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Organisations that have contributed to NetBSD

Since the NetBSD Project isn't funded by sales or royalties, the developers can't afford to buy all the hardware that users want to have supported. Therefore, they must rely on others to make hardware and other donations.

The following organizations (in alphabetical order) have made donations or loans of hardware, money or services to the Project; have donated code to the Project; or have supplied information (e.g. hardware documentation) to assist the Project

AboveNet Communications, Inc.
Advanced System Products, Inc.
Algorithmics, Ltd.
Allegro Networks
AMD - Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
ASA Computers
Avalon Computer Systems, Inc.
Bay Area Internet Solutions
Brains Corporation, Japan
Canada Connect Corporation
Cologne Chip AG
Co-operative Research Centre for Enterprise Distributed Systems Technology
Computer und Literatur Verlag
Damicon Kraa, Finland
Demon Internet, UK
Digital Equipment Corporation
Distributed Processing Technology
Easynet, UK
Free Hardware Foundation
Google Google
HP Sweden
IBM Corporation
Innovation Development Enterprises of America
Internet Software Consortium
Internet Users Forever IKI
Interoute Telecommunications, UK
Lehmanns Fachbuchhandlung
MS Macro System GmbH, Germany
Murphy Software BV, Netherlands
Numerical Aerospace Simulation Facility
Oppedahl & Larson LLP
Public Access Networks Corporation
Piermont Information Systems Inc.
Pearson Education
Precedence Technologies Ltd
Real Weasel
Salient Systems Inc.
SDF Public Access UNIX System, INC 501(c)(7) SDF banner
SMC Networks Inc.
The NetBSD Mission
VMC Harald Frank, Germany
Warped Communications, Inc.
Wasabi Systems, Inc.