NetBSD/acorn32 news archive

December 2003
2003-12-31: Substantial rewrite of vidcaudio driver
Ben Harris has largely rewritten the vidcaudio driver, adding support for 16-bit audio on the ARM7500/ARM7500FE and generally making it work better.

January 2003
2003-01-05: FAQ updated
The FAQ has been updated and been actualised. Added is the question how to boot an NC into NetBSD using the new boot32 bootloader.

2003-01-05: Bootloader v3.01 has been released for testing
The acorn32 portmaster Reinoud Zandijk has released version 3.01 of the bootloader. This new bootloader is a complete rewrite and comes as a NetBSD compilable single RISC OS relocatable module and is capable of booting all supported machines including NC's. It's still in development but ought to work fine for all users. You can download the latest released version of the module boot32 and give it a try. Please report problems to the mailing list or to the portmaster.

December 2001
2001-12-19: Improvements in Acorn NC support
Ben Harris has modified the "ne at podulebus" driver to work around a bug in the MX98905 chip used on EtherI and EtherN cards, so they can now be used on NetBSD. He has also tweaked the vidcvideo driver to find screen modes correctly on the ARM7500. Between them, these allow an NC_WSCONS kernel to come up multi-user, with a proper display.

Ben is now working on getting X up and running on his Acorn NC.

November 2001
2001-11-20: NetBSD/acorn32 created
NetBSD/acorn32 split off from NetBSD/arm32 and is now maintained by Reinoud Zandijk as part of the ARM team.

April 2001
2001-04-02: Hardware scrolling for RiscPC/A7000/NC wscons
Reinoud Zandijk has committed code for hardware scrolling for the RiscPC and compatibles. This new code has been tested in different screen resolutions and depths, and its all worked ok so far. It even appears to run faster than the original vidcconsole code. More details are available in Reinoud's announcement in the port-arm32 mail archive.

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