NetBSD Problem Database Query Form

This form allows you to query the NetBSD problem database. You can select problem reports:

You can also browse a database summary.

If you have not found a report for the problem you are seeing, you can report a new bug.

Retrieve a specific Problem Report

To retrieve the full text of a specific problem report, enter its problem report number below, and select the "Retrieve Problem Report" button.

Problem report number:

Select Problem Reports based on their contents

To select problem reports based on their contents, fill in the fields below and check the appropriate boxes that describe the set of problem reports you're looking for. All text fields except "Problem report numbers" support the use of regular expressions.

The result of the search is the logical "and" of all of the groups of check-boxes and text fields specified. For instance, if you check the "bin" and "kern" buttons in the "Category" section, and the "Serious" and "Critical" buttons in the "Severity" section, the query will return all problem reports that are in the "bin" or "kern" categories, and that have either "Serious" or "Critical" severity. Selecting nothing in a particular group or entering no text in a field causes that group or field to be ignored during the search.

By default, all problem reports which have not been closed are matched. Please restrict your searches as much as possible.

Problem report number(s) (separated by spaces):

Originator (who sent it):

Responsible Party (who should fix it):

Open Analyzed Feedback Suspended Needs Pullups Pending Pullups Closed

Category (multiple selections allowed):

Non-critical Serious Critical

Low Medium High

Submission date (YYYY/MM/DD):
Note: If only one date is entered, only PRs submitted (or closed, or modified) on that day will be returned. Otherwise, the range is from 00:00:00 UTC on the starting date to 23:59:59 UTC on the ending date.
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Closed date (YYYY/MM/DD): Remember to enable the "closed" state above if you want this to do anything useful.
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Last modified date (YYYY/MM/DD):
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