, able to execute a lot of programs from the inst-11.fs miniroot I tried, including init, sh, mount with mount_ffs and mount_cd9660, ls, dd, ifconfig, route. df didn't work: it uses floating point computations. newfs and fsck don't work either: they use 32/64bit multiplication.

1996 Feb 11
A modified NetBSD/Amiga - Kernel booted Sunday evening (1996 Feb 11) up to the point where it paniced because exec'ing init failed.

1996 Jan 22
First Light A modified NetBSD/Amiga - Kernel booted last night (1996 Jan 22 0145 MET) beyond the early console initialization, printed the Kernel Copyright Message and a log of the memory segment discovery onto the console and crashed (actually, ran to the Debugger prompt) with a nice, console-readable register dump due to a bus error (probably when accessing some Amiga hardware not available on a DraCo). No more background color code debugging! Yeah!

Known Bugs

NetBSD / Amiga ( DraCo mainboard support )

General idea

We just pretend the DraCo is an Amiga with a strange motherboard. Its local bus looks to the software like a Z3 bus after AmigaOS has booted; as we get the autoconfig lists from the OS even when bootblock booting, we have no problem with that. The bootloader needs a bit of special case code for the memory, which is merged (to AmigaOS) into a continuous chunk of code using the MMU.

Status and plans

NetBSD / Amiga ( M68060 CPU support )

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