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Contributions to NetBSD from individuals

The NetBSD Project is entirely a volunteer project, and charges nothing for the software it produces. Because of this, it's a lot harder to support new hardware. Unfortunately, support for a piece of hardware doesn't mean simply writing the code that makes the hardware usable; it also includes making sure that code is improved as time goes on, and is kept up to date with the changing interfaces to the rest of the system. That means that in order to provide a decent level of support for a piece of hardware, someone working closely with NetBSD's port maintainers, or one of the port maintainers themselves, must have access to the hardware and be willing to support it. Unfortunately, because the NetBSD Project isn't funded by sales or royalties, the developers can't afford to buy all the hardware that users want to have supported. Therefore, they must rely on others to make hardware and other donations.

The following individuals (in alphabetical order) have made donations or loans of hardware and/or money to support NetBSD development, and deserve credit for it:

Monetary and hardware donations/loans

  • John P. Refling

  • Michael Richardson

  • Pawel Rogocz

  • Thomas Runge

  • Heiko W.Rupp

  • Brad Salai

  • Tyler Sarna

  • Matthias Scheler

  • Jens Schönfeld

  • Carl Shapiro

  • Chuck Silvers

  • Thor Lancelot Simon

  • Bill Sommerfeld

  • Paul Southworth

  • Eric and Rosemary Spahr

  • Ted Spradley

  • Gan Uesli Starling

  • Bill Squier

  • Kevin Sullivan

  • Kimmo Suominen


  • Matt Thomas

  • Michael Thompson

  • Jason R. Thorpe

  • Steve Wadlow

  • Hanno Wagner

  • Krister Walfridsson

  • Peter C. Wallace

  • Scott Walters

  • Rob Windsor

  • Jim Wise

  • Tino Wildenhain

  • Gordon Zaft

  • Reinoud Zandijk

  • Christos Zoulas

If you're not on this list and should be, or see any other problem with it, tell us! We always ask for permission before adding people to the list.

How and what to donate

In addition to specific hardware, there are many other donations that can help the NetBSD project, such as various storage media, internet bandwidth, and both web and ftp mirrors. If you have money, hardware or services that you would like to donate to the NetBSD Project, please see our donations page.

Recently shipped hardware

DeskStation Technology Tyne

TAKEUCHI Yoji has shipped DeskStation Technology Tyne motherboards to Izumi Tsutsui and Noriyuki Soda to help with work on NetBSD/arc. [20030613]

Sony NWS-5000X

Hidekichi Ookubo has shipped a Sony NWS-5000X with NWB-5852 to Izumi Tsutsui to help with work on NetBSD/newsmips. [20020407]

MVME PPC boards

Gan Starling has donated a pair of MVME PPC boards to The NetBSD Foundation (and lent a third to be returned when a NetBSD port for these boards is available). [20011217]

RS/6000-7006 type 410

Arend Harrewijne has donated an IBM RS/6000 410 to Jaromir Dolecek, who's interested in porting NetBSD to it. [20010826]

Sony PWS-1550

Akihiro IIJIMA has provided Chuck Silvers with a Sony PWS-1550 via Izumi Tsutsui, to help with work on the UBC project and NetBSD/news68k. [20010813]

Akihiro had also given a NWS-1460 to Izumi Tsutsui, and had sent various NEWS machines to several developers.


Matt Thomas has donated a MVME177 to the NetBSD Foundation, with which Steve Woodford was able to complete support for the MVME177 in NetBSD/mvme68k. [20010809]

Algorithmics P-6032

Algorithmics, Ltd. has provided Jason Thorpe with an Algorithmics P-6032 board, for the purpose of porting NetBSD to it. [20010621]

Algorithmics P-4032

Carl Shaprio has provided Jason Thorpe with an Algorithmics P-4032 board, for the purpose of maintaining NetBSD/algor. [20010605]

Algorithmics P-5064

Allegro Networks has provided Jason Thorpe with an Algorithmics P-5064 board, for the purpose of porting NetBSD to it. [20010524]

Precedence NC

Stephen Borrill has lent a Precedence NC to Ben Harris, who is interested in porting NetBSD to it. [20010310]

DEC 3000/300LX

Peter C. Wallace has shipped a DEC 3000/300LX to Andrew Doran to help with work on TURBOchannel device support. [20010227]

DECstation 3100

Gordon Zaft has shipped a DECstation 3100 to Justin Riegle to help with work on NetBSD/pmax. [20010206]


Rob Windsor has shipped a BeBox to Allen Briggs to help with work on NetBSD/bebox. [20010123]

PowerBook 1400cs

Scott Walters has shipped a PowerBook 1400cs to Thiago Pimentel . [20010108]

Acorn Archimedes 440/1

James Bursa gave an Archimedes 440/1 to Ben Harris to help with work on NetBSD/arm26. [20000713]

Acorn R140

Stephen Early lent an Acorn R140 to Ben Harris to help with work on NetBSD/arm26. [20000511]

Sun SPARC 1+

NoRM shipped a SPARC 1+ to Andrew Doran to help with work on NetBSD/sparc. [20000126]

Sun 3/460 Boards and RAM

Michael Thompson shipped a Sun 3/460 CPU board, 32 megabytes of RAM, and two SCSI controllers to Jeremy Cooper (the NetBSD/sun3 portmaster) to provide a testing system for finalizing NetBSD support for the Sun 3/460, 3/470 and 3/480. [20000110]

4GB Seagate SCSI drive

William Gnadt shipped a 4GB Seagate SCSI drive to Phil Nelson (the NetBSD/pc532 portmaster), to provide sufficient disk space for complete builds and tests of NetBSD on the pc532. [19990511]

Sun SPARC 1+

Brad Salai shipped a SPARC 1+ with either a little or no memory to Steven Grunza to help with work on sysinst and other projects for NetBSD/sparc. [19990509]

ISA Interlan ethernet cards

David Brownlee shipped a couple of 8 bit NI5210/8 to , and Rafal Boni (rafal at mediaone dot net), who are looking to work on a driver [19990423]

Sun3/80 motherboard, RAM, Sun VME Chassis and RAM

David Brownlee shipped a sun 3/80 motherboard with 4MB RAM to Alex Barclay to help with his cache work on NetBSD/sun3. [19990422]

David also shipped a Sun 3/260 chassis to Jeremy Cooper to help with his work supporting the remaining member of the sun3x family, the 3/470. [19991219]

PC532 for build lab

Jordan K. Hubbard shipped a PC532 to the build lab.

Many, many others

People have been contributing hardware to NetBSD developers since the start of the project in 1993. Many people prefer not to be listed, and the details of many others were not recorded (If anyone wishes to send details of their donation, we would be very happy to include them).

We would like to take this oportunity to thank everyone who has contributed hardware, time, and effort to the NetBSD project. Without you all we would not be here at all!.