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Introduction (shark-specific), Diskless NetBSD HOW-TO

Firmware commands

Use the following syntax to initiate a boot on a network device:

You need to specify the ip address of the server to tftp the kernel from, otherwise the firmware keeps sending tftp replies to the address and this does not work. Unless specified, the tftp requested file is of the form XXXXXXXX.DNA where the XXXXXXXX is the IP address of the client in hex. For example, will try to tftp the file C0A80214.DNA.

Setting things up
The installation kernel will correctly configure the NetBSD system. The openfirmware boot blocks only recognize ffsv1, and a.out format. You need to set the boot device to point to netbsd.aout for subsequent boots from a hard disk using the following command at the boot prompt

  • `setenv boot-device disk:\netbsd.aout'
  1. tftpd

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